2019-09-21 PauliNote that the mac command is preferrable to the MAC...
2019-09-21 Dr. Matthias... Configure: add missing dependency to fix parallel build...
2019-09-21 Kurt RoeckxUse the correct maximum indent
2019-09-20 Richard Levitteinclude/openssl/macros.h: Rework OPENSSL_FUNC for div...
2019-09-20 Richard LevitteRemove name string from PROV_CIPHER and PROV_DIGEST
2019-09-20 Richard LevitteRefactor SSKDF to create the MAC contexts early
2019-09-20 Richard LevitteRefactor TLS-PRF's kdf_tls1_prf_mkmacctx() to a provide...
2019-09-20 Shane LontisAdd aes_wrap cipher to providers
2019-09-20 Shane LontisFix missing bn_mul_mont symbol in solaris fips module
2019-09-20 Shane LontisMove gcm decryption tag check higher up in the callstack
2019-09-20 Rich SalzExit non-zero if find-doc-nits finds nits
2019-09-19 Rich SalzAvoid ?: construct in XXXerr calls
2019-09-19 Rich SalzAdd merge-err-lines script
2019-09-19 Rich SalzDeprecate XXXerr() macros
2019-09-19 Rich SalzAdd script convert XXerr to ERR_raise
2019-09-19 Richard LevitteModify providers that keep track of underlying algorithms
2019-09-19 Richard LevitteIn provider implemented methods, save the name number...
2019-09-19 Shane LontisFix Solaris compile errors in provider ciphers
2019-09-19 Jon SpillettAdd option grouping capability to apps
2019-09-19 Shane LontisAdd aes_ocb cipher to providers
2019-09-19 Shane LontisAdd sm4 ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Brian ChenUpdate fuzzing README for recent clang versions
2019-09-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2019-09-18 Patrick SteuerFix aes ofb, cfb and cfb8 for s390x
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd SEED ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Richard LevitteRefactor TLS1-PRF to create the MAC contexts early
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd cast5 ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 PauliChange PARAMETER NAMES links to PARAMETERS
2019-09-18 PauliUse PARAMETERS instead of PARAMETER NAMES for the headi...
2019-09-18 PauliFix links to functions.
2019-09-18 PauliCleanup KDF section 1 documentation.
2019-09-18 PauliClean up KDF documentation in section 7.
2019-09-18 Alistair FrancisAdd support for io_pgetevents_time64 syscall
2019-09-18 Shane LontisAdd IDEA ciphers to default provider
2019-09-18 Shane LontisFix Compiler error/warning for windows icl build
2019-09-18 Shane LontisFix Coverity CID:1453685 'unreachable code' in aes_xts...
2019-09-18 Richard Levittecrypto/bn/ Correct use of SSE2 definition
2019-09-17 Jon Spillettapps/pkcs12: print multiple PKCS#12 safeBag attribute...
2019-09-17 Shane LontisFix Solaris aes_hw_t4 compile issue
2019-09-16 Bernd EdlingerFix building statically without any dso support
2019-09-16 Richard LevitteUnify all assembler file generators
2019-09-16 Richard For all assembler generators, remove all...
2019-09-16 Richard LevitteBuild files: Unify standard arguments for assembler...
2019-09-16 ManishPatidar1clearing the ecx private key memory
2019-09-16 PauliAvoid mentioning ctrl_str in the MAC documentation.
2019-09-16 PauliUse "PARAMETERS" in the documentation headings.
2019-09-15 Shane LontisAdd blowfish ciphers to default provider
2019-09-15 Shane LontisAdd fips module integrity check
2019-09-15 Shane LontisFix compile error detected by Solaris build
2019-09-15 Shane LontisFix aesni_xts compile error
2019-09-15 Jan-Frederik... Fix small typo in doc for X509_STORE_CTX_new
2019-09-15 PauliFix examples in the section 7 KDF man pages.
2019-09-14 Andreas Kretschmerfix CRMF symmetric key handling
2019-09-14 PauliUse param types instead of native types in the param...
2019-09-14 PauliUse param types for parameter descriptions. Mention...
2019-09-14 PauliAdd wording to limit the 'size' parameter to no more...
2019-09-13 Shane LontisAdd aes_xts cipher to providers
2019-09-13 Shane LontisFix S390X bad size_t that causes memory trash in legacy...
2019-09-13 Rich SalzERR: Change get_error_values() to use an enum
2019-09-13 Bernd EdlingerFix potential memory leaks with BN_to_ASN1_INTEGER
2019-09-13 PauliDefine the MAC parameter types without using C type...
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteDocument the deprecation of ERR_STATE and ERR_get_state()
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteDeprecate ERR_get_state()
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteDeprecate the public definition of ERR_STATE
2019-09-12 Richard New template for
2019-09-12 Richard Levitteutil/, util/perl/OpenSSL/ move...
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteAdd a CHANGES entry for the recent ERR changes
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteDocument the deprecation of ERR_func_error_string()
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteModernise ERR_print_errors_cb()
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteModernise the ERR functionality further (new functions...
2019-09-12 Richard Levitteinclude/openssl/err.h: Depend on OPENSSL_NO_FILENAMES...
2019-09-12 Richard Levitteinclude/openssl/macros.h: Remove the PEDANTIC OPENSSL_F...
2019-09-12 Richard Levitteutil/ make it not depend on the function code
2019-09-12 Tomas MrazBIO_f_zlib: Properly handle BIO_CTRL_PENDING and BIO_CT...
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteTravis and Appveyor: use HARNESS_VERBOSE_FAILURE rather...
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteRework test/ to support selective verbosity...
2019-09-12 Richard Levitteutil/perl/OpenSSL/ Disable stdout/stderr redire...
2019-09-12 Richard Levittedoc/man3/OSSL_PARAM.pod: add details about multiple...
2019-09-12 Richard Levittedoc/man3/OSSL_PARAM.pod: remove a comment that isn...
2019-09-12 Richard Levittedoc/man3/OSSL_PARAM.pod: conform to man-page standards
2019-09-12 Richard Levittetest/evp_test.c: try fetching algorithms
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteUpdate the bundled external perl module Text-Template...
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteClarify the status of bundled external perl modules
2019-09-12 Richard LevitteRework the perl fallback functionality
2019-09-12 Matt CaswellAvoid passing NULL to memcpy
2019-09-12 Matt CaswellPass the correct ctx to provider KDF functions
2019-09-12 Matt CaswellFix no-engine
2019-09-12 Matt CaswellFix no-dsa
2019-09-12 Paul YangFix test error if scrypt is disabled
2019-09-11 Dr. Matthias... crypto/threads_win.c: fix preprocessor indentation
2019-09-11 Dr. Matthias... drbg: fix issue where DRBG_CTR fails if NO_DF is used...
2019-09-11 Dr. Matthias... drbg: add fork id to additional data on UNIX systems
2019-09-11 Dr. Matthias... drbg: ensure fork-safety without using a pthread_atfork...
2019-09-11 Shane LontisAdd EVP_CIPHER_CTX_tag_length()
2019-09-11 PauliUsages of KDFs converted to use the name macros
2019-09-11 PauliRegister KDF's using their name macros rather than...
2019-09-11 PauliMake FIPS provider use KDF name for PBKDF2
2019-09-11 PauliUpdate tests to (mostly) use KDF names
2019-09-11 PauliConvert SSL functions to use KDF names not SN_ strings
2019-09-11 PauliAdd macros for the KDF algorithm names.