2019-08-01 PauliPrevent an infinite recursion when the query cache...
2019-08-01 PauliThe query cache has been updated to not depend on RAND_...
2019-08-01 raja-ashokUse allow_early_data_cb from SSL instead of SSL_CTX
2019-07-31 joe2018OutlookcomFix warning C4164 in MSVC.
2019-07-31 David von Oheimbmake RSA and DSA operations throw MISSING_PRIVATE_KEY...
2019-07-31 Shane LontisAdd gcm ciphers (aes and aria) to providers.
2019-07-31 Nicola TuveriTemporary workaround for ectest.c for [extended tests]
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteERR: fix err_data_size inconsistencies
2019-07-31 Shane LontisRename X509_STORE ptr stored in opaque struct X509_STOR...
2019-07-31 Shane LontisAdd evp_util macros
2019-07-31 FdaSilvaYYCAdES : lowercase name for now internal methods.
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteDocument recent changes in NEWS and CHANGES
2019-07-31 PauliCheck for NULL return from zalloc in dh_dupctx.
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteAvoid using ERR_put_error() directly in OpenSSL code
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteAdapt the FIPS provider to use the new core error functions
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteRefactor provider support for reporting errors
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteERR: Remove ERR_put_func_error() and reimplement ERR_pu...
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteERR: Implement the macros ERR_raise() and ERR_raise_dat...
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteERR: Add new building blocks for reporting errors
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteERR: refactor useful inner macros to err_locl.h. Add...
2019-07-31 Richard LevitteMove some macros from include/openssl/opensslconf.h...
2019-07-30 Bernd EdlingerFix BIO_printf format warnings
2019-07-30 Bernd EdlingerUse OPENSSL_strlcpy instead of strncpy in e_afalg.c
2019-07-30 Matt CaswellDocument the provider CIPHER operation
2019-07-30 PauliFix coverity 1452084
2019-07-30 Richard LevitteERR: re-use the err_data field when possible
2019-07-28 PauliAdd weak platform independent PRNG to test framework.
2019-07-26 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: use getauxval to detect hw capabil...
2019-07-26 Richard Levittetest/recipes/30-test_evp.t: Modify to test with differe...
2019-07-26 Richard Levittetest/evp_test.c: modify to use OSSL_PROVIDER_available()
2019-07-26 Richard LevitteAdd functions to see if a provider is available for...
2019-07-25 David BenjaminDon't generate an unnecessary Diffie-Hellman key in...
2019-07-25 Matt CaswellDocument the provider DIGEST operation
2019-07-24 Dr. Matthias... Remove HEADER_X509_H and HEADER_SSL_H include detectors...
2019-07-24 Dr. Matthias... Remove OPENSSL_X509V3_H include detector from openssl...
2019-07-24 Dr. Matthias... Remove HEADER_BSS_FILE_C module include guard
2019-07-24 Bernd EdlingerEnforce a minimum DH modulus size of 512 bits
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdapt DH to use with KEYMGMT
2019-07-23 Matt CaswellRemove some utilities from the core to provider interface
2019-07-23 Rich SalzDon't complain if function name doesn't match
2019-07-23 PauliMake rand_pool buffers more dynamic in their sizing.
2019-07-23 PauliAvoid double clearing some BIGNUMs
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteReplace OSSL_ITEM with OSSL_PARAM as parameter descript...
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteDescribe OSSL_PARAM as a parameter descriptor
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteRe-implement the cipher and digest listings for 'openss...
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd EVP_CIPHER_do_all_ex() and EVP_MD_do_all_ex()
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd internal function evp_generic_do_all()
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteRefactor ossl_method_construct() in terms of ossl_algor...
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd internal function ossl_algorithm_do_all()
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PROVIDER_name()
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd EVP_MD_provider() and EVP_CIPHER_provider()
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteRe-implement EVP_MD_name() and EVP_CIPHER_name() as...
2019-07-23 Richard LevitteAdd a mechnism to save the name of fetched methods
2019-07-23 Richard Levitteprovider-keymgmt(7): Document the KEYMGMT interface
2019-07-22 Patrick SteuerRemove superfluous call to OPENSSL_cpuid_setup
2019-07-22 Bernd EdlingerChange DH parameters to generate the order q subgroup...
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteDocumentation: add provider-base(7), describing the...
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteDocumentation: Move the description of the fetching...
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteDocumentation: Add provider(7), for general description...
2019-07-22 Rich SalzInclude deprecated SYS_F_xxx codes
2019-07-22 Rich SalzDeprecate SYSerr, add new FUNCerr macro
2019-07-22 Rich SalzAdd ERR_put_func_error, and use it.
2019-07-22 Bernd EdlingerAllocate DRBG additional data pool from non-secure...
2019-07-22 Dr. Matthias... x509: publish X509_PUBKEY_dup
2019-07-22 Dr. Matthias... x509: add missing X509 dup functions
2019-07-22 Dr. Matthias... x509: sort X509 dup functions alphabetically
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdd an internal API to access the KEYMGMT provider...
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdd evp_keymgmt_clear_pkey_cache() and use it
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdapt int_ctx_new() to use with providers
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdd evp_keymgmt_export_to_provider(), for key transfer...
2019-07-22 Richard LevitteAdd basic EVP_KEYMGMT API and libcrypto <-> provider...
2019-07-18 PauliAdd param builder free function.
2019-07-21 Richard LevitteCygwin: enable the use of Dl_info and dladdr()
2019-07-19 Richard Levittetest/enginetest.c: Make sure no config file is loaded
2019-07-19 Richard Levittedoc: fix some links
2019-07-19 Richard Levitteutil/find-doc-nits: fixups
2019-07-19 Matt CaswellFix no-dh
2019-07-18 Richard LevitteCorrect some OSSL_PARAM documentation
2019-07-18 Bernd EdlingerAdd value_barriers in constant time select functions
2019-07-18 Shane LontisFix S390X compile error due to missing defines
2019-07-18 Shane LontisCleanup use of X509 STORE locks
2019-07-18 Dr. Matthias... Fix init_get_thread_local()
2019-07-17 Rich SalzDeprecated {OPENSSL,CRYPTO}_debug_mem_{push,pop}
2019-07-17 Matt CaswellFix the return value for SSL_get0_chain_certs()
2019-07-17 PauliParameter building utilities.
2019-07-16 Pauliremove end of line spaces
2019-07-16 PauliRemove tab characters from C source files.
2019-07-16 Kurt RoeckxAuto add a label depending on the type of issue they...
2019-07-16 Richard LevitteProvider config module: allow providers to already...
2019-07-16 Todd ShortFix SSL_CTX_set_session_id_context() docs
2019-07-16 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: fix restoring of SIGILL action
2019-07-16 Viktor DukhovniActually silently ignore GET / OCSP requests
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellDocument the new EVP_KEYEXCH type and related functions
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellAdd the ability to set PKCS#3 DH padding in providers
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellEnable PKCS#3 DH in the providers
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellImplement PKCS#3 DH Key Exchange in the default provider
2019-07-16 Matt CaswellMake the EVP Key Exchange code provider aware
2019-07-16 Rich SalzRegenerate mkerr files
2019-07-16 Rich SalzRemove function name from errors
2019-07-16 PauliRemove DRBG from SSL structure.