2014-04-07 Dr. Stephen... Add heartbeat extension bounds check.
2014-04-07 Dr. Stephen... Document -verify_return_error option.
2014-04-06 Andy Polyakovcrypto/modes/gcm128.c: more strict aliasing fixes.
2014-04-06 Andy fix typo, which for some reason trigge...
2014-04-05 Dr. Stephen... Set TLS padding extension value.
2014-04-04 Dr. Stephen... Update FAQ.
2014-04-04 Dr. Stephen... Use correct length when prompting for password.
2014-04-03 Dr. Stephen... Document new crl option.
2014-04-03 Tim HudsonAdd option to generate old hash format.
2014-04-02 Eric YoungFix base64 decoding bug.
2014-03-12 Dr. Stephen... update NEWS
2014-03-12 Dr. Stephen... Update ordinals.
2014-03-12 Dr. Stephen... Fix for CVE-2014-0076
2014-03-10 Dr. Stephen... typo
2014-03-07 Dr. Stephen... Remove -WX option from debug-VC-WIN32
2014-03-07 Andy Polyakovengines/ccgost/gosthash.c: simplify and avoid SEGV.
2014-02-27 Andy mask touch's exit code
2014-02-26 Dr. Stephen... Fix for WIN32 builds with KRB5
2014-02-25 Andy Polyakovssl/t1_enc.c: check EVP_MD_CTX_copy return value.
2014-02-25 Dr. Stephen... update NEWS
2014-02-25 Dr. Stephen... Avoid Windows 8 Getversion deprecated errors.
2014-02-24 Andy Polyakovms/do_win64a.bat: forward to NUL, not NUL:.
2014-02-24 Andy pre-1.0.2-specific refresh for Borland C.
2014-02-24 Andy refresh Borland C support.
2014-02-24 Andy Polyakovx509/by_dir.c: fix run-away pointer (and potential...
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen... Add /fixed flag for FIPS links where appropriate.
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen... Remove duplicate statement.
2014-02-14 Kurt RoeckxUse defaults bits in req when not given
2014-02-14 Kurt RoeckxFix additional pod errors with numbered items.
2014-02-14 Scott SchaeferFix various spelling errors
2014-02-14 Scott SchaeferDocument pkcs12 -password behavior
2014-02-14 Dr. Stephen... Backport TLS padding extension from master.
2014-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Backport TLS padding extension from master.
2014-02-03 Dr. Stephen... Add quotes as CC can contain spaces.
2014-01-29 Dr. Stephen... Clarify docs.
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen... typo
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen... Fix demo comment: 0.9.9 never released.
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen... Check i before r[i].
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen... Add loaded dynamic ENGINEs to list.
2014-01-23 Dr. Stephen... Use default digest implementation in dgst.c
2014-01-16 Kaspar BrandOmit initial status request callback check.
2014-01-11 Zoltan ArpadffyVMS fixes
2014-01-09 Dr. Stephen... Fix bug in X509_V_FLAG_IGNORE_CRITICAL CRL handling.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Update NEWS.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Update NEWS.
2014-01-08 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... Update NEWS: removal of time in handshakes.
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... Prepare for 1.0.1g-dev
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... Prepare for 1.0.1f release OpenSSL_1_0_1f
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... Fix for TLS record tampering bug CVE-2013-4353
2014-01-06 Dr. Stephen... make update
2014-01-04 Dr. Stephen... Restore SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING
2014-01-02 Dr. Stephen... update NEWS
2014-01-02 Dr. Stephen... Don't change version number if session established
2013-12-22 Dr. Stephen... Don't use rdrand engine as default unless explicitly...
2013-12-20 Dr. Stephen... Fix DTLS retransmission from previous session.
2013-12-20 Dr. Stephen... Ignore NULL parameter in EVP_MD_CTX_destroy.
2013-12-19 Dr. Stephen... Use version in SSL_METHOD not SSL structure.
2013-12-18 Andy Polyakovsha512.c: fullfull implicit API contract in SHA512_Tran...
2013-12-18 Dr. Stephen... Check EVP errors for handshake digests.
2013-12-10 Dr. Stephen... Get FIPS checking logic right.
2013-12-10 Dr. Stephen... remove obsolete STATUS file
2013-12-09 Dr. Stephen... Add release dates to NEWS
2013-12-08 Dr. Stephen... make update
2013-12-08 Dr. Stephen... Avoid multiple locks in FIPS mode.
2013-12-03 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ comply with Win64 ABI.
2013-11-27 Dr. Stephen... Simplify and update openssl.spec
2013-11-12 Andy Polyakovsrp/srp_grps.h: make it Compaq C-friendly.
2013-11-12 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ update from HEAD.
2013-11-12 Andy PolyakovMake Makefiles OSF-make-friendly.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Fix memory leak.
2013-11-11 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2013-11-10 Andy make FIPS build work with BSD make.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Check for missing components in RSA_check.
2013-11-09 Dr. Stephen... Document RSAPublicKey_{in,out} options.
2013-11-08 Andy Polyakovengines/ccgost/gost89.h: make word32 defintion uncondit...
2013-11-08 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ make it work with older assem...
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Enable PSK in FIPS mode.
2013-11-06 Dr. Stephen... Initialise context before using it.
2013-11-03 Ben LauriePBKDF2 should be efficient. Contributed by Christian...
2013-11-01 Robin SeggelmannDTLS/SCTP Finished Auth Bug
2013-11-01 Robin SeggelmannDTLS/SCTP struct authchunks Bug
2013-10-20 Nick MathewsonFix another gmt_unix_time case in server_random
2013-10-20 Dr. Stephen... Don't use RSA+MD5 with TLS 1.2
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieMore cleanup.
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieCleanup.
2013-10-19 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'no_gmt_unix_time' of git://
2013-10-13 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembly pack: get rid of deprecated instructions.
2013-10-12 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ update from master.
2013-10-09 Nick MathewsonControl sending time with SSL_SEND_{CLIENT,SERVER}RANDO...
2013-10-09 Nick MathewsonRefactor {client,server}_random to call an intermediate...
2013-10-03 Andy Polyakovevp/e_des3.c: fix typo with potential integer overflow...
2013-10-01 Ben LaurieConstification.
2013-09-30 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2013-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Disable Dual EC DRBG.
2013-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2013-09-16 Nick MathewsonDo not include a timestamp in the ServerHello Random...
2013-09-16 Nick MathewsonDo not include a timestamp in the ClientHello Random...
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingUpdate CHANGES.
2013-09-16 Rob StradlingTidy up comments.