2000-09-13 Richard Levitte3 changes:
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerThe other log message should have read "Note the DSA...
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerMore Windows failures reported
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerNot the DSA change.
2000-09-13 Ulf MöllerDon't set the two top bits to one when generating a...
2000-09-13 Dr. Stephen... Clarify some of the I/O issues.
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteA few more systems reported successfull.
2000-09-12 Bodo MöllerNew SSL API mode 'SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY', which disables...
2000-09-12 Ulf Möllerbug: RAND_poll().
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteHolger Reif reports a few more Solaris successes.
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteNote the failure on Win32
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteFreeBSD and solaris with gcc passed
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteBetter error checking for RSA and DSA signature and...
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteLinux in Sparc v7 passed
2000-09-12 Richard LevitteSCO 5.0.5 with both gcc and cc passed
2000-09-12 Dr. Stephen... More BIO docs.
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteDSA_verify() and DSA_sign() might return -1...
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteA couple more HP-UX targets tested.
2000-09-11 Richard Levittedebug-linux-elf and debug-linux-elf-efence need to...
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteFailure on Solaris when using the CSwift card.
2000-09-11 Richard still needed better logic. Also, the semantic...
2000-09-11 Ben LaurieDocument an old change.
2000-09-11 Richard has erroneous conditions to check if a symbol...
2000-09-11 Richard Levittelinux-elf passed
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteOpenBSD doesn't support timeb.
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteDon't include e_os.h before the system headers
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteReports for OpenBSD 2.7 and HP-UX 10.20
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteLast minute update, in time to make it to 0.9.6-beta1
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteTime to release a beta. Change the status accordingly.
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteTime to release a beta. Change the version numbers...
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteI started with a make update, but a rewrite was actuall...
2000-09-11 Richard LevitteA cast is needed or Borland C will complain.
2000-09-11 Dr. Stephen... Docs for cipher and base64 BIOs.
2000-09-10 Dr. Stephen... More new BIO docs, correct some old ones.
2000-09-10 Richard LevitteMarin Kraemer <Martin.Kraemer@MchP.Siemens.De> sent...
2000-09-10 Dr. Stephen... More preliminary BIO docs...
2000-09-09 Richard LevitteMore VMS synchronisation
2000-09-09 Ulf MöllerFix some CygWin problems.
2000-09-09 Dr. Stephen... Really add BIO_read this time...
2000-09-09 Dr. Stephen... Add BIO_read() (etc.) docs.
2000-09-08 Richard LevitteClarify how one should behave when make fails. The...
2000-09-08 Richard LevitteSynchronise the VMS build with the Unix one.
2000-09-08 Richard LevitteTwo places where I forgot to change vms_idhacks to...
2000-09-08 Dr. Stephen... Update verify docs.
2000-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Two new PKCS#12 demo programs.
2000-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Ugh, BIO_find_type() cannot be passed a NULL.
2000-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Add docs for BIO_find_type() and friends.
2000-09-07 Richard Levitte'make update'
2000-09-07 Richard Levitte*.num rewitten to include the extra information.
2000-09-07 Richard LevitteMajor hack of There should be no more need...
2000-09-07 Richard LevitteIt's not just VMS that needs some symbols to be hacked...
2000-09-07 Richard LevitteAnother thing I'm working on.
2000-09-07 Bodo Möllerclarification (source/sink BIOs are usually *both*...
2000-09-07 Richard LevitteChange the printing mahine used by BIO_printf() and...
2000-09-07 Dr. Stephen... Some BIO docs, incomplete, more to follow.
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerUse name ...-whatever-solaris2 instead of ...-sun-solaris2
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerGet rid of ASN1_UTCTIME_get, which cannot work with...
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerSee RSA Security's press release at
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerAnother superfluous pair of parentheses.
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerAnother round of indentation changes: Position braces...
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerMore indentation consistency: for (), while (), if...
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerFix X509_STORE_CTX_init. Make indentation more consist...
2000-09-06 Bodo Möller'make update'
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerChanges for QNX: there is no thread support, and the...
2000-09-06 Bodo Möllertypo
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerAdd OAEP. Seed the PRNG.
2000-09-06 Bodo Möllerupdate
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerAdd rsautl.
2000-09-06 Bodo MöllerClarification for SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN
2000-09-05 Dr. Stephen... Fix typo in rsautl.
2000-09-05 Ben LaurieIgnore executable.
2000-09-05 Ben LaurieHandle WANT_READ more correctly (thanks to Bodo).
2000-09-05 Dr. Stephen... *BIG* verify code reorganisation.
2000-09-05 Ben LaurieDistinguish between assertions and conditions that...
2000-09-05 Dr. Stephen... Keep a not of original encoding in certificate requests.
2000-09-05 Bodo MöllerMention fix in bio_lib.c.
2000-09-05 Bodo MöllerIncrease print buffer (10K instead of just 2K).
2000-09-05 Bodo MöllerIgnore
2000-09-05 Bodo MöllerRemove silly test for b->references at the end of BIO_w...
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerConsistency
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerUse consistent indentation,
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerAvoid abort() throughout the library, except when prepr...
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerFix for BN_mul_word(a, 0).
2000-09-04 Bodo Möller-Wall insists that main return an int.
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerInclude MD4 in documentation.
2000-09-04 Bodo MöllerTell CVS to ignore 'lib'.
2000-09-03 Dr. Stephen... Add 'rsautl' low level RSA utility.
2000-09-01 Bodo MöllerUndo change from 1.7 to 1.8:
2000-09-01 Bodo MöllerUse C syntax, not FORTRAN or whatever that was :-)
2000-09-01 Bodo MöllerQNX 4 support.
2000-09-01 Bodo Möller-N option to diff is not essential, and mentioning...
2000-08-30 Ben LaurieAdd demo state machine.
2000-08-30 Dr. Stephen... Fix typo in i2d_ASN1_ENUMERATED
2000-08-28 Ben LaurieDiagnose EOF on memory BIOs (or you just get mysterious...
2000-08-28 Ben LaurieUse the passed buffer in ERR_error_string!
2000-08-25 Dr. Stephen... Change PKCS#7 test data to take account of removal of
2000-08-24 Dr. Stephen... New option to to sign request using CA extensions.
2000-08-22 Dr. Stephen... Add support for 'other' PKCS#7 content types.
2000-08-22 Ben Lauriemax -> dmax in bn_check_top.
2000-08-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix ASN1_INTEGER_to_BN properly this time...