2015-09-25 Andy PolyakovAllow ILP32 compilation in AArch64 assembly pack.
2015-09-25 Andy PolyakovARMv4 assembly pack: implement support for Thumb2.
2015-09-24 Vladimir Kotalfix compilation on Solaris
2015-09-24 Rich SalzRestore the old interactive prompt.
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellSanity check cookie_len
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellClarify DTLSv1_listen documentation
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellFix s_server DTLSv1_listen issues
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellAdd DTLSv1_listen documentation
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellAdd -listen documentation
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellAdd support for DTLSv1_listen in s_server
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellRemove remaining old listen code
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellDTLSv1_listen rewrite
2015-09-23 Matt CaswellAdd BIO_CTRL_DGRAM_SET_PEEK_MODE
2015-09-22 Matt CaswellFix the rehash test on Windows
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... header includes
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509_get0_subject_key_id()
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... New function X509_get0_subject_key_id()
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Make X509 opaque
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Avoid structure access in crypto/ts
2015-09-22 Emilia KasperPACKET: simplify
2015-09-22 Emilia KasperRemove ssl_put_cipher_by_char
2015-09-22 Emilia KasperDocument BUF_strnlen
2015-09-22 Emilia KasperBUF_strdup and friends: update docs
2015-09-22 Emilia KasperBUF_strndup: tidy
2015-09-22 Alessandro... Make BUF_strndup() read-safe on arbitrary inputs
2015-09-22 Rich SalzGH398: Add mingw cross-compile, etc.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix path in comments
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... make depend
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Move certificate request and CRL routines to x509 dir.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Move functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Update SEE ALSO sections.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document signature accessors.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Extension parsing and encoding docs.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document i2d_re_X509_REQ_tbs() and i2d_re_X509_CRL_tbs().
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509_REVOKED functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509 sign and verify functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509 public key functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509 name get and set functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Document X509 version functions.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Use accessors in X509_REQ_print().
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Use accessor functions in X509_CRL_print().
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... New accessor X509_REQ_get_X509_PUBKEY()
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Additional X509_CRL accessors.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... typo
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Add comments to x509_int.h
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Add accessors for X509_REVOKED.
2015-09-22 Dr. Stephen... Add accessors for request and CRL signatures
2015-09-22 Rich SalzRemove "noise" comments from TS files.
2015-09-21 David WoodhouseRT3479: Add UTF8 support to BIO_read_filename()
2015-09-21 Gunnar KudrjavetsRT3823: Improve the robustness of event logging
2015-09-21 Matt CaswellGOST PKCS12 support
2015-09-21 Matt CaswellAdd GOST extensions to PKCS#5
2015-09-21 Matt CaswellFix SRP memory leaks
2015-09-21 Matt CaswellFix -srpvfile option in srp command line
2015-09-20 Dr. Stephen... Make SRP work with -www
2015-09-20 Dr. Stephen... Handle SSL_ERROR_WANT_X509_LOOKUP
2015-09-20 Dr. Stephen... remove unneeded includes
2015-09-20 Dr. Stephen... make no-dh work
2015-09-20 Dr. Stephen... Move EVP_PKEY_METHOD into private headers.
2015-09-20 Richard LevitteSimplify further, and make it more verbose
2015-09-20 Richard LevitteCorrect srp test
2015-09-20 Richard LevitteCorrect jpake test
2015-09-20 Richard LevitteCorrect sha tests
2015-09-20 Richard LevitteCorrect whirlpool test
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteFinally, remove a possibly disabled feature
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteAdd more features that may be disabled
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteAdd more features that may be disabled
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteAdd more features that may be disabled
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteAdd more features that may be disabled
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteSort the disabled features alphabetically
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... typo
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... Update to use disabled()
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... Change test recipes to use disabled()
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... Add
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteSmall typo
2015-09-19 Richard LevitteMake sure to actually use @smime_cms_comp_test when...
2015-09-19 Matt CaswellFix some test failures when Configured with zlib
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... Print out a list of disabled features.
2015-09-19 Dr. Stephen... Return shared OIDs when decoding.
2015-09-19 Viktor DukhovniFix indentation
2015-09-18 Richard LevitteCheck if test_rehash is run as root
2015-09-18 Emilia KasperRemove PACKET_back
2015-09-17 Matt CaswellMake sure OPENSSL_cleanse checks for NULL
2015-09-17 Emilia Kasperbase64 decode: check for high bit
2015-09-17 Emilia KasperRT3757: base64 encoding bugs
2015-09-17 Emilia KasperRemove PACKET_(get|goto)_bookmark
2015-09-17 Dr. Stephen... Embed various signature algorithms.
2015-09-17 Rich SalzRT4033: Use OPENSSL_SYS_UNIX not "unix"
2015-09-17 Filipe DA SILVART4047: Set reference count earlier
2015-09-17 Emilia KasperDisentangle RSA premaster secret parsing
2015-09-16 Dr. Stephen... Embed X509_REQ_INFO
2015-09-16 Dr. Stephen... Embed X509_CINF
2015-09-16 Dr. Stephen... X509_CRL_INFO embed
2015-09-16 Dr. Stephen... Change X509_VAL in X509 structure to embedded.
2015-09-16 Dr. Stephen... New ASN.1 embed macro.
2015-09-16 Alessandro... Fix build on mingw
2015-09-16 Kurt RoeckxFix return values when adding serverinfo fails.
2015-09-16 Matt Caswellmake update
2015-09-15 Richard LevitteExtend the notes on how to do testing