2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444954: Integer handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444955: Null pointer dereferences
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444956: Integer handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444957: Error handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444958: Null pointer dereferences
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444959: Integer handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444960: Error handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444961: Integer handling issues
2019-05-07 PauliCoverity CID 1444963: Null pointer dereferences
2019-05-07 Matt CaswellReject obviously invalid DSA parameters during signing
2019-05-07 Boris Pismennyssl: Add SSL_sendfile
2019-05-07 Boris PismennyLinux ktls sendfile
2019-05-07 Dr. Matthias... man: fix a typo and a grammar nit in EVP_PKEY_meth_new(3)
2019-05-03 Simo SorceChange the digest string from "md" to "digest"
2019-05-03 Shane LontisAdded generated files for EVP_KDF changes
2019-05-03 Shane LontisAdded EVP_KDF (similiar to the EVP_MAC)
2019-05-03 Todd ShortAdd documentation for running unit tests under Valgrind
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellUpdate internal documentation after global data move...
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellAdd some TODO notes into init.c
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellInstead of global data store it in an OPENSSL_CTX
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellAdd support for openssl_ctx_run_once and openssl_ctx_onfree
2019-05-02 Klotz, TobiasUse vxRandLib for VxWorks7
2019-05-02 Dr. Matthias... openssl cms: add error message if operation option...
2019-05-02 Dr. Matthias... Test: use keywords instead of magic numbers for 'rsa_ps...
2019-05-02 Wojciech KaluzaAllow setting RCFLAGS as Configure option or environmen...
2019-05-02 Wojciech KaluzaAdd RCFLAGS variable in Windows build file, and use it
2019-05-01 Matt CaswellFix no-srp
2019-05-01 Richard Levittep_get_params() [test/p_test.c]: clear the OSSL_PARAM...
2019-05-01 Philip Prindevillegendsa: dsaparam: introduce -verbose option to enable...
2019-05-01 Philip Prindevillegenrsa: introduce -verbose option to enable output
2019-04-30 PauliStructure alignment macro.
2019-04-30 Richard LevitteReplumbing: give the possibility for the provider to...
2019-04-30 Richard LevitteReplumbing: make the oneshot proider cipher function...
2019-04-30 Dr. Matthias... FIPS: Fix compiler errors in rsa_chk.c when building...
2019-04-30 Richard LevitteConfigure: process later
2019-04-30 PauliSquashed commit of the following:
2019-04-29 Todd ShortCollapse ssl3_state_st (s3) into ssl_st
2019-04-26 David BenjaminCopy RSA-PSS saltlen in EVP_PKEY_CTX_dup.
2019-04-25 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: remove poly1305 dependency on...
2019-04-25 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: remove chacha20 dependency on...
2019-04-25 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: update perlasm module
2019-04-25 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: allow alignment hints for vector...
2019-04-25 PauliStatistically test BN_rand_range().
2019-04-25 Matt CaswellFix error in BIO_get_ktls_send() and BIO_get_ktls_recv()
2019-04-25 Matt CaswellFix KTLS compilation error
2019-04-25 Guido VrankenEnforce a strict output length check in CRYPTO_ccm128_tag
2019-04-24 Jakub Jelendoc: Get rid of unrelated reference to DSA_new()
2019-04-24 Shane Lontisadded openssl app 'kdf' and 'mac' to the NEWS and CHANG...
2019-04-24 Shane LontisAdded app for EVP_KDF
2019-04-24 Richard LevitteRecognise clang -fsanitize options and translate them
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteAdd a way for the application to get OpenSSL configurat...
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to display and use MODULESDIR
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteConfigure: make disabling stuff easier and safer
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteConfigure: recognise -static even if given through...
2019-04-23 Richard LevitteConfigure: merge all of %user and %useradd into %config...
2019-04-23 Matt CaswellIf key or iv is NULL set the respective length to 0
2019-04-23 Matt CaswellFix EVP_CIPHER_CTX_rand_key()
2019-04-23 Matt CaswellFix no-ec2m
2019-04-20 PauliFix bug in entropy gathering.
2019-04-19 dyrockCheck if num is 0 before trying to malloc memory. Other...
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd some more test vectors for ChaCha20
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellClarify the documentation on the use of ChaCha20
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellCreate provider errors and use them
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellFix the S390X support for the basic AES ciphers
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd forward declarations of the AES dispatch table...
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellMake implementation of blocksize, iv_length and key_len...
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd a maximum output length to update and final calls
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd iv length and key length params to the cipher init...
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellImplement AES CTR ciphers in the default provider
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellImplement AES CFB ciphers in the default provider
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellImplement AES OFB ciphers in the default provider
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellImplement AES CBC ciphers in the default provider
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd support in the default provider for 192/128 bit...
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellAdd the provider_algs.h internal header file
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellImplement support for AES-256-ECB in the default provider
2019-04-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_Encrypt*/EVP_Decrypt* and EVP_Cipher* provider...
2019-04-19 Richard Levitteossl_method_store_cache_get(): ensure non-NULL property...
2019-04-19 Richard LevitteOPENSSL_LH_flush(): assign NULL after freeing
2019-04-19 Richard LevitteFix the generic EVP algorithm fetch to actually cache...
2019-04-18 Richard Levitteasn1parse: avoid double free
2019-04-18 Simo SorceAdd SSHKDF in evp_kdf_test
2019-04-17 Andy Polyakovchacha/asm/ replace 3+1 code paths...
2019-04-17 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ ~20% improvement on ThunderX2.
2019-04-17 Andy PolyakovARM64 assembly pack: add ThunderX2 results.
2019-04-17 PauliSP 800-56B steps enumerated.
2019-04-16 Tomas MrazAdd test for the BIO_s_mem rdwr->rdonly->rdwr use-case
2019-04-16 Tomas MrazAdd documentation for the BIO_s_mem pecularities
2019-04-16 Tomas MrazAdd testing of RDONLY memory BIOs
2019-04-16 Bernd EdlingerAdd test for the BIO_get_mem_ptr() regression
2019-04-16 Tomas MrazFix for BIO_get_mem_ptr and related regressions
2019-04-15 Kurt RoeckxCall RSA generation callback at the correct time.
2019-04-15 Richard LevitteDon't use '-z defs' with Clang's sanitizers
2019-04-15 Richard Levitteproviders/common/digests/sha2.c: forward declare all...
2019-04-15 Richard LevitteProviders: for the digest_final operation, pass a outpu...
2019-04-14 David BenjaminFix calling convention bug in ecp_nistz256_ord_sqr_mont
2019-04-14 Bernd EdlingerDon't use coordinate blinding when scalar is group...
2019-04-12 Joshua LockFurther harmonisation of manual page HISTORY sections
2019-04-12 Joshua LockUpdate various man pages to place HISTORY section after...
2019-04-12 Joshua LockAdd a check for history section location to find-doc...
2019-04-12 Joshua LockMake check_example_location() in find-doc-nits generic