2002-01-25 Richard LevitteDocument the change in rsautl.
2002-01-25 Richard LevitteAdd -keyform. Document -engine.
2002-01-25 Richard LevitteThere is no aestest currently. The EVP tester is used...
2002-01-25 Geoff ThorpeThe 'type' parameter, an EVP_MD pointer, represents...
2002-01-24 Richard LevitteKeep the NIST AES vectors that were there previously.
2002-01-24 Bodo Möllersort functions ...
2002-01-24 Bodo Möllerfix formatting of automatically generated error section
2002-01-24 Bodo MöllerNew functions
2002-01-24 Bodo MöllerReword CHANGES entry for _old_des_..., as it was a...
2002-01-24 Richard Levittemake update
2002-01-24 Richard LevitteBecause of recent changes, there's no need to hack...
2002-01-24 Richard LevitteTo avoid all kinds of link-level clashes, rename all...
2002-01-24 Richard LevitteTo avoid all kinds of link-level clashes, rename all...
2002-01-23 Lutz JänickeDocument the current behaviour of the DES interface.
2002-01-22 Ben LaurieSupport old DES APIs by default.
2002-01-22 Ben LaurieMake no config file not an error. Move /dev/crypto...
2002-01-22 Dr. Stephen... Constification.
2002-01-22 Dr. Stephen... default_algorithms option in ENGINE config.
2002-01-21 Lutz JänickeTypos (jsyn <>).
2002-01-21 Lutz JänickeFix incorrect BIO_*_ctrl() macros (Shay Harding <shardi...
2002-01-21 Richard LevitteUse FIPS-197 vectors for AES. The NIST vectors were...
2002-01-21 Richard LevitteAdd more of the NIST test vectors for AES.
2002-01-21 Richard LevitteBring VMS up to date with development.
2002-01-21 Dr. Stephen... Initial ENGINE config module, docs to follow.
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieConstification, add config to /dev/crypto.
2002-01-18 Bodo Möllerdisable broken code
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieOther errors are possible.
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieStupid apps should die, not fail silently.
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieFix memory leak.
2002-01-18 Ben LaurieConstification, missing declaration, update dependencies.
2002-01-17 Geoff ThorpeCorrect for the recent prototype changes.
2002-01-16 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
2002-01-16 Geoff ThorpeProduce less confusing statistics when "-out_totals...
2002-01-16 Geoff ThorpeThe sample certs had expired, so these are newer ones...
2002-01-15 Bodo Möllerrun test_evp before test_ssl
2002-01-14 Bodo MöllerBugfix: In ssl3_accept, don't use a local variable...
2002-01-14 Bodo MöllerReturn -1 from ssl3_get_server_done (ssl3/s3_clnt.c) if
2002-01-12 Ben LauriePrototype info function.
2002-01-12 Ben LaurieAdd client_cert_cb prototype.
2002-01-12 Ben LaurieReturn value could be undefined.
2002-01-10 Geoff Thorpe- Network errors could pollute the buffers because...
2002-01-08 Richard LevittePatches to make OpenSSL compilable on MacOS/X.
2002-01-08 Geoff Thorpe- libtool finally annoyed me too much, so I'm nuking it,
2002-01-05 Geoff Thorpe- Add the same header stuff to aes_locl.h as is in...
2002-01-05 Dr. Stephen... Experimental configuration code.
2002-01-04 Bodo Mölleradd a sentence previously deleted by accident
2002-01-04 Bodo Mölleradd documentation for SSLeay_version(SSLEAY_DIR) and
2002-01-04 Lutz JänickeTsss, SSLeay_version() was already documented, it just...
2002-01-04 Bodo Möllersynchronize with engine-0.9.6 tree
2002-01-04 Lutz JänickeAdd information as provided by Richard Levitte on opens...
2002-01-04 Dr. Stephen... Update PEM docs
2002-01-04 Bodo Möllerfix 'Configure TABLE' output
2002-01-04 Bodo MöllerChanges that break something should be included in...
2002-01-04 Bodo Mölleradd automatically generated ERR_load_... prototype
2002-01-04 Bodo Möllerfix EVP_CIPHER_mode macro
2002-01-04 Geoff ThorpeConstify.
2002-01-03 Richard LevitteBetter clarification on perl
2002-01-02 Richard Levittemake update
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteImplement speed measurement for AES.
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteBecause Rijndael is more known as AES, use crypto/aes...
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteThe block size may be something other than 8!
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteWhen RSA or DSA are disabled, do not include the stuff...
2002-01-02 Richard Levittemake update
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteRSA counter should only be defined of RSA is available.
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteAllow verification of other types than DATA.
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteSay that recent CygWin perl versions work as well.
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteAllow 8-bit characters. This is not really complete...
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteOn Solaris64, cc needs the flag -xarch=v9 when linking...
2002-01-02 Richard LevitteAdd support for Linux on HP/PA.
2001-12-28 Ulf Möllerssl3_read_bytes bug fix
2001-12-21 Bodo Möllerupdate FAQ and CHANGES file (0.9.6c has been released)
2001-12-21 Richard LevitteStatus update
2001-12-21 Richard LevitteAnd just for the sake of completeness, let's add some...
2001-12-21 Richard LevitteBetter use the same number in all branches, to avoid...
2001-12-20 Richard LevitteDo not forget to compile comp_err.c
2001-12-20 Richard LevitteSynchronise with the 0.9.6 branch.
2001-12-20 Ben LaurieSecurity fix.
2001-12-19 Ulf MöllerCygwin patch. Submitted by Michael Kobar <mkobar@lymewa...
2001-12-17 Bodo Möllerformatting consistency
2001-12-17 Bodo Mölleroops
2001-12-17 Bodo Möllerremove redundant ERR_load_... declarations
2001-12-17 Bodo Möllerconsistency with 0.9.6 stable "CHANGES"
2001-12-14 Bodo Möllerfix BN_rand_range
2001-12-12 Richard LevitteChange pkcs12 so the certificates coming from -in do...
2001-12-12 Richard LevitteImplement failover for ubsec. Submitted by Subramanian...
2001-12-11 Richard Levittemake update
2001-12-10 Ulf Möllername confusion with HP library function prototype (?)
2001-12-09 Ben LaurieImprove back compatibility.
2001-12-07 Bodo Möllerfix warnings (one of them was clearly justified)
2001-12-07 Dr. Stephen... Don't overwrite signing time.
2001-12-06 Lutz JänickeHPUX 9.X on m68k with gcc
2001-12-04 Richard LevitteUID was never a lable for uniqueIdentifier. However...
2001-12-04 Richard LevitteI was recently informed that some people wrongly use...
2001-12-03 Bodo Möllercrypto/objects stuff
2001-12-03 Bodo MöllerFix: 2.5.29 is "id-ce", not "ld-ce" (sort of a typo...
2001-12-03 Dr. Stephen... EVP_BytesToKey documentation.
2001-12-01 Dr. Stephen... Make EVP_SealInit() return the correct value.
2001-12-01 Dr. Stephen... Add -pubkey option to req command.
2001-12-01 Dr. Stephen... NO_DSA, NO_RSA patches.
2001-11-30 Lutz JänickeSupport for QNX ( (the wharf rat)).