2019-02-27 Richard LevitteDo buildtests on our public header files with C++ as...
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteOpenSSL::Util::Pod: allow slashes in names
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteReplumbing: Add include/openssl/core.h, initially with...
2019-02-27 Simo SorceImplement SSH KDF
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteMake the padlock engine build correctly
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteEnsure configured module specific and application speci...
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteAdd PADLOCK_ASM to dso_defines rather than lib_defines
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteThe use of the likes of UINT32_MAX requires internal...
2019-02-27 Paul YangFix the default digest algorthm of SM2
2019-02-27 Paul YangSupport raw input data in apps/pkeyutl
2019-02-26 Richard LevitteRevert "Configure: stop forcing use of DEFINE macros...
2019-02-26 Richard LevitteAdd BN_native2bn and BN_bn2nativepad, for native BIGNUM...
2019-02-26 Billy Brumley[test] modernize ecdsatest and extend ECDSA sign KATs
2019-02-26 Nicola TuveriFix trivial typo in EVP_DigestVerifyInit doc
2019-02-26 Matt CaswellClarify that SSL_shutdown() must not be called after...
2019-02-26 Richard LevitteDisable 02-test_errstr.t on msys/mingw as well as MSWin32
2019-02-25 Richard LevitteRearrange the inclusion of curve448/curve448_lcl.h
2019-02-25 Matt CaswellEnsure bn_cmp_words can handle the case where n == 0
2019-02-25 David von Oheimbfix x509 -force_pubkey option to take effect with cert...
2019-02-24 PauliCID 1442838: API usage errors
2019-02-24 PauliCID 1442835: Integer Overflow
2019-02-24 PauliCID 1442836: Resource leaks
2019-02-22 Richard LevitteWindows: Call TerminateProcess, not ExitProcess
2019-02-22 Matt CaswellDon't restrict the number of KeyUpdate messages we...
2019-02-22 Dr. Matthias... engines/dasync: add explaining comments about AES-128...
2019-02-22 Eneas U de... engines/e_devcrypto: set digest input_blocksize
2019-02-22 Eneas U de... engines/e_devcrypto: fixes logic in close_devcrypto
2019-02-22 Eneas U de... engines/e_devcrypto.c: fix cipher_ctrl function
2019-02-22 Eneas U de... engines/ fix devcrypto MODULES entry
2019-02-22 Paul YangFix a grammar nit in CRYPTO_get_ex_new_index.pod
2019-02-21 Kurt RoeckxMake sure that generated POD files are actually created...
2019-02-21 Kurt RoeckxIndent with 4
2019-02-21 Matt CaswellFix dasync engine
2019-02-21 Hubert KarioSSL_CONF_cmd: fix doc for NoRenegotiation
2019-02-20 Markus StockhausenMIPS32R3 provides the EXT instruction to extract bits...
2019-02-20 Shane Lontiscfi build fixes in x86-64 ghash assembly
2019-02-20 Nicola TuveriClear BN_FLG_CONSTTIME on BN_CTX_get()
2019-02-20 Nicola TuveriTest for constant-time flag leakage in BN_CTX
2019-02-20 Richard Levittetest/context_internal_test.c: don't initialize as a...
2019-02-19 Andy Polyakovsha/keccak1600.c: subscribe more platforms for "complem...
2019-02-19 Ionut MihalceaDon't set SNI by default if hostname is not dNS name
2019-02-19 Matthias KraftFix reference to symbol 'main'.
2019-02-19 Matt CaswellAdd a test for interleaving app data with handshake...
2019-02-19 Matt CaswellDon't interleave handshake and other record types in...
2019-02-19 Richard LevitteFixup internal documentation
2019-02-19 PauliFix a test ordering issue.
2019-02-18 Richard Levitteutil/find-docs-nits: Recognise SPARSE_ARRAY_OF
2019-02-18 Richard Levitteutil/find-docs-nits: Extend to handle internal document...
