Constify UI
[openssl.git] / crypto / ui / ui_lib.c
2016-06-15 FdaSilvaYYConstify UI
2016-05-18 Matt CaswellAdd some error messages for malloc fails
2016-05-18 Matt CaswellBetter checks for malloc failure in various METHOD...
2016-05-17 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation 05/10
2016-04-28 FdaSilvaYYAdd checks on CRYPTO_new_ex_data return value
2016-03-08 Alessandro GhediniConvert CRYPTO_LOCK_UI to new multi-threading API
2016-02-05 FdaSilvaYYGH601: Various spelling fixes.
2016-01-26 Rich SalzRemove /* foo.c */ comments
2015-12-18 Richard LevitteRemove the "eay" c-file-style indicators
2015-12-16 Rich SalzRename some BUF_xxx to OPENSSL_xxx
2015-12-01 Rich Salzex_data part 2: doc fixes and CRYPTO_free_ex_index.
2015-11-09 Matt CaswellContinue standardising malloc style for libcrypto
2015-09-03 Rich Salzremove 0 assignments.
2015-09-03 Rich SalzAdd and use OPENSSL_zalloc
2015-05-14 Richard LevitteIdentify and move common internal libcrypto header...
2015-05-04 Rich SalzUse safer sizeof variant in malloc
2015-05-01 Rich Salzfree null cleanup finale
2015-04-28 Rich Salzremove malloc casts
2015-02-06 Rich Salzutil/ now generates entire safestack.h
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2014-08-17 Jonas MaebeUI_construct_prompt: check for NULL when allocating...
2014-07-15 Rich SalzMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-13 Richard Levitte* crypto/ui/ui_lib.c: misplaced brace in switch statement.
2010-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2188
2009-02-16 Richard LevitteData not initialised.
2005-07-26 Nils Larschimproved error checking and some fixes
2005-05-17 Andy PolyakovMove cryptlib.h prior bio.h. Actually it makes sense...
2005-03-31 Ben LaurieGive everything prototypes (well, everything that's...
2003-12-27 Richard LevitteUse BUF_strlcpy() instead of strcpy().
2003-01-13 Richard LevitteCorrect a misleading comment.
2002-12-05 Richard LevitteOnly check for a result buffer if the allocated string...
2002-11-13 Ben LaurieSecurity fixes brought forward from 0.9.7.
2001-09-01 Geoff ThorpeMake the necessary changes to work with the recent...
2001-08-12 Geoff ThorpeThe indexes returned by ***_get_ex_new_index() function...
2001-07-11 Richard LevitteOne forgotten function.
2001-07-05 Richard LevitteChange info to correct values.
2001-06-24 Richard LevitteMake sure we don't return 0 on error.
2001-06-23 Richard LevitteImplement boolean (yes/no or OK/Cancel, ...) input.
2001-06-23 Dr. Stephen HensonIn UI_dup_*() function, use the duped string, not the...
2001-06-20 Richard LevitteSince there is a way to create UI_METHODs, implement...
2001-06-19 Richard LevitteEnhance the user interface with better support for...
2001-06-11 Dr. Stephen HensonInitialize UI ex_data.
2001-06-06 Richard LevitteDon't forget to initialise.
2001-06-05 Richard LevitteDefining __USE_XOPEN_EXTENDED was the wrong thing....
2001-06-05 Richard LevitteA good use of the UI interface is as a password callbac...
2001-05-14 Richard LevitteMake sure strdup() is properly declared.
2001-05-10 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warning with DEBUG_SAFESTACK
2001-05-06 Richard LevitteAdd a general user interface API. This is designed...