10 hours ago Tomas MrazOBJ_nid2obj(): Return UNDEF object instead of NULL... master
16 hours ago PauliDisable the policy tree exponential growth test conditi...
25 hours ago Aleksey SaninAdded tests and updated help
25 hours ago Aleksey SaninAdd an option to specify number of bits in the subprime...
35 hours ago Georgi ValkovVC++ 2010 x86 compilers do not have InterlockedOr64
35 hours ago Evan MillerDo not build P10-specific AES-GCM assembler on macOS
2 days ago Paulichanges: note about policy tree size limits and circumv...
2 days ago Paulitest: add test cases for the policy resource overuse
2 days ago Paulix509: excessive resource use verifying policy constraints
2 days ago Hugo LandauQUIC: Add history section to SSL_inject_net_dgram()
2 days ago Hugo LandauQUIC DEMUX: Ensure time field is always initialised
2 days ago Hugo LandauQUIC: Add tests for datagram injection API
2 days ago Hugo LandauQUIC: Add support for datagram injection
2 days ago Tomas MrazAdd simple interoperability test with Cloudflare quiche
2 days ago VeronikaNguyenAdded `CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_MAX_LENGTH` constant
2 days ago Milan BrozAdd Argon2 KDF demo.
2 days ago FdaSilvaYYcmp: fix --strict-warnings windows builds
2 days ago FdaSilvaYYnit: tidy-up code, and fix a typo.
2 days ago Richard Levitteproviders/implementations/kdfs/argon2.c: Don't use...
2 days ago Čestmír Kalinathread: remove remnants of ossl_crypto_mem_barrier
2 days ago zhangzhileienable hardware acceleration for sm4-ccm
3 days ago PauliAvoid freeing context on error
3 days ago PauliCoverity 1522032: use after free
3 days ago JAVAID Mohammad... cmp_msg.c: free memory of certStatus before goto err
3 days ago Everton ConstantinoUpdate documentation to reflect new Windows on Arm...
4 days ago Matt CaswellFix some Windows issues in the quic_reactor
4 days ago Matt CaswellAdd a simple QUIC test for blocking mode
4 days ago Matt CaswellMake sure the QRX and QTX are associated with a libctx
4 days ago Matt CaswellFix seg fault when calling SSL_shutdown() for a QUIC...
4 days ago Matt CaswellFix SSL_has_pending() for QUIC connections
4 days ago Matt CaswellProvide better errors for some QUIC failures
4 days ago Matt CaswellDefer unknown QUIC ctrls to the SSL object for TLS
4 days ago Mike GilbertFix Configure test for -mips in CFLAGS
4 days ago Paulidoc: note the default iteration count for PBKDF2 in...
4 days ago PauliInclude the default iteration count in the help for...
5 days ago Tomas MrazAdd sanity test for OSSL_sleep()
5 days ago Tomas Mrazsleep.c: Limit the sleep time instead of sleeping for...
6 days ago Richard Levitteproviders/implementations/kdfs/argon2.c: Include openss...
6 days ago Tomas Mrazrsaz-* fix wrong name of avx512 flag variable
6 days ago Tomas Fix the clang version detection...
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinaproviders: add Argon2 KDF
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinae_os2: add ossl_static_assert_type_eq
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinaproverr: add PROV_R_{INVALID_MEMORY_SIZE,INVALID_THREAD...
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinaevp_test: add thread support
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinaproviders: add XOF support to blake2b
7 days ago Čestmír Kalinaevp_test: add digest xoflen support
7 days ago PauliFix copyright disclaimer.
