2017-08-28 Rich SalzAvoid out-of-bounds read
2017-08-25 Matt CaswellRemove an out of date reference to RT
2017-08-24 Rich SalzFix cherry-pick; move file.
2017-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Correct GCM docs.
2017-08-23 Rich SalzTweak wording to be more clear.
2017-08-22 PauliUse casts for arguments to ctype functions.
2017-08-18 Dr. Stephen... Set FIPS thread id callback.
2017-08-18 David von OheimbFix OCSP_basic_verify() cert chain construction in...
2017-08-18 Andy Polyakoverr/err.c: fix "wraparound" bug in ERR_set_error_data.
2017-08-17 Bernd EdlingerClear outputs in PKCS12_parse error handling.
2017-08-15 Richard LevitteFix 'no-cms'
2017-08-09 Xiaoyin LiuAdd missing HTML tag in www_body in s_server.c
2017-08-07 Bernd EdlingerAvoid surpising password dialog in X509 file lookup.
2017-08-07 Rich SalzAdd NOTTOOLONG macro for more clear code.
2017-08-04 Bernd EdlingerAdd a missing CRYPTO_w_unlock in get_cert_by_subject
2017-07-31 Bernd EdlingerFix an information leak in the RSA padding check code.
2017-07-29 Bernd EdlingerClean password buffer on stack for PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey
2017-07-28 Paul YangFix a reference nit in doc
2017-07-27 Paul YangBackport X509_check_private_key.pod
2017-07-27 David BenjaminFix comment typo.
2017-07-25 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: "optimize" for Knights Landing.
2017-07-25 Simon RichterFix installation on VC-WIN32 with nmake
2017-07-24 Xiaoyin Liuschlock global variable needs to be volatile
2017-07-24 Andy Polyakovevp/e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha256.c: give SHAEXT right priority.
2017-07-22 Dr. Stephen... Fix RSA-PSS in FIPS mode by switching digest implementa...
2017-07-20 Richard LevitteFix apps/s_client.c's XMPP client
2017-07-19 Matt CaswellRemove some dead code
2017-07-19 Matt CaswellFix undefined behaviour in e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha256.c...
2017-07-18 Emilia KasperRSA_padding_check_PKCS1_type_2 is not constant time.
2017-07-16 Bernd EdlingerBackport of 5b8fa43 and remove resolved TODO: see PR...
2017-07-15 simon-p-rfix copy and copy-if-different whitespace problem
2017-07-06 Richard LevitteAvoid possible memleak in X509_policy_check()
2017-07-05 Bernd EdlingerFix a memleak in X509_PKEY_new.
2017-07-05 Richard LevitteUndo one UI fix
2017-07-05 Richard LevitteFix small UI issues
2017-07-04 Rich SalzAdd echo for each build phase
2017-07-02 Bernd EdlingerFix a memleak in ec_GFp_mont_group_set_curve.
2017-07-02 Bernd EdlingerFix a memory leak in ecdh/ecdsa_check.
2017-06-25 Richard Levittetsget: remove call of WWW::Curl::Easy::global_cleanup
2017-06-21 Benjamin KadukRemove inadvertently commited test binaries
2017-06-21 Matt CaswellAdd documentation for the SSL_export_keying_material...
2017-06-17 Bernd EdlingerRemove a pointless "#if 0" block from BN_mul.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible crash in dsa_builtin_paramgen2.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix possible crash in X931 code.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerRemove the fallback from ERR_get_state because the
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible crash in the error handling.
2017-06-10 Rich SalzRemove needless type casting.
2017-06-10 Paul YangFix possible usage of NULL pointers in apps/spkac.c
2017-06-09 Jonathan ProtzenkoFix speed command for alternation of ciphers and digests.
2017-06-08 Benjamin KadukRemove stale note from s_server.pod
2017-06-08 Rich SalzFix a read off the end of the input buffer
2017-06-05 Rich SalzDocument default client -psk_identity
2017-06-05 Andy Polyakovec/asm/ minor sqr_montx cleanup.
2017-06-02 Rich SalzAdd text pointing to full change list.
2017-06-01 Todd ShortFix ex_data memory leak
2017-06-01 Diego Santa... Fix srp app missing NULL termination with password...
2017-06-01 Matt CaswellSend a protocol version alert
2017-05-26 Todd ShortFix inconsistent check of UNSAFE_LEGACY_RENEGOTIATION...
2017-05-25 Matt CaswellDocument that HMAC() with a NULL md is not thread safe
2017-05-25 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2m-dev
2017-05-25 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2l release OpenSSL_1_0_2l
2017-05-25 Matt Caswellmake update
2017-05-25 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for new release
2017-05-25 Bernd EdlingerIgnore -rle and -comp when compiled with OPENSSL_NO_COMP.
2017-05-17 Tomas MrazFix regression in openssl req -x509 behaviour.
2017-05-17 Richard LevitteRemove notification settings from appveyor.yml
2017-05-11 PauliRemove dead code.
2017-05-10 Matt CaswellCopy custom extension flags in a call to SSL_set_SSL_CTX()
2017-05-05 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ work around problem with hex...
2017-05-02 Matt CaswellFix some error path logic in i2v_AUTHORITY_INFO_ACCESS...
2017-05-02 Rich SalzRT2867: des_ede3_cfb1 ignored "size in bits" flag
2017-05-02 Rich SalzFix URL links in comment
2017-05-02 Todd ShortFix time offset calculation.
2017-04-30 Rich SalzCheck fflush on BIO_ctrl call
2017-04-27 Bernd EdlingerRemove unnecessary loop in pkey_rsa_decrypt.
2017-04-24 Rich Salzcheck length sanity before correcting in EVP_CTRL_AEAD_...
2017-04-24 Alex GaynorAnnotate ASN.1 attributes of the jurisdictionCountryNam...
2017-04-22 Camille GuérinFixed typo in X509_STORE_CTX_new description
2017-04-22 David BenjaminNumbers greater than 1 are usually non-negative.
2017-04-13 junfxpkeyutl exit with 0 if the verification succeeded
2017-04-11 Rich SalzAdditional check to handle BAD SSL_write retry
2017-04-04 Andy Polyakovcrypto/ppccap.c: SIGILL-free processor capabilities...
2017-04-03 Matt CaswellEnsure dhparams can handle X9.42 params in DER
2017-04-03 Matt CaswellAdd missing macros for DHxparams
2017-03-31 Jon SpillettFix for #2730. Add CRLDP extension to list of supported...
2017-03-29 Matt CaswellFree the compression methods in s_server and s_client
2017-03-29 Steven Collisondoc: Add stitched ciphers to EVP_EncryptInit.pod
2017-03-29 Steven Collisondoc: Add missing options in s_{server,client}
2017-03-29 Bernd EdlingerFix the error handling in CRYPTO_dup_ex_data.
2017-03-29 Jon SpillettAdd documentation for SNI APIs
2017-03-26 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/ relax stack alignment requirement.
2017-03-25 Bernd EdlingerFixed a gcc-7-strict-warnings issue.
2017-03-25 Bernd EdlingerDon't access memory before checking the correct length...
2017-03-24 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/ fix squaring code path.
2017-03-23 Richard LevitteGuard last few debugging printfs in libssl
2017-03-22 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/aesni-sha* fix IV handling in SHAEXT...
2017-03-21 Matt CaswellFix BAD CCS alert in DTLS
2017-03-21 Matt CaswellFix error paths in ASN1_TIME_to_generalizedtime
2017-03-21 Matt CaswellAvoid a mem leak on error
2017-03-20 Richard LevitteFix decoding of ASN.1 LONG and ZLONG items