2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovIt's inappropraite to override application signal,...
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovMinor fix in link_[oa].hpux.
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovBSD run-time linkers apparently demand RPATH on .so...
2007-09-15 Andy PolyakovMake bn2dec work on "SIXTY_FOUR_BIT" platforms.
2007-09-15 Andy PolyakovRemove
2007-09-14 Andy PolyakovEngage new x86 assembler modules.
2007-09-14 Andy PolyakovMore Intel cc fix-ups.
2007-09-14 Dr. Stephen... Handle empty case in X509_NAME canonical encoding.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovCommentary updates.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovSHA512 for ARMv4.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovSHA256/512 for x86.
2007-09-08 Ben LaurieTypo? Why did this work, anyway?
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning: print format option not compatible with...
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Fix another warning.
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Change safestack reimplementation to match 0.9.8.
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Fix warnings: computed value not use, incompatible...
2007-09-07 Andy PolyakovAdd sha512_block implementation optimized for small...
2007-08-31 Dr. Stephen... Update ssl code to support digests other than MD5+SHA1...
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovConstify seed and md2.
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovOffer darwin64-x86_64-cc as option.
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovCompress and more aggressively constify ec_curve.c...
2007-08-31 Dr. Stephen... Check return code when attempting to receive new sessio...
2007-08-30 Andy PolyakovUnify RC4 settings among darwin platforms.
2007-08-30 Andy PolyakovAdd darwin64-x86_64-cc target.
2007-08-29 Andy Polyakovaes_ige suffered SIGBUS on RISC platforms.
2007-08-29 Andy PolyakovImprove cache locality in linux64-sparcv9.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake naming more consistent.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake room for Camellia assembler.
2007-08-28 Dr. Stephen... Add ctrls to set and get RFC4507bis keys to enable...
2007-08-27 Dr. Stephen... Add Google sponsorship note.
2007-08-27 Andy Polyakovshlib_wrap commentary update.
2007-08-27 Andy Polyakovshlib_wrap update, IRIX section.
2007-08-26 Andy PolyakovIRIX and Tru64 platform updates.
2007-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Update from stable branch.
2007-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Document ticket disabling option.
2007-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Add usage message for -sess_out, -sess_in
2007-08-23 Andy PolyakovMake x86_64 modules work under Win64/x64.
2007-08-23 Andy PolyakovWorkaround MSVC6 compiler bug.
2007-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Docs and usage messages for RFC4507bis support.
2007-08-22 Richard LevitteVAX C can't handle 64 bit integers, making SHA512 impos...
2007-08-20 Dr. Stephen... Use SHA256 for ticket HMAC if possible.
2007-08-13 Dr. Stephen... Fix for asm/no-asm on WIN32.
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen... OPENSSL_NO_TLS1 WIN32 build support. Fix so normal...
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning and make no-tlsext work.
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen... Fix warnings.
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen... Remove debugging fprintfs, fix typo.
2007-08-11 Dr. Stephen... RFC4507 (including RFC4507bis) TLS stateless session...
2007-08-01 Andy PolyakovTypos in ./config.
2007-07-31 Andy PolyakovMacOS X update.
2007-07-31 Andy PolyakovProper support for shared build under MacOS X.
2007-07-31 Andy PolyakovTypo in
2007-07-31 Bodo Möllerdocument -S and -nopad options in usage information
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovBuglet fixes and minor optimization in aes-x86_86 assem...
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovMake preprocessor logic more fail-safe.
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovAs for inline vs. __inline. The original code implies...
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovMake ppccpuid AIX friendly.
2007-07-27 Andy PolyakovRespect ISO aliasing rules.
2007-07-27 Andy PolyakovAES for IA64 update.
2007-07-27 Andy Polyakovia64cpuid update.
2007-07-25 Andy Polyakovx86 perlasm updates.
2007-07-24 Andy PolyakovConfigure update from 098.
2007-07-24 Dr. Stephen... Update debug-steve
2007-07-23 Andy PolyakovAllow for option to skip hardware support.
2007-07-23 Andy Polyakovmd32_common.h update.
2007-07-21 Andy Polyakovx86*cpuid update.
2007-07-21 Andy PolyakovComplete synchronization of aes-x86_64 with aes-586.
2007-07-19 Andy PolyakovLppc_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact: size optimization.
2007-07-19 Andy PolyakovMinor optimization in AES_set_encryption_key for x86_64.
2007-07-19 Andy Polyakov_x86_64_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact: size optimization...
2007-07-18 Dr. Stephen... WIN32 VC++ build fixes.
2007-07-16 Andy update.
2007-07-13 Andy Polyakovgas -g doesn't tolerate unpadded .bytes in code segment.
2007-07-13 Andy PolyakovVarious minor updates to AES assembler modules.
2007-07-13 Andy PolyakovAdd _x86_64_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact.
2007-07-08 Andy PolyakovEVP_*_cfb1 was broken.
2007-07-08 Andy Polyakovbn_mul_recursive doesn't handle all cases correctly...
2007-07-07 Andy PolyakovTypo in str_lib.c
2007-06-29 Andy PolyakovFix build problem on Tru64.
2007-06-29 Andy PolyakovLatest bn_mont.c modification broke ECDSA test. I've...
2007-06-23 Ben LaurieFix warning.
2007-06-23 Ben LaurieInline function declarations have to be prototypes.
2007-06-21 Andy PolyakovFlush output in
2007-06-21 Andy PolyakovTypo in
2007-06-20 Andy PolyakovCHANGES update from 098-stable.
2007-06-20 Andy PolyakovOptimize OPENSSL_cleanse.
2007-06-20 Andy Polyakovbn_asm for s390x.
2007-06-20 Andy PolyakovTypo in Linux part of sparcv9cap.c
2007-06-20 Andy PolyakovMake some shortcuts in sparcv9cap.c. Trouble is that...
2007-06-20 Andy PolyakovSPARC Solaris and Linux assemblers treat .align directi...
2007-06-19 Dr. Stephen... Update from stable branch.
2007-06-18 Dr. Stephen... Update .cvsignore
2007-06-18 Dr. Stephen... Make ordinals consistent with OpenSSL 0.9.8
2007-06-17 Andy PolyakovEliminate conditional final subtraction in Montgomery...
2007-06-11 Andy PolyakovPrivatize BN_*_no_branch.
2007-06-11 Andy PolyakovCommentary updates and minor optimization for bn_mont.c.
2007-06-10 Andy PolyakovEliminate conditional final subtraction in Montgomery...
2007-06-08 Dr. Stephen... WIN32 fixes.
2007-06-07 Dr. Stephen... Remove unnecessary casts and avoid some warnings with...
2007-06-07 Dr. Stephen... Finish gcc 4.2 changes.