Add EVP_KDF-X942 to the fips module
[openssl.git] / test / recipes / 30-test_evp.t
2020-12-02 Shane LontisAdd EVP_KDF-X942 to the fips module
2020-11-01 Shane LontisAdd AES KW inverse ciphers to the EVP layer
2020-09-30 Dr. David von OheimbPrune low-level ASN.1 parse errors from error queue...
2020-09-28 Dr. David von Oheimb30-test_evp.t: On no-dh, no-dsa, no-ec, no-sm2, and...
2020-09-18 Shane LontisAdd fips checks for rsa signatures.
2020-09-03 Richard LevitteTEST: Ensure that the base provider i activated when...
2020-09-03 Richard LevitteRevert "TEST: separate out NIST ECC tests from non...
2020-08-20 Richard LevitteTEST: separate out NIST ECC tests from non-NIST
2020-08-14 PauliPKCS#12 KDF: don't run tests with the FIPS provider.
2020-08-07 Shane LontisAdd evp_test fixes.
2020-07-15 Rich SalzMake -provider_name and -section_name optional
2020-07-15 Shane LontisAdd AES_CBC_CTS ciphers to providers
2020-06-29 Rich SalzAdd --fips-key configuration parameter to fipsinstall...
2020-06-24 Paulitest: update EVP tests to include DRBG testing
2020-05-06 Matt CaswellCentralise Environment Variables for the tests
2020-04-24 Rich SalzUpdate some nits around the FIPS module
2020-04-23 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-04-21 Richard LevitteRevert "TEST: make and use a fipsinstall script"
2020-04-19 Richard LevitteTEST: make and use a fipsinstall script
2020-03-11 Shane LontisAdd ECDH to fips provider
2020-03-06 Rich SalzUse .cnf for config files, not .conf
2020-02-13 Matt CaswellAdd Asymmetric RSA cipher tests in FIPS provider
2020-01-26 Richard Levittetest/recipes/30-test_evp.t: Fix multiple definition...
2020-01-19 Paulimdc2: use evp_test instead of a separate test application.
2020-01-14 PauliThe MD2 test uses the EVP APIs not the low level ones.
2019-12-01 Dr. Matthias St... Fix typos in fipsinstall test
2019-11-19 Matt CaswellAdd test for non-default sized keys in variable key...
2019-11-08 Shane LontisAdd AES SIV ciphers to default provider
2019-10-16 Shane LontisAdd ChaCha related ciphers to default provider
2019-10-08 Shane LontisAdd rc2 ciphers to default provider
2019-10-03 Shane LontisAdd rc5 ciphers to default provider
2019-09-29 Richard LevitteMake relevant tests more sensitive to 'no-fips'
2019-09-25 Shane LontisAdd rc4 cipher to default provider
2019-09-23 Shane LontisAdd des ciphers to default provider
2019-09-19 Shane LontisAdd sm4 ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd SEED ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd cast5 ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd IDEA ciphers to default provider
2019-09-15 Shane LontisAdd fips module integrity check
2019-08-27 Richard Levittetesting: set OPENSSL_MODULES to the providers directory...
2019-08-13 Richard Levitte30-test_evp.t: make the tested configs depend on what...
2019-08-07 Matt CaswellRun evp_test in FIPS mode
2019-08-01 Matt CaswellSuppress loading the FIPS module in evp_test
2019-07-26 Richard Levittetest/recipes/30-test_evp.t: Modify to test with differe...
2019-06-04 Shane LontisMove digests to providers
2019-05-23 Matt CaswellAdd the NIST CAVS test vectors for CCM
2019-02-13 David MakepeaceAdded new EVP/KDF API.
2018-12-11 Todd ShortAdd RFC5297 AES-SIV support
2018-12-06 Richard LevitteFollowing the license change, modify the boilerplates...
2018-09-11 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2018-09-03 PauliMake OBJ_NAME case insensitive.
2018-06-29 Billy BrumleyMore EVP ECC testing: positive and negative
2017-06-15 Richard LevitteMove bn and evp test programs input data to their respe...
2017-05-12 Rich SalzUse scalar, not length; fixes test_evp
2017-05-11 Rich SalzRename evptests.txt to evppkey.txt
2017-05-11 Rich SalzSplit test/evptests.txt into separate files.
2016-04-22 Rich SalzUnified copyright for test recipes
2016-02-09 Richard Levitteunified build scheme: adjust test framework for out...
2015-09-07 Richard LevitteChange OpenSSL::Test to be an extension of Test::More
2015-09-07 Richard LevitteAdd version numbers on some modules we use.
2015-09-07 Richard LevitteAdd engine and evp test recipes.