64 min ago Andy PolyakovARM64 assembly pack: make it Windows-friendly. master
66 min ago Andy PolyakovARM assembly pack: make it Windows-friendly.
5 hours ago Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: fix formal interface bug in chacha...
17 hours ago Richard LevitteAdd an OpenSSL library context
17 hours ago Richard LevitteAdd CRYPTO_alloc_ex_data()
26 hours ago David AsrafAdd EC_GROUP_get0_field
30 hours ago Richard LevitteMark generated functions unused (applies to safestack...
30 hours ago Todd ShortAdd option to disable Extended Master Secret
31 hours ago Matt CaswellUse order not degree to calculate a buffer size in...
31 hours ago Matt CaswellFix no-stdio
34 hours ago Richard LevitteConfigure: make --strict-warnings a regular user provid...
47 hours ago Matt CaswellFix -verify_return_error in s_client
2 days ago Matt CaswellDon't signal SSL_CB_HANDSHAKE_START for TLSv1.3 post...
2 days ago Sam RobertsIgnore cipher suites when setting cipher list
2 days ago Richard LevitteConfigure: stop forcing use of DEFINE macros in headers
2 days ago PauliSparse array iterators include index position.
2 days ago Michael HaubenwallnerWindows/Cygwin dlls need the executable bit set
2 days ago Richard Levittetest/ add missing ../apps/include
3 days ago David MakepeaceAdded new EVP/KDF API.
3 days ago PauliSparse array limit testing: reduce the range limit...
3 days ago Daniel DeFreezFix null pointer dereference in cms_RecipientInfo_kari_init
3 days ago Richard LevitteMove libapps headers into their own directory
3 days ago PauliFix master build.
3 days ago PauliMacro typo fix not propagated
3 days ago PauliFix typo in comment
3 days ago Richard LevitteTo use BN_BITS2, we'd better include openssl/bn.h
3 days ago Eneas U de... eng_devcrypto.c: close open session on init
3 days ago Eneas U de... CHANGES: add note about building devcrypto dynamic
3 days ago Eneas U de... e_devcrypto: make the /dev/crypto engine dynamic
3 days ago Andy PolyakovAArch64 assembly pack: authenticate return addresses.
4 days ago PauliAdd sparse array data type.
5 days ago Richard LevitteRework build: small correction in unix-Makefile.tmpl
5 days ago Richard LevitteRework build: add special cases for AIX
5 days ago Richard Levitteapps/ocsp.c Use the same HAVE_FORK / NO_FORK as in...
5 days ago Richard Levittetest/recipes/02-err_errstr: skip errors that may not...
5 days ago Richard LevitteBuild: correct BASE shlib_version_as_filename
5 days ago Richard LevitteENGINE modules aren't special, so call them MODULES
5 days ago Shane LontisUpdated test command line parsing to support commmon...
5 days ago Tomas MrazAllow the syntax of the .include directive to optionall...
5 days ago PauliFix comment typo
5 days ago Daniel DeFreezFix null pointer dereference in ssl_module_init
8 days ago Todd ShortUpdate d2i_PrivateKey documentation
8 days ago Todd ShortFix d2i_PublicKey() for EC keys
8 days ago PauliAddress a bug in the DRBG tests where the reseeding...
8 days ago Richard Levittetest/drbgtest.c: call OPENSSL_thread_stop() explicitly
9 days ago Matt CaswellMake OPENSSL_malloc_init() a no-op
9 days ago Antoine SalonAdd CHANGES entry for blake2mac
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: avoid writing to output buffer when using defau...
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: add evpmac test vectors
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: backport changes to blake2s
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: add EVP_MAC man page
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: register MAC objects
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2b: add EVP_MAC API
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2b: add support for parameter setting and keyed...
10 days ago Antoine Salonblake2: add implementation support for variable digest...
11 days ago Sam RobertsRemove unnecessary trailing whitespace
11 days ago Patrick Steuercrypto/poly1305/asm/ add vx code...
11 days ago Sam RobertsMake some simple getters take const SSL/SSL_CTX
11 days ago Matthias KraftFix Invalid Argument return code from IP_Factory in...
11 days ago batist73Android build: fix usage of NDK home variable ($ndk_var)
11 days ago Richard LevitteBuild: correct assembler generation in crypto/rc4/build...
2019-02-01 Bernd EdlingerAdd an entry to the CHANGES for the d2i_X509_PUBKEY fix
2019-02-01 Richard LevitteVMS: Clean away stray debugging prints from descrip...
2019-02-01 Michael TuexenFix end-point shared secret for DTLS/SCTP
2019-02-01 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/asm/ add vector base 2^26...
2019-02-01 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ add VSX word load/store instructions.
2019-01-31 Bernd EdlingerFix a crash in reuse of i2d_X509_PUBKEY
2019-01-31 Bernd EdlingerFixed d2i_X509 in-place not re-hashing the ex_flags
2019-01-31 Bernd EdlingerFix a memory leak with di2_X509_CRL reuse
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBetter phrasing around 1.1.0
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteConfigure: clean away unused variables and double assig...
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBuild: clean away RENAME and SHARED_NAME
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBuild: remove EXTRA
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBuild: Remove BEGINRAW / ENDRAW / OVERRIDE
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBuild cleanup: Remove the VMS hack from test/build...
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteVMS: force 'pinshared'
2019-01-31 weinholtendianFix error message for s_server -psk option
2019-01-30 Petr VorelReuse already defined macros
2019-01-30 David BenjaminDocument and add macros for additional DSA options
2019-01-30 Matt CaswellComplain if -twopass is used incorrectly
2019-01-30 Matt CaswellFix no-dso builds
2019-01-29 Matt CaswellDon't leak memory from ERR_add_error_vdata()
2019-01-28 Richard LevitteAndroid build: use ANDROID_NDK_HOME rather than ANDROID_NDK
2019-01-27 Antonio Iaconocrypto/cms: Add support for CAdES Basic Electronic...
2019-01-27 Ping Yuadd an additional async notification communication...
2019-01-27 Michael Richardsonclarify which functions are the CMS functions which...
2019-01-27 David Asrafcrypto/bn: fix return value in BN_generate_prime
2019-01-27 Shigeki Ohtsus_client: fix not to send a command letter of R
2019-01-27 Tomas MrazRemove stray -modulus option from the ec manual page.
2019-01-27 Matthias KraftAdd "weak" declarations of symbols used in safestack...
2019-01-25 Dr. Matthias... X509_STORE: fix two misspelled compatibility macros
2019-01-24 Klotz, TobiasCleanup vxworks support to be able to compile for VxWorks 7
2019-01-24 Matt CaswellFix s_client so that it builds on Windows
2019-01-24 Matt CaswellRevert "Keep the DTLS timer running after the end of...
2019-01-24 Matt CaswellMake sure we trigger retransmits in DTLS testing
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteBuild: change remaining $unified_info{install} checks...
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteRework build: Windows dependency building fix
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteBuild: pass attributes down to make rule generators
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteBuild: use attributes to indicate installed script...
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteBuild: Change all _NO_INST to use attributes instead.