Add EVP_KDF-X942 to the fips module
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2020-12-02 Shane LontisAdd EVP_KDF-X942 to the fips module
2020-11-19 Paulidoc: Documentation changes for moving the entropy sourc...
2020-11-16 Shane LontisFixup EVP-MAC-KMAC documentation
2020-11-15 PauliDocument the provider KDF API.
2020-11-11 Richard LevitteENCODER: Add support for OSSL_FUNC_encoder_does_selection()
2020-11-11 Richard LevitteENCODER: Add support for specifying the outermost outpu...
2020-11-11 Richard LevitteCORE: Add support for specifying the outermost object...
2020-11-11 Shane LontisAdd support for making all of KBKDF FixedInput fields...
2020-10-23 Nicola TuveriConstify OSSL_FUNC_keymgmt_validate()
2020-10-22 Shane LontisRename EVP_KDF_size() to EVP_KDF_CTX_get_kdf_size().
2020-10-22 Shane LontisRename EVP_MAC_size() to EVP_MAC_CTX_get_mac_size().
2020-10-22 Nicola TuveriConstify OSSL_FUNC_keymgmt_has()
2020-10-20 Matt CaswellRename EVP_PKEY_set1_tls_encodedpoint to EVP_PKEY_set1_...
2020-10-15 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-10-15 Dr. Matthias St... Rename some occurrences of 'library_context' and 'lib_c...
2020-10-15 Dr. Matthias St... Rename OPENSSL_CTX prefix to OSSL_LIB_CTX
2020-10-14 Nicola TuveriDefine OSSL_CAPABILITY_TLS_GROUP_IS_KEM
2020-10-12 Richard LevitteDocument how deprecation should be done
2020-10-05 Paulidoc: remove duplicated code in example
2020-09-25 Shane LontisRemove openssl provider app
2020-09-25 Matt CaswellDocument the provider side SM2 Asymmetric Cipher support
2020-09-23 Dr. Matthias St... drbg: revert renamings of the generate and reseed counter
2020-09-23 Shane LontisFix EVP_KDF_scrypt so that is uses a propq for its...
2020-09-20 Richard LevitteENCODER: Redefine the libcrypto <-> provider interface
2020-09-19 Shane LontisAdd KEM (Key encapsulation mechanism) support to providers
2020-09-18 Matt CaswellUpdate the EdDSA docs with information about Algorithm...
2020-09-17 Shane LontisAdd selftest callback to CRNG output test
2020-09-16 Shane LontisAdd self tests for rsa encryption
2020-09-03 Matt CaswellUpdate the EVP_PKEY MAC documentation
2020-08-29 Matt CaswellAdd some documentation about the EVP_PKEY MAC interface
2020-08-24 Richard LevitteSTORE for providers: define libcrypto <-> provider...
2020-08-24 Richard LevitteCORE: Define provider-native abstract objects
2020-08-22 Shane LontisAdd Explicit EC parameter support to providers.
2020-08-21 Richard LevitteRename OSSL_SERIALIZER / OSSL_DESERIALIZER to OSSL_ENCO...
2020-08-21 Dr. David von OheimbRe-word null->empty property; improve iteration.count...
2020-08-14 PauliMove PKCS#12 KDF to provider.
2020-08-11 Benjamin KadukSupport cipher provider "iv state"
2020-08-09 Shane LontisAdd 'on demand self test' and status test to providers
2020-08-07 Paulirand_drbg: remove RAND_DRBG.
2020-08-06 Pauligettables: documentation changes to pass the provider...
2020-07-30 Pauliserialisation: Add a built-in base provider.
2020-07-24 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add key loading function OSSL_FUNC_keymgmt_load()
2020-07-24 Shane LontisAdd X509 related libctx changes.
2020-07-16 Richard LevitteUpdate copyright year
2020-07-16 Matt CaswellRevert "kdf: make function naming consistent."
2020-07-16 Matt CaswellRevert "The EVP_MAC functions have been renamed for...
2020-07-15 Shane LontisAdd AES_CBC_CTS ciphers to providers
2020-07-04 Gustaf NeumannFix typos and repeated words
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias St... Make the naming scheme for dispatched functions more...
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias St... Rename <openssl/core_numbers.h> -> <openssl/core_dispat...
2020-06-24 Paulievp_rand: documentation
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd some missing OSSL_PKEY_PARAM_GROUP_NAME documentation
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd documentation about Capabilities
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_group_name work for DH too
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_ec_paramgen_curve_name...
2020-06-19 Benny BaumannAdd missing section on asymmetric ciphers
2020-06-17 Shane LontisAdd ACVP fips module tests
2020-06-13 Nicola TuveriFix nits detected by make cmd-nits
2020-06-11 PauliThe EVP_MAC functions have been renamed for consistency...
2020-06-11 Paulikdf: make function naming consistent.
2020-06-09 Shane LontisUpdate RSA keygen to use sp800-56b by default
2020-06-05 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_[get1|set1]_tls_encodedpoint work with...
2020-06-04 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-06-03 Rich SalzUpdate manpage to fix examples, other minor tweaks
2020-06-03 Rich SalzCleanup cert config files for tests
2020-05-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: add openssl-core_names.h(7)
2020-05-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: add openssl-core_numbers.h(7)
2020-05-26 Rich SalzClean up some doc nits
2020-05-26 Shane LontisUpdate core_names.h fields and document most fields.
2020-05-16 Matt CaswellUpdate documentation following changes of various types
2020-05-15 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-05-08 Paulidoc: remove deprecation notes for apps that are staying.
2020-05-07 Shane LontisRemove gen_get_params & gen_gettable_params from keygen...
2020-04-29 Shourya ShuklaAmend references to "OpenSSL license"
2020-04-27 Sebastian Andrzej... doc: Random spellchecking
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-04-23 Richard LevittePROV: Ensure that ED25519 & ED448 keys have a mandatory...
2020-04-19 Shane LontisDOC: Extend EVP_PKEY-DSA(7) / EVP_PKEY_DH(7) with FFC...
2020-04-19 Richard LevitteDOC: Refactor provider-keymgmt(7) to give the keytypes...
2020-04-17 Paulidoc: note that the FIPS provider contains some non...
2020-04-15 Shane LontisAdd DSA keygen to provider
2020-04-15 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add functions to get param/key generation...
2020-04-09 PauliAdd a null provider which implements no algorithms.
2020-04-03 Shane LontisAdd data driven SELF TEST code for signatures and key...
2020-04-01 Shane LontisAdd EVP_PKEY_gettable_params support for accessing...
2020-03-15 Shane LontisAdd ECDSA to providers
2020-03-13 Jakub Jelendoc: Update the reference from draft to RFC
2020-03-12 Richard LevitteCORE: Add the key object generator libcrypto<->provider...
2020-03-10 Richard LevitteDOCS: Move implementation specific docs away from provi...
2020-03-10 Richard LevitteDOCS: Start restructuring our provider and implementati...
2020-03-09 Richard LevitteDOCS: Fix documentation on asymmetric keydata types
2020-03-09 Matt CaswellDocument the new DigestSign provider functions
2020-03-04 Rich SalzAdd some missing env var documentation
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd Serializers for EC
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd pairwise consistency self tests to asym keygenerators
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add a keydata copy function
2020-03-02 Richard LevitteKEYMGMT: Add a keydata matching function
2020-02-27 Matt CaswellImplement the ECX Serializers
2020-02-21 Matt CaswellIntroduce the provider property