2006-03-13 Nils Larschfix error found by coverity: check if ctx is != NULL...
2006-03-11 Bodo Möllerclarification
2006-03-01 Dr. Stephen... Update from HEAD.
2006-03-01 Nils Larschforce C locale when using [a-z] in sed expressions
2006-02-28 Nils Larschfix "#ifndef HZ" statement
2006-02-25 Nils Larschfix Intel Mac configuration; patch supplied by JP Sziko...
2006-02-24 Nils Larschfix no-dh configure option; patch supplied by Peter...
2006-02-21 Dr. Stephen... Update from head.
2006-02-19 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2006-02-15 Nils Larschfix typos
2006-02-15 Dr. Stephen... Fix OBJ_obj2txt() for large OIDs.
2006-02-13 Nils Larschfix typo: pass pre-computed parameters to the underlyin...
2006-02-10 Richard LevitteBackport the following changes from HEAD:
2006-02-09 Dr. Stephen... Update from 0.9.7-stable.
2006-02-08 Nils Larschbackport recent changes from the cvs head
2006-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Update filenames in makefiles
2006-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2006-02-02 Nils Larschfix if statement: call conn_state() if the BIO is not...
2006-02-02 Ben LaurieConstification.
2006-01-31 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2006-01-30 Lutz JänickeTypo
2006-01-21 Dr. Stephen... file was added on branch OpenSSL_0_9_8...
2006-01-21 Dr. Stephen... file fipsld was added on branch OpenSSL_0_9_8-stable...
2006-01-21 Dr. Stephen... file fips_premain.c was added on branch OpenSSL_0_9_8...
2006-01-21 Dr. Stephen... file fips_canister.c was added on branch OpenSSL_0_9_8...
2006-01-19 Dr. Stephen... Fixes for BOOL handling: produce errors for invalid...
2006-01-15 Dr. Stephen... Fix for Win32 dynamic engine loading.
2006-01-15 Nils Larschmake "./configure no-ssl2" work again
2006-01-15 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2006-01-15 Dr. Stephen... Handle manifest files for VC++
2006-01-15 Nils Larschfix cipher list order
2006-01-13 Nils Larschfix comment
2006-01-13 Nils Larsch2 is a prime number ...
2006-01-11 Richard LevitteForgot to initialize CC6DISABLEWARNINGS properly...
2006-01-11 Richard LevitteTypo...
2006-01-09 Richard LevitteDisable the Mixed Linkage warning for some selected...
2006-01-09 Richard Levitte/usr/bin/perl util/ -recurse -write -rebuild
2006-01-08 Bodo MöllerAvoid contradictive error code assignments.
2006-01-08 Bodo MöllerDetect more errors.
2006-01-08 Bodo MöllerSome error code cleanups (SSL lib. used SSL_R_... codes...
2006-01-03 Dr. Stephen... Update from HEAD.
2006-01-03 Bodo MöllerMake sure that after the change from revision 1.256...
2006-01-02 Richard LevitteMissing files in the VMS installation
2006-01-02 Andy Polyakovutil/*.pl update from HEAD.
2006-01-01 Andy update from HEAD.
2005-12-30 Bodo MöllerRewrite timeout computation in a way that is less prone...
2005-12-28 Andy Polyakoveng_padlock.c update from HEAD.
2005-12-27 Andy PolyakovMinor eng_padlock.c update from HEAD.
2005-12-18 Andy PolyakovMissing CFLAG in couple of depend: targets [from HEAD].
2005-12-18 Andy PolyakovDJGPP-related e_os2.h update from HEAD.
2005-12-16 Andy Polyakovbio.h update from HEAD.
2005-12-16 Andy PolyakovFix typos in osf1 shared rules [from HEAD].
2005-12-13 Bodo Möllerupdate TLS-ECC code
2005-12-13 Bodo Mölleradd missing entry (the corresponding code *is* in the...
2005-12-13 Bodo Möllercomment
2005-12-06 Andy PolyakovPerlasm update from HEAD addressing build problems...
2005-12-06 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2005-12-05 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2005-12-05 Dr. Stephen... Various zlib related fixes and enhancements.
2005-12-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2005-12-03 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2005-12-03 Andy update [from HEAD].
2005-12-02 Dr. Stephen... Update ordinals.
2005-12-02 Dr. Stephen... Update from HEAD.
2005-12-02 Dr. Stephen... Update from HEAD.
2005-11-30 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2005-11-25 Ben LaurieFix memory leak.
2005-11-25 Ben LaurieImprove documentation.
2005-11-20 Dr. Stephen... Update from HEAD.
2005-11-15 Andy PolyakovKeep shutting up VC8 [from HEAD].
2005-11-15 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/asm/sparcv8plus.S update from HEAD.
2005-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix possible race condition.
2005-11-09 Andy Polyakovcrypto/Makefile update from HEAD.
2005-11-09 Andy PolyakovFAQ update from HEAD.
2005-11-09 Andy PolyakovAIX -blibpath is not accumulative, one apparently has...
2005-11-09 Andy PolyakovFAQ and ms/applink.c update from HEAD.
2005-11-07 Dr. Stephen... Document VC++ build changes.
2005-11-07 Dr. Stephen... Update from head.
2005-11-07 Dr. Stephen... Include a "test" target do (hopefully) do something...
2005-11-07 Dr. Stephen... Fix "install" target for Win32 to install most utilitie...
2005-11-06 Dr. Stephen... "copy" perl script to avoid problems with Win32 builtin...
2005-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Update VC++ build engine to include supported engine...
2005-11-02 Nils Larschfix typo, pointed out by Patrick Guio
2005-11-02 Nils Larschcompile sstrsep only if HAVE_FORK is defined; patch...
2005-11-01 Richard LevitteDocument it
2005-11-01 Richard LevitteFix numerous bugs in the Win32 path splitter
2005-11-01 Richard LevitteA slight change in documentation that makes it so much...
2005-10-29 Dr. Stephen... Fix from HEAD.
2005-10-28 Andy PolyakovAdd -install_name to link_a.darwin rule [from HEAD].
2005-10-26 Bodo Möllerharmonize with 0.9.7-stable CHANGES
2005-10-25 Andy PolyakovFix typos in macos x targets [from HEAD].
2005-10-25 Andy PolyakovFix install problems on MacOS X and HP-UX.
2005-10-19 Andy PolyakovAdd rudimentary aix64-gcc target [from HEAD].
2005-10-19 Andy Polyakovutil/pl/ sync [from HEAD].
2005-10-19 Mark J. CoxOne time CAN->CVE change
2005-10-15 Richard LevitteAdd in CHANGES for 0.9.7i.
2005-10-13 Andy PolyakovBroaden compatibility amount Win32 headers even further...
2005-10-11 Richard LevitteThe version text wasn't bumoed after tagging...
2005-10-11 Mark J. CoxBump after tag
2005-10-11 Mark J. CoxAdd fixes for CAN-2005-2969 OpenSSL_0_9_8a