2016-03-16 Matt CaswellSome platforms provide getcontext() but it does not...
2016-03-16 Richard LevitteWhen building DLLs, hack the library name in the .def...
2016-03-16 Richard LevitteDLL object files should not be built with /Zl"
2016-03-16 Richard LevitteAppveyor - make sure to actually build "shared" in...
2016-03-16 Emilia KasperFix up CHANGES
2016-03-16 Matt CaswellWe should use $SRCDIR in Makefiles
2016-03-16 Matt CaswellDisable AFALG when cross-compiling
2016-03-15 Matt CaswellFix a TLSProxy race condition
2016-03-15 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/asm/ make it work with...
2016-03-15 Emilia KasperOn Windows, page walking is known as __chkstk.
2016-03-15 Emilia KasperExplain *cough*-dows
2016-03-15 Richard LevitteMake the perl dependency post-processor into just one...
2016-03-15 Richard LevitteNot all shells understand !
2016-03-15 fbrodaGeneral verify options to openssl ts
2016-03-15 Emilia KasperFix CRYPTO_THREAD_run_once return value checks
2016-03-15 Richard LevitteCygwin configs were missing thread_scheme settings...
2016-03-15 Richard LevitteSmall typo
2016-03-15 Richard Levittestatic-engine is no longer an internal keyword, remove...
2016-03-15 Andy PolyakovClarify NOTES.WIN.
2016-03-14 Dr. Stephen... Update and clarify ECDSA documentation.
2016-03-14 Emilia KasperDisable afalg when engine is disabled.
2016-03-14 Richard LevitteFix typo in manual, missing ending '>'
2016-03-14 Emilia KasperTravis: build tests in BUILDONLY mode
2016-03-14 Andy Polyakovconfig: fix HP-UX PA-RISC detection.
2016-03-14 Andy Polyakovs390x assembly pack: 32-bit fixups.
2016-03-14 Andy Itanium fixups.
2016-03-14 Andy Polyakovengines/ some [older] shell complain about...
2016-03-14 Matt CaswellFix the init cleanup order
2016-03-14 Matt CaswellAdd some missing cleanup calls to de-init
2016-03-14 Richard LevitteFix freeze in config's interrupt trap with some shells
2016-03-14 Richard LevitteEnforce the demand for Perl 5.10.0 as a minimum.
2016-03-14 Richard LevitteFix a few Configure errors
2016-03-14 Dr. Stephen... Document X509_get_serialNumber and X509_set_serialNumber.
2016-03-13 Dr. Stephen... Add EVP_PKEY documentation.
2016-03-13 Richard LevitteChange an function macro for ERR match the function...
2016-03-13 Richard LevitteComplete incomplete makefile variable referenses
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteCollect the names of generated files and clean them...
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteAdd $(LIB_CFLAGS) for any generator that...
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteUse single quotes rather than double quotes when needed
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteHarmonize Unix Makefile template with Windows dito
2016-03-12 Emilia KasperFix memory leak in library deinit
2016-03-12 Rich SalzAdd doc on when to use SCT callback.
2016-03-12 Emilia KasperWorkaround for false -Warray-bounds in Travis
2016-03-12 Emilia KasperFix no-comp build
2016-03-12 Rich SalzFix build break; add function declaration
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteWhen creating directory specs, use srctop_dir rather...
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteAvoid sed for dependency post-processing
2016-03-12 Richard LevitteBecause bn_expand2 is declared non-static, it must...
2016-03-11 Matt CaswellRemove some dead code from 1999
2016-03-11 Matt CaswellDon't clobber the last error
2016-03-11 Matremoved extra define
2016-03-11 MatFix no-blake2 for Windows classic build
2016-03-11 Dr. Stephen... make update
2016-03-11 Dr. Stephen... Make X509_SIG opaque.
2016-03-11 Richard LevitteSome sed implementations are not greedy enough, use...
2016-03-11 Rich SalzMake update to catch function renames.
2016-03-11 Kurt RoeckxUse unsigned int instead of just unsigned.
2016-03-11 Kurt RoeckxSave leaf_node and node_offset as character array
2016-03-11 Kurt RoeckxReview comments
2016-03-11 Bill CoxAdd blake2 support.
2016-03-11 Dr. Stephen... move DSA_SIG definition into C source file
2016-03-11 Andy Polyakovcrypto/*/ make it work on ARM platforms.
2016-03-11 Andy Polyakovcrypto/*/ SPARC-specific fixups.
2016-03-11 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/unix-Makefile.tmpl: don't leave empty...
2016-03-11 Andy PolyakovConfigure: remove dependency on 'head'.
2016-03-11 Rob Percivalconstify CT_POLICY_EVAL_CTX getters
2016-03-11 Rob PercivalSurround ctx_set_ctlog_list_file() with #ifndef OPENSSL...
2016-03-11 Matt CaswellSuppress CT warnings in test_ssl
2016-03-11 Richard LevitteAvoid getting unresolved referense to bn_expand2 in...
2016-03-11 Matt CaswellCall CONF_modules_free() before ENGINE_cleanup() in...
2016-03-11 MatFix no-rmd160 classic Windows build
2016-03-11 Richard LevitteDon't build dynamic engines unless configured "shared"
2016-03-11 Richard LevitteHarmonise the two methods to generate dependency files
2016-03-11 Matt CaswellMore tweaks to the installation instructions
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteFix some assembler generating scripts for better unific...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteAdd include directory options for assembler files that...
2016-03-10 Rob Percivalcheck reviewer --reviewer=emilia
2016-03-10 Rob Percivalcheck reviewer --reviewer=emilia
2016-03-10 Rob Percivalcheck reviewer --reviewer=emilia
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteAdd include directory options for assembler files that...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteIn the recipe using "makedepend", make sure the object...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteConfigure - don't trust $1 to stick around, save its...
2016-03-10 Matt CaswellFix a memory leak in the afalg engine
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteHarmonize the option processing in 'config' and 'config...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteAdd cleaning targets to Configurations/windows-makefile...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteThe typedef ECPARAMETERS is already defined, don't...
2016-03-10 David WoodhouseAllow OPENSSL_NO_SOCK in e_os.h even for non-Windows...
2016-03-10 Matt CaswellRemove a missed item from the old thread API
2016-03-10 Matt CaswellMark SRP_VBASE_get_by_user() as deprecated
2016-03-10 Matt CaswellNo need to call EVP_CIPHER_CTX_init after EVP_CIPHER_CT...
2016-03-10 Richard LevittePass down inclusion directories to source file generators
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteTravis - add missing semi-colon
2016-03-10 Todd ShortUpdate .gitignore to ignore all cscope files
2016-03-10 Viktor Szakatsremove ms/.rnd and add it to .gitignore
2016-03-10 Rich SalzRT3676 add: Export ASN.1 DHparams
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteTravis - don't use ccache with cross compiles
2016-03-10 Benjamin KadukAvoid negative array index in BIO_debug_callback()
2016-03-10 Benjamin KadukCT: check some GeneralizedTime return values
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteWhen configured "shared", don't build static libraries...
2016-03-10 Richard LevitteMake util/ recognise no-weak-ssl-ciphers