2020-06-04 Paulifips: add additional algorithms to the FIPS provider.
2020-06-04 Jaimee BrownMinor doc fix for EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_from_pkey
2020-06-04 Kurt RoeckxAdd github sponsor button
2020-06-04 Nicola Tuveri[crypto/ec] Remove unreachable AVX2 code in NISTZ256...
2020-06-04 Otto HollmannAdd cipher list ciphersuites which using encryption...
2020-06-04 Richard LevitteCORE: make sure activated fallback providers stay activated
2020-06-04 Richard LevitteTEST: Add provider_fallback_test, to test aspects of...
2020-06-04 Aaron ThompsonFix missed fields in EVP_PKEY_meth_copy.
2020-06-04 Matt CaswellPrepare for 3.0 alpha 4
2020-06-04 Matt CaswellPrepare for release of 3.0 alpha 3 openssl-3.0.0-alpha3
2020-06-04 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2020-06-03 Pauliossl_shim: const cast the param arguments to avoid...
2020-06-03 Bernd EdlingerFix a buffer overflow in drbg_ctr_generate
2020-06-03 Rich SalzUpdate manpage to fix examples, other minor tweaks
2020-06-03 Rich SalzCleanup cert config files for tests
2020-06-03 Pauliossl_shim: include core_names.h to resolve undeclared...
2020-06-02 Richard LevitteTEST: Test i2d_PKCS8PrivateKey_bio() and PEM_write_bio_...
2020-06-02 Richard LevittePEM: Make PKCS8 serializers aware of OSSL_SERIALIZERs
2020-06-02 Jack O'Connorfix a docs typo
2020-06-02 Bernd EdlingerPrevent extended tests run unexpectedly in appveyor
2020-06-02 Billy BrumleyMove EC_METHOD to internal-only
2020-06-02 Richard LevitteAPPS: Remove make_config_name, use CONF_get1_default_co...
2020-06-01 Bernd EdlingerRemove getenv(OPENSSL_FIPS) in openssl command
2020-06-01 Bernd EdlingerRevert the check for NaN in %f format
2020-06-01 Tim Hudsonundeprecate SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations and X509_STOR...
2020-06-01 Dr. David von... Make BIO_do_connect() and friends handle multiple IP...
2020-06-01 Hubert Karioadd FFDH to speed command
2020-05-29 Bernd Edlingerbio printf: Avoid using rounding errors in range check
2020-05-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: add openssl-core_names.h(7)
2020-05-29 Richard LevitteDOCS: add openssl-core_numbers.h(7)
2020-05-28 Patrick SteuerEVP_EncryptInit.pod: fix example
2020-05-28 Benjamin KadukRSA: Do not set NULL OAEP labels
2020-05-28 Benjamin Kadukparams: do not ignore zero-length strings
2020-05-28 Benjamin Kaduktest HKDF with empty IKM
2020-05-28 Matt CaswellAdd a test for fetching EVP_PKEY style algs without...
2020-05-28 Matt CaswellFail if we fail to fetch the EVP_KEYMGMT
2020-05-28 Dmitry BelyavskiyUpdate gost-engine commit to match the API changes
2020-05-28 Richard Levitteutil/ Fix unbalanced quotes
2020-05-28 Shane LontisFix errtest for older compilers
2020-05-28 Pauliossl_shim: use the correct ticket key call back.
2020-05-27 Paulifips: add AES OFB mode ciphers to FIPS provider.
2020-05-27 Paulifips: add AES CFB mode ciphers to FIPS provider.
2020-05-27 Bernd EdlingerAvoid undefined behavior with unaligned accesses
2020-05-27 Dr. David von... Rename EVP_PKEY_cmp() to EVP_PKEY_eq() and EVP_PKEY_cmp...
2020-05-27 FdaSilvaYYcrypto/cms: add CAdES-BES signed attributes validation
2020-05-27 Richard LevittePROV: Use rsa_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP_mgf1_with_libctx...
2020-05-26 Dr. Matthias... doc: fix trace category names
2020-05-26 Rich SalzClean up some doc nits
2020-05-26 Dr. David von... Fix X509_PUBKEY_cmp(), move to crypto/x509/x_pubkey...
