2019-11-29 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to generate documentation at build...
2019-11-29 Richard, util/ load 'platform' uncon...
2019-11-29 Richard Levitteapps/ocsp.c: sock_timeout -> socket_timeout
2019-11-28 moehusterFix L<EVP_MD_CTX_set_pkey_ctx> links
2019-11-28 Ard Biesheuvelchacha/asm/ preserve FP registers d8...
2019-11-28 Rich SalzUse option/parameter consistently.
2019-11-28 Rich SalzDocument more env var stuff, fix some typo's
2019-11-27 Richard Levittetest/cipher_overhead_test.c: build unconditionally
2019-11-27 Richard Levitteutil/find-doc-nits: Better parsing of links
2019-11-27 Richard Levittedoc/man7/proxy-certificates.pod: New guide for proxy...
2019-11-25 PauliProperty: fix memory leak.
2019-11-25 Shane LontisCache constants for fetched EVP_cipher
2019-11-24 John BaldwinSupport ciphersuites using a SHA2 384 digest in FreeBSD...
2019-11-24 PauliProperty: fix intermittent test failure.
2019-11-24 Dr. Matthias... Remove RANDFILE settings from configuration files
2019-11-23 Matus KyselRemove deadlock that was caused by calling pthread_rwlo...
2019-11-23 Daniil ZotkinProcess GOST ClientKeyExchange message in SSL_trace
2019-11-22 Richard LevitteUI_UTIL_wrap_read_pem_callback(): when |cb| is NULL...
2019-11-22 PauliThread: Avoid a NULL dereference after failed initialis...
2019-11-22 Paulimain: avoid a NULL dereference on initialisation.
2019-11-22 PauliPROV: Avoid NULL dereference in SHA3 dup call.
2019-11-22 PauliPROV: check for memory allocation failure in digest...
2019-11-22 Paulikdfs: make free calls check for NULL.
2019-11-22 Benjamin KadukFix a race condition in SNI handling
2019-11-21 PauliCore: allow NULL argument to stored_namemap_free().
2019-11-21 Matt CaswellDocumentation updates due to naming tweaks
2019-11-21 Matt CaswellTweak some algorithm naming inconsistencies
2019-11-21 PauliEVP p_lib: Add NULL check to EVP_PKEY_missing_parameters.
2019-11-21 PauliEngine: Add NULL check.
2019-11-21 PauliECDSA: don't clear free memory after verify.
2019-11-20 Richard LevitteReplumbing: pre-populate the EVP namemap with commonly...
2019-11-20 Bernd EdlingerFix sha512_block_data_order_avx2 backtrace info
2019-11-20 Patrick SteuerAllow specifying the tag after AAD in CCM mode (2)
2019-11-20 Patrick SteuerDont pass zero length input to asm modules for ciphers
2019-11-20 Rich SalzDocument command parameters.
2019-11-19 Matt CaswellAdd test for non-default sized keys in variable key...
2019-11-19 Matt CaswellEVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_keylen should not succeed if a bad...
2019-11-19 Shane Lontisfix s390 compile error due to missing comma.
2019-11-18 Xiaokang QianFix the issue that aes-xxx-siv algorithms failed in...
2019-11-18 PauliProperties: make query cache reference count aware.
2019-11-18 Shane LontisFix Use after free when copying cipher ctx
2019-11-18 Richard LevittePEM: constify PEM_write_ routines
2019-11-17 Patrick Steuers390x assembly pack: fix bn_mul_comba4
2019-11-17 Anthony HuAdd missing EVP_PKEY_METHOD accessors for digestsign...
