2017-01-26 Andy Polyakovcrypto/evp: harden RC4_MD5 cipher.
2017-01-24 Bernd EdlingerFix error handling in compute_key, BN_CTX_get can retur...
2017-01-24 Bernd EdlingerFix a ssl session leak due to OOM in lh_SSL_SESSION_insert
2017-01-23 Matt CaswellFix SSL_VERIFY_CLIENT_ONCE
2017-01-20 Rich SalzAdd missing va_end
2017-01-20 Richard LevitteFix DSA parameter generation control error
2017-01-18 FdaSilvaYYClean one unused variable, plus an useless one.
2017-01-11 Rich SalzGH1986: Document -header flag.
2017-01-10 Bernd EdlingerFix error handling in SSL_CTX_new
2017-01-09 Bernd EdlingerFix a memory leak in RSA_padding_add_PKCS1_OAEP_mgf1
2016-12-29 Markus Triskareplace "will lookup up" by "will look up"
2016-12-20 Richard LevitteReformat M_check_autoarg to match our coding style
2016-12-20 Richard LevitteM_check_autoarg: sanity check the key
2016-12-18 Finn HakanssonFix typo.
2016-12-14 russorzero pad DHE public key in ServerKeyExchange message...
2016-12-14 Richard LevitteFix ssl_cert_dup: change one 'return NULL' to 'goto...
2016-12-14 Richard LevitteMake 'err' lable in ssl_cert_dup unconditional
2016-12-13 Benjamin KadukFix a bug in clienthello processing
2016-12-12 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ refine sign extension in ea...
2016-12-10 Richard LevitteUI_OpenSSL()'s session opener fails on MacOS X
2016-12-10 Richard LevitteVMS UI_OpenSSL: if the TT device isn't a tty, flag...
2016-12-10 Dr. Stephen... Check input length to pkey_rsa_verify()
2016-12-08 Richard LevitteRemove extra bang
2016-12-08 Richard LevitteUI code style cleanup
2016-11-29 Matt CaswellRevert "Fix heartbeat_test"
2016-11-27 Vitezslav Cizekapps/speed.c: Fix crash when config loading fails
2016-11-26 Andy PolyakovINSTALL: clarify 386 and no-sse2 options.
2016-11-25 Andy Polyakovmodes/ctr128.c: fix false carry in counter increment...
2016-11-22 Richard LevitteClarify what X509_NAME_online does with the given buffe...
2016-11-21 Kurt RoeckxMake SSL_read and SSL_write return the old behaviour...
2016-11-18 Beat BolliUse consistent variable names
2016-11-16 Orgad Shanehdomd: Preserve Makefile time when it is unchanged
2016-11-16 Orgad Shanehmklink: Do not needlessly overwrite linked files...
2016-11-16 Orgad Shanehdomd: Do not needlessly overwrite Makefiles
2016-11-16 Orgad Shanehmklink: Do not needlessly overwrite linked files...
2016-11-16 Orgad ShanehConfigure: Improve incremental build time
2016-11-16 Rich SalzCheck return value of some BN functions.
2016-11-13 Matthias KraftSolution proposal for issue #1647.
2016-11-10 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS
2016-11-10 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ fix for CVE-2016-7055 (Low sever...
2016-11-08 Andy clear APPS environment variable.
2016-11-04 Rich SalzMissed a mention of RT
2016-11-02 Matt CaswellAdd a CHANGES entry for the unrecognised record type...
2016-11-02 Matt CaswellFail if an unrecognised record type is received
2016-11-02 Matt CaswellFix heartbeat_test
2016-11-02 Richard LevitteSecure our notification email.
2016-11-01 Benjamin KadukFix grammar-o in CONTRIBUTING
2016-10-28 Richard LevitteAdd $(EX_LIBS) to the LIBDEPS for, just...
2016-10-28 Matt CaswellImplement length checks as a macro
2016-10-28 Matt CaswellEnsure we have length checks for all extensions
2016-10-28 Matt CaswellFix length check writing status request extension
2016-10-28 Matt CaswellFix a double free in ca command line
2016-10-28 Matt CaswellA zero return from BIO_read/BIO_write() could be retryable
2016-10-26 Rich SalzFix typo (reported by Matthias St. Pierre)
2016-10-25 Dr. Matthias... Fix leak of secrecy in ecdh_compute_key()
2016-10-22 Rich SalzCorrectly find all critical CRL extensions
2016-10-20 Cristian Stoicaremove redundant zero assignments
2016-10-20 Richard Levitte%p takes void*, so make sure to cast arguments to void*
2016-10-20 Richard Levitteapps: make setup_engine() and release_engine() availabl...
2016-10-20 Richard LevitteIf an engine comes up explicitely, it must also come...
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteFix no-des
2016-10-19 Richard LevitteMake 'openssl prime ""' not segfault
2016-10-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2016-10-18 Patrick SteuerFix strict-warnings build
2016-10-15 Steven FacklerFix signatures of EVP_Digest{Sign,Verify}Update
2016-10-15 Matt CaswellEnsure we handle len == 0 in ERR_err_string_n
2016-10-14 Vitezslav CizekDegrade 3DES to MEDIUM in SSL2
2016-10-13 Rich SalzRT is put out to pasture
2016-10-11 Kurt CancemiAdd missing error string for SSL_R_TOO_MANY_WARN_ALERTS
2016-09-28 Richard Levitteapps/apps.c: initialize and de-initialize engine around...
2016-09-28 Rich SalzRevert "Call ENGINE_init() before trying to use keys...
2016-09-28 David WoodhouseCall ENGINE_init() before trying to use keys from engine
2016-09-26 Matt CaswellFix NEWS error
2016-09-26 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2k-dev
2016-09-26 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2j release OpenSSL_1_0_2j
2016-09-26 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2016-09-26 Matt CaswellAdd some sanity checks when checking CRL scores
2016-09-22 Dirk FeytonsFix build with no-nextprotoneg
2016-09-22 Rich SalzFix typo introduced by a03f81f4
2016-09-22 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2j-dev
2016-09-22 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2i release OpenSSL_1_0_2i
2016-09-22 Matt CaswellUpdates CHANGES and NEWS for new release
2016-09-22 Dmitry BelyavskyAvoid KCI attack for GOST
2016-09-22 Matt CaswellFix a mem leak in NPN handling
2016-09-22 Matt CaswellFix OCSP Status Request extension unbounded memory...
2016-09-22 Richard check for no-tls1 here as well
2016-09-21 Matt CaswellDon't allow too many consecutive warning alerts
2016-09-21 Dr. Stephen... Make message buffer slightly larger than message.
2016-09-21 Dr. Stephen... Use SSL3_HM_HEADER_LENGTH instead of 4.
2016-09-21 Dr. Stephen... Remove unnecessary check.
2016-09-21 Rich SalzDcoument -alpn flag
2016-09-21 Rich SalzGH1555: Don't bump size on realloc failure
2016-09-21 Richard Levitteapps/apps.c: include sys/socket.h to declare recv()
2016-09-21 Dr. Stephen... Fix small OOB reads.
2016-09-21 Matt CaswellFix a missing NULL check in dsa_builtin_paramgen
2016-09-20 Richard LevitteRT4669: dgst can only sign/verify one file
2016-09-20 Marcus Meissnerinitialize the RSA struct to 0.
2016-09-15 Dr. Stephen... update default dependencies
2016-09-15 Matt CaswellRevert "Abort on unrecognised warning alerts"
2016-09-15 Richard LevitteFinally, make sure vms_term_sock.c is built