2011-12-19 Dr. Stephen... update CHANGES
2011-12-19 Andy Polyakovapps/speed.c: fix typo in last commit.
2011-12-15 Andy Polyakovapps/speed.c: Cygwin alarm() fails sometimes.
2011-12-15 Andy revert previous commit and solve the...
2011-12-14 Dr. Stephen... PR: 1794
2011-12-14 Andy portability fix.
2011-12-13 Ben LaurieRemove redundant TLS exporter.
2011-12-13 Ben LaurieSSL export fixes (from Adam Langley).
2011-12-12 Andy Solaris portability fix [from...
2011-12-11 Dr. Stephen... detect and use older PKITS data
2011-12-10 Dr. Stephen... typo
2011-12-10 Dr. Stephen... add commented out option to allow use of older PKITS...
2011-12-10 Dr. Stephen... remove old -attime code, new version includes all old...
2011-12-10 Dr. Stephen... implement -attime option as a verify parameter then...
2011-12-09 Ben LaurieFix warning.
2011-12-09 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ give a hand old assemblers assemblin...
2011-12-09 Andy Polyakovcryptlib.c: allow for OPENSSL_ia32cap=~0x????? syntax...
2011-12-09 Andy fix bug in integer-only squaring path.
2011-12-08 Dr. Stephen... Replace expired test server and client certificates...
2011-12-07 Dr. Stephen... fix error discrepancy
2011-12-06 Dr. Stephen... The default CN prompt message can be confusing when...
2011-12-02 Ben LaurieFix exporter.
2011-12-02 Ben LaurieFix warnings.
2011-12-02 Bodo MöllerResolve a stack set-up race condition (if the list...
2011-12-02 Bodo MöllerFix ecdsatest.c.
2011-12-02 Bodo MöllerFix BIO_f_buffer().
2011-12-01 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ fix typos [from HEAD].
2011-11-25 Dr. Stephen... PR: 1794
2011-11-24 Ben LaurieDon't send NPN during renegotiation.
2011-11-24 Ben LaurieIndent.
2011-11-22 Dr. Stephen... update ordinals
2011-11-22 Dr. Stephen... add cryptlib.h to
2011-11-22 Dr. Stephen... Workaround so "make depend" works for fips builds.
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen... update ordinals
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen... add strp.h to headers
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen... move internal functions to ssl_locl.h
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen... recognise NEXTPROTONEG
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen... bcmp doesn't exist on all platforms, replace with memcmp
2011-11-16 Andy fix buffer overrun in tail processing...
2011-11-15 Ben LaurieAdd TLS exporter.
2011-11-15 Ben LaurieAdd DTLS-SRTP.
2011-11-15 Andy make it link.
2011-11-15 Andy Polyakove_rc4_hmac_md5.c: make it work on darwin64, which is...
2011-11-15 Andy make it link.
2011-11-15 Andy PolyakovConfigure, e_aes.c: allow for XTS assembler implementat...
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: jumbo update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovec_cvt.c: performance update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovc_allc.c: add XTS ciphers [from HEAD].
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovconfig: platform and poratbility updates from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovConfigure, etc.: engage additional assembler modules.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovspeed.c: add ghash benchmark [from HEAD].
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovx86 assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovBN update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovARM assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovAlpha assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovPPC assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovSPARCv9 assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovs390x assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovIA64 assembler pack update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy Polyakovperlasm update from HEAD.
2011-11-14 Andy PolyakovMafiles updates to accomodate assembler update from...
2011-11-14 Dr. Stephen... DH keys have an (until now) unused 'q' parameter. When...
2011-11-14 Dr. Stephen... Call OPENSSL_init after we've checked to see if customi...
2011-11-14 Ben LaurieIgnorance.
2011-11-14 Ben LaurieNext Protocol Negotiation.
2011-11-13 Ben LaurieAdd Next Protocol Negotiation.
2011-11-13 Ben Lauriemake depend.
2011-11-13 Ben LaurieFix one of the no-tlsext build errors (there are more).
2011-11-13 Dr. Stephen... PR: 1794
2011-11-08 Andy compensate for imaginary virtual machines...
2011-11-05 Andy don't punish "last-year" OSes on "this...
2011-11-05 Andy fix bug in bn_mul_comba4 [from HEAD].
2011-10-30 Richard LevitteAdd missing algorithms to disable, and in particular...
2011-10-30 Richard LevitteTeach to have a look for disabled algorith...
2011-10-27 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2628
2011-10-27 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2628
2011-10-26 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2632
2011-10-25 Dr. Stephen... Use correct tag for SRP username.
2011-10-21 Dr. Stephen... Update error codes for FIPS.
2011-10-21 Dr. Stephen... Recognise new ECC option (from HEAD).
2011-10-19 Bodo Möller"make update"
2011-10-19 Bodo MöllerBN_BLINDING multi-threading fix.
2011-10-19 Bodo MöllerFix indentation
2011-10-19 Bodo MöllerFix warnings.
2011-10-18 Bodo MöllerImprove optional 64-bit NIST-P224 implementation, and...
2011-10-15 Dr. Stephen... Recognise no-rsax option.
2011-10-14 Andy Polyakove_aes.c: fix bug in aesni_gcm_tls_cipher [in HEAD].
2011-10-14 Andy Polyakovaesni-x86[_64].pl: pull from HEAD.
2011-10-13 Bodo Mölleruse -no_ecdhe when using -no_dhe
2011-10-13 Bodo MöllerMake CTR mode behaviour consistent with other modes:
2011-10-13 Bodo MöllerClarify warning
2011-10-13 Bodo MöllerIn ssl3_clear, preserve s3->init_extra along with s3...
2011-10-13 Dr. Stephen... For now disable RSAX ENGINE for FIPS builds: it sets...
2011-10-12 Dr. Stephen... increase test RSA key size to 1024 bits
2011-10-11 Dr. Stephen... update pkey method initialisation and copy
2011-10-10 Dr. Stephen... Backport ossl_ssize_t type from HEAD.
2011-10-10 Dr. Stephen... def_rsa_finish not used anymore.