2019-11-15 raniervfcommit a6efbe123af3d98b4d10d4fcdfe68dc5303212f8
2019-11-15 Rich SalzFix some broken doc links
2019-11-15 Matt CaswellMake sure we free the CONF structure allocated by confdump
2019-11-15 Patrick Steuertravis.yml: add arch s390x target
2019-11-14 Patrick Steuertestutil/init.c rename to testutil/testutil_init.c
2019-11-14 Tomas MrazA few fixes in the EVP_KDF-KB and EVP_KDF-KRB5KDF manpages
2019-11-14 Tomas MrazDelete recently documented functions from missingcrypto
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellFix an uninitialised read in conf_def.c
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellFix no-blake2
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellFix no-engine
2019-11-14 Richard LevitteCORE & PROV: make export of key data leaner through...
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellFix no-cmac and no-camellia
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellAdd confdump to .gitignore
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellDocument various new/changes EVP_PKEY_CTX_* functions
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellDocument the public EVP_ASYM_CIPHER releated functions
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for the Asymmetric Cipher Operation
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellMove RSA Asym cipher code to the default provider
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellIncrease OSSL_PARAM_BLD_MAX for multi-prime RSA
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellImplement provider support for Asym Ciphers
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellAllow strings in params to be of zero length
2019-11-14 Matt CaswellAllow setting a NULL pointer in a params structure
2019-11-14 Richard LevitteCORE: Add a generic callback function type
2019-11-13 Joerg Schmidbauerchacha_enc.c: fix for EBCDIC platforms
2019-11-13 Nicola TuveriExtend docs for EC_POINT conversion functions
2019-11-13 Nicola TuveriAdd self-test for EC_POINT_hex2point
2019-11-13 Nicola TuveriFix EC_POINT_bn2point() for BN_zero()
2019-11-13 Dr. Matthias... libcrypto.num: remove some unused EVP_MAC symbols
2019-11-13 Nicola TuveriAdd more tests for apps/req
2019-11-12 Jon SpillettAdd missing docs for some PKCS12 functions
2019-11-12 Dr. David von... add OPENSSL_FUNC.pod documenting OPENSSL_MSTR, OPENSSL_...
2019-11-12 Dr. David von... re-add definition of OPENSSL_MSTR deleted from opensslv...
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteSSL: Document SSL_add_{file,dir,store}_cert_subjects_to...
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteAdd a tester of OpenSSL config files and test the curre...
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteAdd a .pragma directive for configuration files
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteMake sure KDF reason codes are conserved in their curre...
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteDeprecate ERR_load_KDF_strings()
2019-11-12 Richard Levitteutil/perl/OpenSSL/ Fix 'extern "C" DEPRECATED...
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteReinstate the KDF error macros
2019-11-11 Dmitry BelyavskiyFix cut'n'paste typos in the provider-digest pod
2019-11-11 Ido Ben-NatanFix misspelled resumption_label for CHARSET_EBCDIC
2019-11-11 Matt CaswellFix no-dsa
2019-11-11 Shane LontisAdd rc4_hmac_md5 cipher to default provider
2019-11-10 Rich SalzFix L<xxx(1)> links to be L<openssl-xxx(1)>
2019-11-10 Dmitry BelyavskiyWorkaround for Windows-based GOST implementations
2019-11-10 Richard LevitteRename providers/common/provlib.c to nid_to_name.c
2019-11-10 Richard LevitteFinal cleanup after move to leaner EVP_PKEY methods
2019-11-10 Richard LevitteConfiguration: make Solaris builds with gcc recognise...
2019-11-09 Patrick Steuerbss_dgram.c: fix unaligned access
2019-11-09 Kurt RoeckxRSA generation: Use more bits of 1/sqrt(2)
2019-11-09 Bernd EdlingerFix a -Warray-bounds gcc warning in OPENSSL_DIR_read
2019-11-09 raniervfconf_def.c: Avoid calling strlen() in a loop
2019-11-08 Richard LevitteCleanup include/openssl/
2019-11-08 Rich SalzAdd ssl_ctx_test to test suite.
2019-11-08 Shane LontisAdd AES SIV ciphers to default provider
2019-11-07 Richard LevitteRefactor PEM_read_bio_{PrivateKey,Parameters,DHparams}
2019-11-07 Rich SalzAdd "sections" to -help output