2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... make update
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... fix various formatting issues
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Only use compatibility macros for < 1.1 API.
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... rename old functions names in libeay.num
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... use new function names
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Add p12_sbag.c to
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Reorganise functions.
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... pkcs12.h header reorganisation.
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Use new names
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Rename PKCS12 function
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Use accessors in pkcs12 app.
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... pkcs12 accessors
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... more PKCS12 opacity
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... New PKCS12 accessors, change macros to functions.
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Make PKCS12 structures opaque
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Deprecate undocumented SSL_cache_hit().
2016-02-08 Rich SalzGH641: Don't care openssl_zmalloc
2016-02-08 Richard LevitteUse File::Path::rmtree rather than File::Path::remove_tree
2016-02-08 Richard LevitteUse File::Path::mkpath rather than File::Path::make_path
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Fix engine key support in utilities.
2016-02-08 Andy Polyakovbio/b_sock.c: cleanup obsolete stuff.
2016-02-08 Andy Polyakovbn/ remove obsolete rules.
2016-02-08 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/00-base-templates.conf: harmonize extens...
2016-02-08 Roumen Petrovavoid crash if hostserv is with host part only
2016-02-08 Rich SalzGH322 revisited: remove unused function.
2016-02-08 Rob PercivalMake TESTS= work with "nmake -f ms/ntdll.mak tests"
2016-02-08 Richard Levittedtlsv1listentest includes e_os.h, reflect that in inclu...
2016-02-08 Matt CaswellHandle SSL_shutdown while in init more appropriately #2
2016-02-08 Rich Salzmore doc fixes
2016-02-08 Dr. Stephen... Clarify resumed sessions and NULL return.
2016-02-06 Kurt RoeckxFix memory leak in dtlsv1listentest
2016-02-06 Viktor DukhovniAllocate bio_err before turning on memleak checks
2016-02-06 Dr. Stephen... Stack documentation.
2016-02-06 A J Mohan Raocommands help cleanup
2016-02-06 Dr. Stephen... if no comparison function set make sk_sort no op
2016-02-06 Dr. Stephen... make update
2016-02-06 Dr. Stephen... Add documenation for X509_chain_up_ref()
2016-02-06 Dr. Stephen... Add SSL_get0_verified_chain() to return verified chain...
2016-02-06 Richard LevitteDisplay the linking commands that are performed
2016-02-06 Richard LevitteEnhance and clear the support of linker flags
2016-02-06 Billy BrumleyGH587: Extend ECDH tests to more curves. Add more ECDH...
2016-02-06 Kurt RoeckxAdd BIO_ADDR_clear to libeay.num
2016-02-06 Insu YunGH634: fix potential memory leak
2016-02-06 Rich SalzRT4194: Restore old engine parameter parsing.
2016-02-06 Richard LevitteAdd lines for dtlsv1listentest
2016-02-06 Kurt RoeckxDon't include sys/socket.h
2016-02-06 Viktor DukhovniAdd missing static declarations in dtlsv1listentest.c
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellUpdate DTLSv1_listen documentation
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellAdd tests for DTLSv1_listen
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellProvide partial support for fragmented DTLS ClientHellos
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellAdd a BIO_ADDR_clear function
2016-02-05 FdaSilvaYYGH601: Various spelling fixes.
2016-02-05 Ellinger, Wesley MRT4070: Improve struct/union regexp
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellMake DTLSv1_listen a first class function and change...
2016-02-05 Rich SalzRT4292: Remove ===== line
2016-02-05 Rich SalzRT1596: Add clarifying doc.
2016-02-05 A J Mohan RaoGH628: Add -help to all apps docs.
2016-02-05 Rich SalzGH628: Add -help to all apps docs.
2016-02-05 Viktor DukhovniEnsure correct chain depth for policy checks with DANE...
2016-02-05 Viktor DukhovniLong overdue cleanup of X509 policy tree verification
2016-02-05 Rich SalzVarious RT doc fixes
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... enable leak checking for danetest
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Fix return code in CRYPTO_mem_leaks_fp()
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... If memory debugging enabled return error on leaks.
2016-02-05 Viktor DukhovniRestore -no_comp switch for backwards compatible behaviour
2016-02-05 Richard LevitteVMS lacks socklen_t, give it one
2016-02-05 Richard LevitteInitialize variable
2016-02-05 Matt CaswellDon't export local symbols on Solaris
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... make update
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Add EC_KEY_priv2buf()
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Allocate ASN1_bn_print buffer internally.
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Use BN_bn2binpad
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... use enum type for do_EC_KEY_print
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... update EC ASN1 and print routines
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Add EC_KEY_oct2priv and EC_KEY_priv2oct
2016-02-05 Dr. Stephen... Add ASN1_buf_print to print a buffer in ASN1_bn_print...
2016-02-04 Matt CaswellDon't use RDRAND if told not to
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteInitialise with -1 rather than 1
2016-02-04 Dmitry SobinovAdd new DTLS-SRTP protection profiles from RFC 7714
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteAdd checks for IPv4 and IPv6 in OpenSSL::Test::Utils...
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteUpdate crypto/bio/
2016-02-04 MouseFix pkeyutl inability to directly access keys on hardwa...
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteChange the transfer perl module so the real module...
2016-02-04 Todd ShortAdd option to disable async
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteMake sure getaddrinfo and getnameinfo works as intended...
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteIf egd is disabled by default, it should be possible...
2016-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Add ec -check option
2016-02-04 Dmitry-MeFix potential buffer overrun
2016-02-04 Kurt RoeckxUse WSAGetLastError() on windows
2016-02-04 Kurt RoeckxRestore xmm7 from the correct address on win64
2016-02-04 Dr. Stephen... update OID tables
2016-02-04 Dr. Stephen... Add Curve OIDs from draft-josefsson-pkix-newcurves
2016-02-04 Daniel BlackRT2887: Add more packet and handshake types
2016-02-04 Billy BrumleyFix BN_gcd errors for some curves
2016-02-04 Emilia KasperRT3095: allow NULL key for single-shot HMAC
2016-02-04 Viktor Szakatsbio_err.c: remove a reappeared filename comment
2016-02-04 Kurt RoeckxMake fallback addresses static so that we can initialize it
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteOnly use TLS1.2 when it's available
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteHave 70-test_clienthello.t be selective on when it...
2016-02-04 Richard LevitteHave OpenSSL::Test::Utils::available_protocols load...