2019-02-18 Corinna Vinschencygwin: drop explicit O_TEXT
2019-02-18 Richard LevitteConform to proper NAME section format
2019-02-18 Richard LevitteProperty: naming and manual clarifiations
2019-02-18 Matt CaswellDon't leak EVP_KDF_CTX on error
2019-02-18 Pauligenerated files
2019-02-18 PauliProperties for implementation selection.
2019-02-17 Vedran MiletićAdd missing dots in dgst man page
2019-02-17 Jan MackuFixed typo
2019-02-17 David BenjaminCheck for unpaired .cfi_remember_state
2019-02-17 David BenjaminFix some CFI issues in x86_64 assembly
2019-02-17 Billy Brumley[test] unit test for field_inv function pointer in...
2019-02-17 Billy BrumleySCA hardening for mod. field inversion in EC_GROUP
2019-02-16 Andy PolyakovARM64 assembly pack: make it Windows-friendly.
2019-02-16 Andy PolyakovARM assembly pack: make it Windows-friendly.
2019-02-16 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: fix formal interface bug in chacha...
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteAdd an OpenSSL library context
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteAdd CRYPTO_alloc_ex_data()
2019-02-15 David AsrafAdd EC_GROUP_get0_field
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteMark generated functions unused (applies to safestack...
2019-02-15 Todd ShortAdd option to disable Extended Master Secret
2019-02-15 Matt CaswellUse order not degree to calculate a buffer size in...
2019-02-15 Matt CaswellFix no-stdio
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteConfigure: make --strict-warnings a regular user provid...
2019-02-14 Matt CaswellFix -verify_return_error in s_client
2019-02-14 Matt CaswellDon't signal SSL_CB_HANDSHAKE_START for TLSv1.3 post...
2019-02-14 Sam RobertsIgnore cipher suites when setting cipher list
2019-02-14 Richard LevitteConfigure: stop forcing use of DEFINE macros in headers
2019-02-13 PauliSparse array iterators include index position.
2019-02-13 Michael HaubenwallnerWindows/Cygwin dlls need the executable bit set
2019-02-13 Richard Levittetest/ add missing ../apps/include
2019-02-13 David MakepeaceAdded new EVP/KDF API.
2019-02-13 PauliSparse array limit testing: reduce the range limit...
2019-02-13 Daniel DeFreezFix null pointer dereference in cms_RecipientInfo_kari_init
2019-02-13 Richard LevitteMove libapps headers into their own directory
2019-02-13 PauliFix master build.
2019-02-13 PauliMacro typo fix not propagated
2019-02-12 PauliFix typo in comment
2019-02-12 Richard LevitteTo use BN_BITS2, we'd better include openssl/bn.h
2019-02-12 Eneas U de... eng_devcrypto.c: close open session on init
2019-02-12 Eneas U de... CHANGES: add note about building devcrypto dynamic
2019-02-12 Eneas U de... e_devcrypto: make the /dev/crypto engine dynamic
2019-02-12 Andy PolyakovAArch64 assembly pack: authenticate return addresses.
2019-02-12 PauliAdd sparse array data type.
2019-02-11 Richard LevitteRework build: small correction in unix-Makefile.tmpl
2019-02-11 Richard LevitteRework build: add special cases for AIX
2019-02-11 Richard Levitteapps/ocsp.c Use the same HAVE_FORK / NO_FORK as in...
2019-02-11 Richard Levittetest/recipes/02-err_errstr: skip errors that may not...
2019-02-11 Richard LevitteBuild: correct BASE shlib_version_as_filename
2019-02-11 Richard LevitteENGINE modules aren't special, so call them MODULES
2019-02-11 Shane LontisUpdated test command line parsing to support commmon...
2019-02-11 Tomas MrazAllow the syntax of the .include directive to optionall...
2019-02-11 PauliFix comment typo