2020-05-26 Dr. David von... Constify X509_PUBKEY_get(), X509_PUBKEY_get0(), and...
2020-05-26 Richard LevittePROV: Fix RSA-OAEP memory leak
2020-05-26 Shane LontisUpdate core_names.h fields and document most fields.
2020-05-26 Shane LontisFix ERR_print_errors so that it matches the documented...
2020-05-25 Pauliossl_shim: add deprecation guards around the -use-ticke...
2020-05-25 PauliCoverity 1463830: Resource leaks (RESOURCE_LEAK)
2020-05-25 Dmitry BelyavskiyUpdate the gost-engine submodule
2020-05-25 Richard LevitteFix omissions in providers/common/der/
2020-05-25 Tomas MrazDrop special case of time interval calculation for VMS
2020-05-25 Tomas MrazRevert "Guard use of struct tms with #ifdef __TMS"
2020-05-25 Rich SalzFix auto-gen names in .gitignore
2020-05-25 Marcs_client: Fix -proxy flag regression
2020-05-24 Nicola TuveriFix coverity issues in EC after #11807
2020-05-24 Dr. David von... Move decl of OSSL_CRMF_CERTID_dup from {crmf,cmp}_local...
2020-05-23 Richard LevitteRe-introduce legacy EVP_PKEY types for provided keys
2020-05-23 Dmitry BelyavskiyGOST external tests
2020-05-23 Bernd EdlingerFix the parameter types of the CRYPTO_EX_dup function...
2020-05-22 Nicola TuveriAdjust length of some strncpy() calls
2020-05-22 Tomas MrazPrevent use after free of global_engine_lock
2020-05-22 PauliCoverity 1463571: Null pointer dereferences (FORWARD_NULL)
2020-05-22 PauliCoverity 1463574: Null pointer dereferences (REVERSE_INULL)
2020-05-22 PauliCoverity 1463576: Error handling issues (CHECKED_RETURN)
2020-05-22 PauliCoverity 1463258: Incorrect expression (EVALUATION_ORDER)
2020-05-21 mettacrawlerThere is no -signreq option in
2020-05-20 Richard LevitteSTORE: Make try_decode_PrivateKey() ENGINE aware
2020-05-20 Richard Levittersa_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP_mgf1_with_libctx(): fix...
2020-05-20 Richard LevitteRefactor the provider side DER constants and writers
2020-05-20 Billy Brumleydeprecate EC_POINT_make_affine and EC_POINTs_make_affine
2020-05-20 Tomas Mrazt1_trce: Fix remaining places where the 24 bit shift...
2020-05-20 Tomas MrazAvoid potential overflow to the sign bit when shifting...
2020-05-20 Tomas MrazCast the unsigned char to unsigned int before shifting...
2020-05-20 Bernd EdlingerFix egd and devrandom source configs
2020-05-20 Richard LevitteAdd OSSL_PROVIDER_do_all()
2020-05-19 raja-ashokUpdate early data exchange scenarios in doc
2020-05-19 raja-ashokUpdate limitation of psk_client_cb and psk_server_cb...
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyTest for the SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF option
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyIntroducing option SSL_OP_IGNORE_UNEXPECTED_EOF
2020-05-19 Rich SalzUse {module,install}-mac, not -checksum
2020-05-19 Rich SalzRevise fips_install.pod
2020-05-19 Rich SalzRevise x509v3_config.pod
2020-05-19 Rich SalzRevise fips_config.pod
2020-05-19 Norm GreenAdd missing pragma weak declaration to lhash.h
2020-05-19 Billy Brumleydeprecate EC precomputation functionality
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyNew Russian TLS 1.2 implementation
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyGOST-related objects changes
2020-05-19 Dmitry BelyavskiyConstants for new GOST TLS 1.2 ciphersuites
2020-05-19 Richard LevitteCORE: query for operations only once per provider ...
2020-05-19 MarcUse _get0_ functions instead of _get_.
2020-05-19 Marcs_client: Show cert algorithms & validity period
2020-05-18 Bernd EdlingerFix some places where X509_up_ref is used
2020-05-18 Maxim ZakharovTTY_get() in crypto/ui/ui_openssl.c open_console()...