2018-06-12 Guido VrankenReject excessively large primes in DH key generation.
2018-06-09 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ iron another glitch in squaring...
2018-06-02 Ken GoldmanDocument failure return of ECDSA_SIG_new
2018-05-31 Richard LevitteENGINE_pkey_asn1_find_str(): don't assume an engine...
2018-05-31 Richard Levitteapps: when the 'compat' nameopt has been set, leave...
2018-05-29 Matt CaswellThe result of a ^ 0 mod -1 is 0 not 1
2018-05-23 Matt CaswellFix a bogus warning about an uninitialised var
2018-05-21 Matt CaswellFix undefined behaviour in X509_NAME_cmp()
2018-05-18 Andy Polyakovutil/domd: harmonize with compiler detection in Configure.
2018-05-17 Matt CaswellMake BN_GF2m_mod_arr more constant time
2018-05-14 Richard LevitteWhen configuring 'no-comp', zlib support should be...
2018-05-14 Richard LevitteUI console: Restore tty settings, do not force ECHO...
2018-05-12 Pavel KopylFix memory leaks in CA related functions.
2018-05-12 Matt CaswellDon't memcpy the contents of an empty fragment
2018-05-12 Richard LevitteIn cases where we ask PEM_def_callback for minimum...
2018-05-11 Dr. Matthias... Fix typo 'is an error occurred' in documentation
2018-05-05 Emilia KasperX509 time: tighten validation per RFC 5280
2018-05-04 Richard LevitteBIO_s_mem() write: Skip early when input length is...
2018-05-04 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/* harmonize with BN_from_montgomery_word.
2018-05-03 Dr. Matthias... v3_purp.c: add locking to x509v3_cache_extensions()
2018-05-03 Todd ShortConfigure: fix Mac OS X builds that still require maked...
2018-05-02 Matt CaswellAdd some documentation for SSL_get_shared_ciphers()
2018-05-02 Matt CaswellFix comment in ssl.h
2018-05-02 Matt CaswellFix SSL_get_shared_ciphers()
2018-05-02 Dr. Matthias... a_strex.c: prevent out of bound read in do_buf()
2018-05-01 Matt CaswellClarify BN_mod_exp docs
2018-05-01 Matt CaswellFix some errors and missing info in the CMS docs
2018-04-27 Matt CaswellUpdate version docs
2018-04-27 Richard LevitteSkip the CMS test if configured 'no-cms'
2018-04-27 Billy Brumleyfix: BN_swap mishandles flags (1.0.2)
2018-04-27 Cristian Stoicas_server: fix warnings unused-but-set-variable (no-dh)
2018-04-27 Cristian Stoicafix warning unused-but-set-variable 'alg_k' (no-dh...
2018-04-27 Cristian Stoicafix warning unused-but-set-variable 'nostrict' (no...
2018-04-26 Matt CaswellUpdate the *use_certificate* docs
2018-04-26 Richard LevittePEM_def_callback(): use same parameter names as for...
2018-04-26 Richard LevittePEM_def_callback(): don't loop because of too short...
2018-04-25 Matt CaswellFix documentation for the -showcerts s_client option
2018-04-24 Matt CaswellDocument when a session gets removed from cache
2018-04-20 Matt CaswellFix the alert sent if no shared sig algs
2018-04-19 Richard Levitteapps/s_socket.c: Fix do_accept
2018-04-19 Matt CaswellDon't crash if there are no trusted certs
2018-04-19 Matt CaswellReturn 0 on a non-matching kdf_type
2018-04-19 Matt CaswellFix ocsp app exit code
2018-04-19 Emilia KasperX509_cmp_time: only return 1, 0, -1.
2018-04-17 John EichenbergerCorrect the check of RSA_FLAG_SIGN_VER
2018-04-17 Matt CaswellUpdate fingerprints.txt
2018-04-17 Matt CaswellIgnore the status_request extension in a resumption...
2018-04-16 Billy BrumleyRSA key generation: ensure BN_mod_inverse and BN_mod_ex...
