tolerate broken CMS/PKCS7 implementations using signature OID instead of digest
[openssl.git] / crypto / asn1 /
2009-12-02 Dr. Stephen HensonCheck it actually compiles this time ;-)
2009-12-02 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2120
2009-11-25 Dr. Stephen HensonSplit PBES2 into cipher and PBKDF2 versions. This tidie...
2009-11-12 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2088
2009-11-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2090
2009-10-04 Dr. Stephen HensonFix unitialized warnings
2009-10-01 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2056
2009-09-23 Dr. Stephen HensonAudit libcrypto for unchecked return values: fix all...
2009-09-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1644
2009-09-02 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2013
2009-08-10 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2004
2009-08-06 Dr. Stephen HensonReject leading 0x80 in OID subidentifiers.
2009-07-27 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable.
2009-07-11 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 1.0.0-stable.
2009-04-06 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable
2009-04-03 Dr. Stephen HensonMerge from 1.0.0-stable branch.
2009-03-25 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-03-25 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-03-25 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-03-09 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1854
2009-02-14 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1835
2009-02-10 Dr. Stephen HensonSubmitted by: Peter Sylvester <>
2009-01-28 Dr. Stephen HensonPrint out UTF8 and NumericString types in ASN1 parsing...
2009-01-28 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from stable branch.
2009-01-28 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo: just copy across an unknown type.
2009-01-01 Ben LaurieCalculate offset correctly. (Coverity ID 233)
2008-12-26 Ben Laurie!a && !a->b is clearly wrong! Changed to !a || !a-...
2008-11-12 Geoff ThorpeRevert the size_t modifications from HEAD that had...
2008-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate obsolete email address...
2008-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't use clobbered 'i' for checking UTCTime and Genera...
2008-11-01 Ben LaurieMore size_tification.
2008-11-01 Ben Lauriesize_tification.
2008-10-22 Dr. Stephen HensonCreate function of the form OBJ_bsearch_xxx() in bsearc...
2008-10-20 Dr. Stephen HensonFix a shed load or warnings:
2008-10-12 Ben LaurieType-checked (and modern C compliant) OBJ_bsearch.
2008-10-07 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental new date handling routines. These fix...
2008-09-01 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for delta CRLs. If "use deltas" flag...
2008-08-29 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for CRLs partitioned by reason code.
2008-08-20 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial indirect CRL support.
2008-08-08 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial support for name constraints certificate extension.
2008-08-05 Dr. Stephen HensonCorrectly handle errors in CMS I/O code.
2008-08-04 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd support for nameRelativeToCRLIssuer field in distri...
2008-07-16 Bodo MöllerMake sure not to read beyond end of buffer
2008-07-04 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid warnings with -pedantic, specifically:
2008-06-06 Dr. Stephen HensonFix memory leak. The canonical X509_NAME_ENTRY STACK...
2008-06-04 Ben LaurieMore type-checking.
2008-03-31 Dr. Stephen HensonFix it properly this time....
2008-03-31 Dr. Stephen HensonFix macro.
2008-03-31 Dr. Stephen HensonUse correct headers for signed receipts. Use consistent...
2008-03-23 Dr. Stephen HensonFix duplicate asn1 ctrl values.
2008-03-22 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate dependencies.
2008-03-16 Geoff ThorpeFix a variety of warnings generated by some elevated...
2008-03-16 Dr. Stephen HensonFix some warnings.
2008-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonOnly call free once in CHOICE type.
2008-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAnd so it begins...
2008-02-28 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid warnings.
2008-02-28 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo and avoid warning.
2008-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonExtend attribute setting routines to support non-string...
2008-02-08 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport custom primitive type printing routines and...
2007-12-29 Andy PolyakovSource readability fix, which incidentally works around...
2007-11-21 Dr. Stephen HensonLookup public key ASN1 methods by string by iterating...
2007-11-20 Dr. Stephen HensonSubmitted by: "Victor B. Wagner" <>
2007-10-13 Andy PolyakovBunch of constifications.
2007-09-26 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport for certificate status TLS extension.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovAddenum to "Constify obj_dat.[ch]."
2007-09-14 Dr. Stephen HensonHandle empty case in X509_NAME canonical encoding.
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen HensonChange safestack reimplementation to match 0.9.8.
2007-07-27 Andy PolyakovRespect ISO aliasing rules.
2007-06-08 Dr. Stephen HensonWIN32 fixes.
2007-06-07 Dr. Stephen HensonFinish gcc 4.2 changes.
2007-05-22 Dr. Stephen HensonFix X509_REQ_print_ex() to process extension options.
2007-05-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPrepend signature name in dgst output.
2007-05-15 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function EVP_PKEY_asn1_copy(). Use default MD if...
2007-05-10 Dr. Stephen HensonMore useful ASN1 macros for static allocation functions.
2007-04-23 Bodo MöllerAdd SEED encryption algorithm.
2007-04-14 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function ASN1_STRING_copy() to copy to an already
2007-04-13 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate smime utility to support streaming for -encrypt...
2007-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental HMAC support via EVP_PKEY_METHOD.
2007-04-08 Dr. Stephen HensonFix from stable branch.
2007-03-02 Nils Larschremove unused file
2007-02-21 Lutz JänickeFix incorrect handling of special characters
2007-02-10 Nils Larschremove unreachable code
2007-01-23 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 0.9.7-stable.
2007-01-21 Dr. Stephen HensonConstify version strings and some structures.
2006-12-24 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental streaming PKCS#7 support.
2006-12-19 Nils Larschremove trailing '\'
2006-12-06 Dr. Stephen HensonFix change to OPENSSL_NO_RFC3779
2006-11-30 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate dependencies.
2006-11-27 Ben LaurieAdd RFC 3779 support.
2006-11-21 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate from 0.9.8 stable. Eliminate duplicate error...
2006-11-16 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial, incomplete support for typesafe macros without...
2006-10-27 Dr. Stephen HensonInitialize old_priv_encode, old_priv_decode.
2006-10-04 Bodo MöllerASN1_item_verify needs to initialize ctx before any...
2006-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPlace standard CRL behaviour in default X509_CRL_METHOD...
2006-09-28 Mark J. CoxFix ASN.1 parsing of certain invalid structures that...
2006-09-22 Dr. Stephen HensonUsing correct lock for X509_REQ.
2006-09-22 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate length if copying MSB set in asn1_string_canon().
2006-09-21 Dr. Stephen HensonDo CRL method init after other operations.
2006-09-21 Dr. Stephen HensonTidy up CRL handling by checking for critical extension...