2016-02-28 Dr. Stephen... Rename OIDs.
2016-02-28 FdaSilvaYYGH715: Missed some null-check-removals. follow commits...
2016-02-28 Rich SalzFix mk1mf build
2016-02-28 Rich SalzGH715: Missed some null-check-removals.
2016-02-28 Jeffrey WaltonRT4351: Update doc for OPENSSL_cleanse
2016-02-28 Richard LevitteVMS - don't exit out of a MMS recipe
2016-02-28 Richard LevitteMake generation of dependency files more efficient...
2016-02-27 Jeffrey WaltonRT4354: Add some cross-refs
2016-02-27 J Mohan Rao... using macro inside the case.
2016-02-27 J Mohan Rao... fix build with no-srtp
2016-02-27 Richard Levittect_test.c doesn't need to include from source top,...
2016-02-27 Richard LevitteRemove last remains of old config strings
2016-02-27 Andy Polyakovmodes/asm/ refine GNU assembler version...
2016-02-27 Andy Polyakovchacha/asm/chacha-*.pl: fix typos in tail processing.
2016-02-27 Dr. Stephen... Reformat and update EC_KEY_new manual page.
2016-02-27 Rich SalzRT2275: use BIO_sock_nbio()
2016-02-27 Rich SalzRemove some old files.
2016-02-27 Richard LevitteKeep a cache of files that already have a recipe, in...
2016-02-27 Ben LaurieFreeBSD, at least, can restrict symbols in a shared...
2016-02-27 Ben Laurietestutil.c includes e_os.h.
2016-02-27 FdaSilvaYYGH753: More spelling fix
2016-02-27 Richard LevitteApply default after having checked the given config...
2016-02-27 Kurt RoeckxDrop support for printing SSLv2 ciphers names.
2016-02-27 Dr. Stephen... Update and clarify EC_POINT documentation.
2016-02-26 Matt CaswellRemove Ubsec engine
2016-02-26 Rob PercivalMoves SCT struct typedef into ossl_typ.h
2016-02-26 Rob PercivalFix for potential deferencing of null pointer in o2i_SC...
2016-02-26 Rob PercivalPublic API for Certificate Transparency
2016-02-26 Rob PercivalGH752 ct_test uses testutil, so include that
2016-02-26 Rich SalzRevert "EC_KEY_priv2buf (): check parameter sanity"
2016-02-26 Emilia KasperDon't build sanitizer builds with --debug
2016-02-26 Matt CaswellFix master compile error
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteRemove comments saying you must do 'make -f Makefile...
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteMake the table entry printer in Configure aware of...
2016-02-26 Dmitry-MeGH680: Reuse strnlen() in strndup()
2016-02-26 J Mohan Rao... EC_KEY_priv2buf (): check parameter sanity
2016-02-26 J Mohan Rao... check with NULL
2016-02-26 J Mohan Rao... explicit check for NULL
2016-02-26 J Mohan Rao... Check method before access and release ctx in error...
2016-02-26 David WoodhouseRT4335: Fix UEFI build of OBJ_NAME_new_index()
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteForgotten change of add() call in Configure
2016-02-26 Matt CaswellFix a warning
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteUnified on VMS - add %disabled in (util...
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteNormalise the include directives in ct_test.c
2016-02-26 Alessandro... Implement new multi-threading API
2016-02-26 Richard LevitteConfigure - neater looking add() and add_before()
2016-02-26 Rich SalzUpdate test build/run for unified
2016-02-25 Matt CaswellFix memory issues in BIO_*printf functions
2016-02-25 FdaSilvaYYfix "no-engine" build of test fixture
2016-02-25 FdaSilvaYYAdd some 'no-engine' builds to travis, for test
2016-02-25 Rich SalzGH715: ENGINE_finish can take NULL
2016-02-25 Rich SalzFix unified build after CT reorg
2016-02-25 Rob PercivalTests for parsing and printing certificates containing...
2016-02-25 Adam EijdenbergAdd more CT utility routines to be used as part of...
2016-02-25 Rich SalzGH463: Fix OPENSSL_NO_OCSP build
2016-02-25 Rich SalzFix indents
2016-02-25 Rich SalzBuild fix: remove cleanse_ctr
2016-02-25 Rich SalzRT4116: Change cleanse to just memset
2016-02-25 Emilia KasperCVE-2016-0798: avoid memory leak in SRP
2016-02-25 Richard LevitteSolaris DSOs were still named, fixed
2016-02-25 Richard LevitteMake it possible to build even if dependency files...
2016-02-25 J Mohan Rao... GH742: keep gost specific variable under macro
2016-02-25 Rich SalzGH235: Set error status on malloc failure
2016-02-24 Flavio MedeirosGH480: Don't break statements with CPP stuff.
2016-02-24 Rich SalzFix typo, reformat comment.
2016-02-24 Dr. Stephen... Remove unused parameter in ssl_set_masks().
2016-02-23 Viktor DukhovniUpdate documentation of SSL METHODs and ciphers
2016-02-23 Roumen Petrovcorrect name of GNU shared libraries
2016-02-23 Andy Polyakovtest/ectest.c: add regression test for RT#4284.
2016-02-23 Andy Polyakovec/asm/ecp_nistz256-*.pl: get corner case logic right.
2016-02-23 Andy Polyakovec/asm/ get corner case logic...
2016-02-23 Andy Polyakovtest/recipes/80-test_ca.t: remove_tree->rmtree to make...
2016-02-23 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/asm/ replace ambiguous instr...
2016-02-23 David WoodhouseRT4339: Fix handling of <internal/bn_conf.h>
2016-02-23 J Mohan Rao... GH735: remove unnecessary allocation
2016-02-23 Rich SalzAdd PKCS7_NO_DUAL_CONTENT flag
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteRemove all -march= from configs
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteAdd OPENSSL_PIC back
2016-02-22 Rich SalzRemove unused parameters from internal functions
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteUse $disabled{shared} in a safer manner
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteThe build files use %disabled, make sure to pass it...
2016-02-22 Emilia KasperMemorySanitizer: address false positive
2016-02-22 FdaSilvaYYGH678: Add a few more zalloc
2016-02-22 David WoodhouseRT4334: Check UEFI before __STDC_VERSION__ for <inttypes.h>
2016-02-22 Matt CaswellPartial revert of 1288f26 and fix for no-async
2016-02-22 David WoodhouseRT4309: Define PRIu64 for UEFI build
2016-02-22 Rich SalzRT4320/GH705: Fix PEM parsing bug.
2016-02-22 Rich SalzGH721: Duplicated flags in doc
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $no_dso since with have $disabled{dso}
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $no_asm since with have $disabled{asm}
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $no_rfc3779 since we don't appear to use...
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $zlib since with have $disabled{zlib}
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $no_threads since we have $disabled{threads}
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteClean away $config{no_shared} since we have $disabled...
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteExpose %disables to the perl fragments in
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteFix DSO name on HP/UX
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteFix a few typos
2016-02-22 Rich SalzMissed an experimental.
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteDon't include all symbols from static libraries when...
2016-02-22 Richard LevitteGet back "ssl2" as a deprecated disablable option