2020-06-26 Richard LevitteTEST: Add TODO segments in test/recipes/15-test_genec.t
2020-06-26 Nicola TuveriTest genpkey app for EC keygen with various args
2020-06-26 pedro martellettodoc/man3: fix types taken by HMAC(), HMAC_Update()
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellPrepare for 3.0 alpha 5
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellPrepare for release of 3.0 alpha 4 openssl-3.0.0-alpha4
2020-06-25 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-06-24 Dr. David von... apps/cmp.c: Add workaround for Coverity false positive...
2020-06-24 Dr. David von... apps/cmp.c: Fix memory leaks in handle_opt_geninfo...
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias... evp_generic_fetch.pod: fix documentation error
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias... Make the naming scheme for dispatched functions more...
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias... Rename <openssl/core_numbers.h> -> <openssl/core_dispat...
2020-06-24 Pauliapps: avoid memory overrun.
2020-06-24 Matt CaswellFix some man page typos
2020-06-24 Paulitest: add test for generation of random data in chunks.
2020-06-24 Paulitest: update EVP tests to include DRBG testing
2020-06-24 PauliNIST DRBG set data
2020-06-24 Pauliinclude source root directory via -I for libnonfips.a
2020-06-24 Paulievp_rand: documentation
2020-06-24 Paulifips rand: DRBG KAT self test updates to provider model.
2020-06-24 Pauliupdate drbgtest to the provider model
2020-06-24 PauliCTR, HASH and HMAC DRBGs in provider
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias... rand: move drbg_{ctr,hash,hmac}.c without change to...
2020-06-24 Paulishare rand_pool between libcrypto and providers
2020-06-24 Paulirand: add seeding sources to providers.
2020-06-24 Dr. Matthias... rand: move rand_{unix,vms,vxworks,win}.c without change...
2020-06-24 Pauliparams: add OSSL_PARAM helpers for time_t.
2020-06-24 Paulitest: add a test RNG.
2020-06-24 PauliCRNGT: continuous DRBG tests for providers
2020-06-24 Pauliprovider: add RAND algorithm tables
2020-06-24 Pauliapp/list: add RNG list option
2020-06-24 Paulirand: set up EVP and DRBG infrastructure for RAND from...
2020-06-24 PauliMove CRNG test to providers
2020-06-24 Paulicore: add OSSL_INOUT_CALLBACK
2020-06-24 Paulirand: core APIs for provider friendly random.
2020-06-24 Dmitry BelyavskiyCMS print should support string conversion: docs
2020-06-24 Dmitry BelyavskiyCMS print should support string conversion
2020-06-23 Matt CaswellAdd an SSL_dup test
2020-06-23 Matt CaswellDon't attempt to duplicate the BIO state in SSL_dup
2020-06-23 Matt CaswellUpdate the SSL_dup documentation to match reality
2020-06-23 Matt CaswellEnsure that SSL_dup copies the min/max protocol version
2020-06-23 Pauliproperty: correctly set the has optional flag when...
2020-06-23 Pauliproperty: Move global default properties to the library...
2020-06-23 Jean-Christophe... DOC: Fix link to test/README.external in
2020-06-23 Shane LontisFix potential double free in rsa_keygen pairwise test.
2020-06-23 Sebastian Andrzej... TEST: Pass -no-CAstore in 80-test_ocsp.t
2020-06-23 Sebastian Andrzej... APPS: Properly pass -no-CAstore
2020-06-23 Sebastian Andrzej... APPS: Fix invoking openssl without a command
2020-06-23 Pauliserialization: break the provider locating code to...
2020-06-23 Richard LevitteDOCS: Add documentation for EVP_PKEY_CTX_set_rsa_pss_ke...
2020-06-23 Tristan BauerFix wrong return value check of mmap function
2020-06-22 Richard LevitteMissing documentation missing, let's note that down
2020-06-22 Richard Levitteutil/find-doc-nits: Modernise printem()
2020-06-22 Richard Levitteutil/find-doc-nits: Do not read "missing" files when...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... test/ Document new VFO and VFP modes in...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... test/ Improve indentation parsing workarou...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... test/ Improve newline output for VFO and...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... Speed-up for tests in 81-test_cmp_cli_data/test_connect...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... Disable tests in cmp_vfy_test.c that make no sense...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... 81-test_cmp_cli.t: Disable CLI-based tests in case...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... 81-test_cmp_cli.t: Do connections to (e.g...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... Fix CMP -days option range checking and test failing...
2020-06-22 Dr. David von... Add documentation of OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_dup()
2020-06-22 Patrick SteuerPrint CPUINFO also for s390 processors
2020-06-21 Billy Brumley[doc/man3] finish EC_GROUP_get_field_type documentation
2020-06-21 Nicola TuveriFlag RSA secret BNs as consttime on keygen and checks
2020-06-21 FdaSilvaYYFix one typo in a comment.
2020-06-21 FdaSilvaYYFix `no-ts` builds.
2020-06-21 Paulinamemap: change ossl_namemap_empty() to do what the...
2020-06-20 Benjamin KadukAllow oversized buffers for provider cipher IV fetch
2020-06-20 Benjamin KadukSet cipher IV as octet string and pointer from providers
2020-06-20 Richard LevitteBuild: Remove faulty DES assembler spec
2020-06-20 Paulidoc: Document OSSL_PARAM_modified and OSSL_PARAM_set_al...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellReturn the cookie_len value from generate_cookie_callback
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellFix the DTLS1_COOKIE_LENGTH value
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd evp_extra_test2 to .gitignore
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd a test for d2i_AutoPrivateKey_ex with a non-default...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellEnsure creating an EC public key uses the libctx
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd more complete support for libctx/propq in the EC...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellCreate defines for TLS Group Ids
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellDon't send supported groups if no-ec and we're doing...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellProvider a better error message if we fail to copy...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake sure we save the copy function when registering...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellWrite a test provider to test the TLS-GROUPS capability
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellUpdate the various SSL group getting and setting functions
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd some missing OSSL_PKEY_PARAM_GROUP_NAME documentation
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd documentation about Capabilities
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_group_name work for ECX too
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_group_name work for DH too
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellMake EVP_PKEY_CTX_[get|set]_ec_paramgen_curve_name...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellModify libssl to discover supported groups based on...
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd the OSSL_PROVIDER_get_capabilities() API function
2020-06-19 Matt CaswellAdd the concept of "Capabilities" to the default and...
2020-06-19 Benny BaumannAdd missing section on asymmetric ciphers
2020-06-19 haykam821Remove whitespace from 'white space'
2020-06-18 Matthias KraftConfigure DEPs for FIPS provider on AIX.
2020-06-18 Sebastian Andrzej... DOC: Spelling fixes
2020-06-17 Shane LontisFix segfault in openssl app called with no args.
2020-06-17 Paulicoverity 1464213: API usage errors (PRINTF_ARGS)
2020-06-17 Paulicoverity 1464212, 1464214 & 1464215: Resource leaks
2020-06-17 Shane LontisAdd ACVP fips module tests