7 days ago Christoph Müllnerriscv: GCM: Implement GHASH()
7 days ago Christoph Müllnerriscv: GCM: Simplify GCM calculation
7 days ago Christoph Müllnerriscv: GCM: Use
7 days ago Christoph Mü Add improved error messages to read_reg code
7 days ago Christoph Müllnerriscv: aes: Move reusable Perl code into Perl module
7 days ago Christoph Müllnerriscv: Clean up extension test macros
8 days ago Andy BernardFix documented function return types
8 days ago zhangzhileienable VPSM4_EX_CAPABLE for sm4_gcm
8 days ago PauliCoverity 1521490: resource leak
8 days ago Paulidemo: Fix makefile target
9 days ago klaus triendlAdded a short description of VC-WIN*-HYBRIDCRT to Windo...
9 days ago klaus triendlAdded 'hybrid CRT' targets for the Windows platform
9 days ago slontisFix PKCS12_newpass() to work with PBES2.
9 days ago slontisAdd Tests for RSA signatures using X931 padding.
9 days ago Dmitry BelyavskiyAvoid erroneous diagnostics in speed measuring
9 days ago Simo SorceAdd a flag so finalised contexts are not reused
9 days ago Simo SorceAdd test for context duplication failure
9 days ago Simo SorceDo not fail if ctx dup does not succeed
9 days ago Matt CaswellImprove the performance of d2i_AutoPrivateKey and friends
9 days ago Tobias NießenDocument remaining obsolete SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_*_BUG
9 days ago ndosscheAdd missing assignment to EVP_get_digestbynid()
9 days ago Dr. David von Oheimbdoc/man3/X509_STORE_CTX_get_error.pod: make order consi...
9 days ago afshinpirSegmentation fault in parent rng cleanup
9 days ago afshinpirUpdated `rsa_has()` for correct validation
9 days ago Tomas MrazFix size_t/int mismatch in cms_ec.c and rsa_sig.c
9 days ago Kornel Dulębaaes/asm/ Replace adrl with add
9 days ago zhangzhileiRemove duplicate code
9 days ago PauliAdd missing copyright header
9 days ago Paulidoc: document that prediction resistance comes with...
9 days ago Dr. David von Oheimbapps/x509 etc.: allow private key input when public...
9 days ago Dr. David von Oheimbtest/smime-certs/{,ca.cnf}: simplify...
9 days ago Dr. David von Oheimbapps/{dsa,ec,rsa,pkey}.c: harmonize coding w.r.t. ...
2023-03-08 Richard LevitteFix how util/ is used in OpenSSL::Util::fixup_cmd()
2023-03-08 Richard LevitteFix util/ for VMS usage
2023-03-07 Kurt RoeckxRun the punycode-test over the fuzz corpora during...
2023-03-07 Clemens Langfips: Use salt >= 16 bytes in PBKDF2 selftest
2023-03-07 slontisAdd option to FIPS module to enforce EMS check during...
2023-03-07 Juergen ChristS390X: Accelerate keccak XOF
2023-03-07 Richard Levittetest//bio_dgram_test.c: Skip test when BIO_bind() fails
2023-03-07 Richard Levittebss_dgram.c: Use BIO_ADDR_sockaddr() and BIO_ADDR_socka...
2023-03-07 Richard LevitteDOCS: provider-keymgmt(7) - params for EVP_PKEY_get_def...
2023-03-06 Tomas Mrazstream_frame_new(): Add missing allocation check
2023-03-06 Tomas Mraztest_rstream_random(): Test adding final empty frame
2023-03-06 Tomas MrazTest new ossl_quic_rstream API calls
2023-03-06 Tomas MrazImprove the QUIC_RSTREAM implementation
2023-03-06 Richard LevitteVMS knows POSIX threads too!
2023-03-06 Matt CaswellImprove the performance of EVP_PKCS82PKEY_ex
2023-03-05 Matt CaswellTest that there are no errors on the stack for rejected...
2023-03-05 Matt CaswellRemove spurious error queue entries on early data
2023-03-05 PauliFix cast.
2023-03-05 Todd ShortAdd "make help" option
2023-03-02 HansHoogerwerfFix typo in base provider example code
2023-03-02 Tom CosgroveTidy up aarch64 feature detection code in armcap.c