2018-04-12 Daniel BeveniusClarify default section in config.pod
2018-04-07 Rich SalzUpdated to CONTRIBUTING to reflect GitHub, etc.
2018-04-05 Matt CaswellUpdate the genpkey documentation
2018-04-05 Matt CaswellPick a q size consistent with the digest for DSA param...
2018-04-05 Matt CaswellDon't crash if an unrecognised digest is used with...
2018-04-03 Bernd EdlingerChange the "offset too large" message to more generic...
2018-04-03 Bernd EdlingerFix range checks with -offset and -length in asn1parse
2018-04-03 Bernd EdlingerFix a crash in the asn1parse command
2018-03-28 Miroslav Suko_time.c: use gmtime_s with MSVC
2018-03-27 Philippe AntoineAdds multiple checks to avoid buffer over reads
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellDon't write out a bad OID
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2p-dev
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2o release OpenSSL_1_0_2o
2018-03-27 Matt Caswellmake update
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2018-03-26 Matt CaswellLimit ASN.1 constructed types recursive definition...
2018-03-26 Bernd EdlingerFix dsaparam -genkey with DER outform
2018-03-25 Bernd EdlingerFix ecparam -genkey with point compression or DER outform
2018-03-21 Matt CaswellThe default conv_form is uncompressed
2018-03-21 Samuel Weiserconsttime flag changed
2018-03-21 Samuel Weiserused ERR set/pop mark
2018-03-21 Samuel WeiserReplaced variable-time GCD with consttime inversion...
2018-03-20 Bernd EdlingerFix some bugs with the cfb1 bitsize handling
2018-03-15 Matt CaswellFix a memory leak in the ca application
2018-03-15 Matt CaswellAllow multiple entries without a Subject even if unique...
2018-03-15 Matt CaswellReport a readable error on a duplicate cert in ca app
2018-03-15 Matt CaswellRevert "Don't crash on a missing Subject in index.txt"
2018-03-15 Matt CaswellRevert "Don't allow an empty Subject when creating...
2018-03-14 Richard Levittecrypto/engine/eng_cryptodev.c: don't treat a void*...
2018-03-12 Matt CaswellFree the correct type in OBJ_add_object()
2018-03-12 Matt CaswellImprove error handling in pk7_doit
2018-03-11 Kurt RoeckxFix propotype to include the const qualifier
2018-03-08 Richard LevitteRemove useless -D_ENDIAN from MPE/iX-gcc config
2018-03-07 Dr. Matthias... BIO_s_mem.pod: fix indirection for out parameter **pp
2018-03-05 Bernd EdlingerMinor style fixup on recent commit
2018-03-04 Rich SalzFix credit for SRP code
2018-03-03 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible memory leak in engine_table_register
2018-03-02 Viktor DukhovniFix wrong case in documentation of -CRLfile option
2018-03-01 Ivan FilenkoFix typo in ASN1_STRING_length doc
2018-02-26 Dr. Matthias... bio_b64.c: prevent base64 filter BIO from decoding...
2018-02-22 White_RabbitUpdate s_client doc adding xmpp as value for -starttls
2018-02-22 Philippe AntoineChecks ec_points_format extension size
2018-02-21 Pavel Kopyldo_body: fix heap-use-after-free.
2018-02-21 Pavel KopylX509V3_EXT_add_nconf_sk, X509v3_add_ext: fix errors...
2018-02-21 Matt CaswellSanity check the ticket length before using key name/IV
2018-02-13 Bernd EdlingerRemove code that prints "<SPACES/NULS>" in hexdumps
2018-02-09 Bernd EdlingerSwap the check in ssl3_write_pending to avoid using
2018-02-02 Andy PolyakovFix timing leak in BN_from_montgomery_word.
2018-02-01 David BenjaminDon't leak the exponent bit width in BN_mod_exp_mont_co...
2018-02-01 David BenjaminMake BN_num_bits_word constant-time.
2018-01-30 Matt CaswellMake sure we check an incoming reneg ClientHello in...