2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Add RFC4785 ciphersuites
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Add RFC4279, RFC5487 and RFC5489 ciphersuites.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Initial new PSK ciphersuite defines
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Add full PSK trace support
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... PSK premaster secret derivation.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Extended PSK server support.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Extended PSK client support.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... PSK PRF correction.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Make auto DH work with DHEPSK
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Check for kECDH with extensions.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Enable PSK if corresponding mask set.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Disable all PSK if no callback.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... Disable unsupported PSK algorithms
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... new PSK text constants
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... New PSK aliases.
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... New PSK keyex text constants
2015-07-30 Dr. Stephen... fields for PSK key, new constants
2015-07-30 Matt CaswellFix write failure handling in DTLS1.2
2015-07-30 Martin VejnarRT3774: double-free in DSA
2015-07-29 Rich SalzRT3639: Add -no_comp description to online help
2015-07-29 Rich SalzTweak README about rt and bug reporting.
2015-07-28 Dr. Stephen... Document signature algorithm setting functions.
2015-07-28 Dr. Stephen... Add some OCSP documentation.
2015-07-28 Dr. Stephen... Allow any order for signature algorithm string.
2015-07-27 Matt CaswellAdd test for SSL_set_session_ticket_ext
2015-07-27 Matt CaswellRemove support for SSL3_FLAGS_DELAY_CLIENT_FINISHED
2015-07-23 Emilia Kasperrsaz_exp.h: align license with the rest of the contribution
2015-07-23 Dr. Stephen... Document shared sigalgs functions.
2015-07-22 Rich SalzSome cleanups for crypto/bn
2015-07-21 Dr. Stephen... free names before context
2015-07-21 Dr. Stephen... typo
2015-07-21 Dr. Stephen... Update demo.
2015-07-21 Dr. Stephen... SSL_CONF additions.
2015-07-20 Rich SalzRewrite crypto/ex_data
2015-07-18 Dr. Stephen... Use uint32_t consistently for flags.
2015-07-16 Rich SalzRemove obsolete key formats.
2015-07-15 manchaFix author credit for e5c0bc6
2015-07-15 Rich SalzRevert "Missing perldoc markup around < literal"
2015-07-15 Ernie HersheyGH322: Fix typo in generated comment.
2015-07-15 Viktor DukhovniMaintain backwards-compatible SSLv23_method macros
2015-07-14 Rich SalzCan't use -trusted with -CA{path,file}
2015-07-14 GitHub UserMissing perldoc markup around < literal
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteConversion to UTF-8 where needed
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteSmall script to re-encode files that need it to UTF-8
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteRemove extra '; \' in apps/Makefile
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteSet numeric IDs for tar as well
2015-07-10 Richard LevitteStop using tardy
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... correct example
2015-07-09 Peter WaltenbergExit on error in ecparam
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... make stacks
2015-07-09 Dr. Stephen... Sort @sstacklst correctly.
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellApply some missing updates from previous commits
2015-07-09 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellExtend -show_chain option to verify to show more info
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd help text for some verify options
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for some missing verify options
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellReject calls to X509_verify_cert that have not been...
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellAdd test for CVE-2015-1793
2015-07-07 Matt CaswellFix alternate chains certificate forgery issue
2015-07-07 Richard LevitteDocument the nameopt change
2015-07-07 Richard LevitteMake "oneline" the default for nameopt
2015-07-06 Dr. Stephen... document -2 return value
2015-07-06 Dr. Stephen... Relax CCM tag check.
2015-06-30 Dr. Stephen... Dup peer_chain properly in SSL_SESSION
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... Check for errors with SRP
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... make update
2015-06-29 Dr. Stephen... Use single master secret generation function.
2015-06-28 Kurt RoeckxCheck dgram_sctp_write() return value.
2015-06-28 Kurt RoeckxCheck BIO_dgram_sctp_wait_for_dry() return value for...
2015-06-25 Dr. Stephen... missing break
2015-06-25 Dr. Stephen... Don't output bogus errors in PKCS12_parse
2015-06-24 Dr. Stephen... Add docs for ssl verification parameter functions.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzFix windows build
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Fix PSK client handling.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Add PSK GCM ciphersuites from RFC5487
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... PSK trace keyex fixes.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Avoid duplication.
2015-06-23 Dr. Stephen... Tidy up ssl3_digest_cached_records logic.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzMore secure storage of key material.
2015-06-23 Rich SalzAdd $! to errors, use script basename.
2015-06-23 Vitezslav CizekGH297: Fix NAME section of SSL_CTX_use_serverinfo.pod
2015-06-23 Rich SalzRT3682: Avoid double-free on OCSP parse error
2015-06-23 Russell WebbRT3856: Fix memory leaks in test code
2015-06-23 Richard Levittemake update
2015-06-23 Richard LevitteRearrange rsaz
2015-06-23 Rich SalzRT3907-fix
2015-06-22 Rich SalzRT3907: avoid "local" in testssl script
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove SESS_CERT entirely.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Move peer chain to SSL_SESSION structure.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove unnuecessary ifdefs.
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove certificates from sess_cert
2015-06-22 Dr. Stephen... Remove peer temp keys from SESS_CERT
2015-06-21 Rich SalzRT3917: add cleanup on an error path
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : because we no longer use stdio here...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteAdd -ldl to the build of mttest.c
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : use BIO_free only, no preceding...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : do not try to output reference count...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : better error reporting when certs...
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : make ssl_method a pointer to const
2015-06-21 Richard LevitteCleanup mttest.c : modernise output