2018-09-03 Shane Lontishmac_init cleanup and fix key zeroization issue
2018-09-03 Billy Brumley[test] throw error from wrapper function instead of...
2018-09-03 Billy Brumley[test] ECC: make sure negative tests pass for the right...
2018-09-03 wzhangFix the comment of PEM_read_bio_ex
2018-09-03 Richard LevitteRename SSL[_CTX]_add1_CA_list -> SSL[_CTX]_add1_to_CA_list
2018-09-03 Paul Kehreradd docs for OCSP_resp_get0_signature
2018-09-03 Paul Kehreradd getter for tbsResponseData and signatureAlgorithm...
2018-09-03 PauliCheck the return from BN_sub() in BN_X931_generate_Xpq().
2018-09-02 PauliCheck for a failure return from EVP_MD_CTX_new() in...
2018-09-02 Eric BrownRemove redundant ASN1_INTEGER_set call
2018-09-01 Matt CaswellAdd a note in the docs about sharing PSKs between TLSv1...
2018-09-01 Erik ForsbergFix ssl/t1_trce.c to parse certificate chains
2018-09-01 Hubert KarioTLSv1.3 related changes to man pages
2018-08-31 Andy PolyakovRevert ".travis.yml: omit linux-ppc64le target."
2018-08-30 Matt CaswellFree SSL object on an error path
2018-08-30 Matt CaswellFix a mem leak on error in the PSK code
2018-08-29 ymlbrightfix out-of-bounds write in sm2_crypt.c
2018-08-26 Andy Polyakovx509v3/v3_purp.c: refine lock-free check in x509v3_cach...
2018-08-26 Andy Polyakovinternal/tsan_assist.h: add tsan_ld_acq and tsan_st_rel.
2018-08-24 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/unix-Makefile.tmpl: address find portabi...
2018-08-24 Paul YangAdd semicolon at the end of the function prototypes
2018-08-24 Dmitry BelyavskiyDo not ignore EVP_PKEY_print_public/EVP_PKEY_print_priv...
2018-08-23 Andy Polyakovbn/bn_lib.c: conceal even memmory access pattern in...
2018-08-23 Andy Polyakovbn/bn_blind.c: use Montgomery multiplication when possible.
2018-08-23 Andy Polyakovrsa/rsa_ossl.c: implement variant of "Smooth CRT-RSA."
2018-08-23 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn: add more fixed-top routines.
2018-08-23 Kurt RoeckxUpdate fuzz corpora
2018-08-23 parassshFix typos in documentation.
2018-08-22 Matthias KraftExtend dladdr() for AIX, consequence from changes for...
2018-08-22 Andy Polyakovcrypto/init.c: improve destructor_key's portability.
2018-08-22 Andy Polyakovman3/OBJ_nid2obj.pod: mention failure code for OBJ_create.
2018-08-22 Andy Polyakovasn1/asn_moid.c: overhaul do_create.
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellIgnore the digest in req app if using EdDSA
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellImprove the usability of the ca app using EdDSA
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellFix BoringSSL external test failures
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellDon't detect a downgrade where the server has a protoco...
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellTest that a client protocol "hole" doesn't get detected...
2018-08-22 Matt CaswellUse the same min-max version range on the client consis...
2018-08-22 Dr. Matthias... rand_lib.c: Don't open random devices while cleaning up.
2018-08-22 Jakub WilkFix typos in documentation
2018-08-22 Tomas MrazAllow TLS-1.3 ciphersuites in @SECLEVEL=3 and above
2018-08-21 PauliZero memory in CRYPTO_secure_malloc.
2018-08-21 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.1.1-pre10-dev
2018-08-21 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.1.1-pre9 release OpenSSL_1_1_1-pre9
2018-08-21 Matt CaswellFix a version error in CHANGES and NEWS
2018-08-21 Nicola TuveriReplace GFp ladder implementation with ladd-2002-it...
2018-08-20 Matt CaswellAdd support for SSL_CTX_set_post_handshake_auth()
2018-08-20 Matt CaswellChange Post Handshake auth so that it is opt-in
2018-08-20 PauliCheck getauxval on systems that have it when checking...
2018-08-19 parassshFix typos and errors in Ed25519.pod documentation
2018-08-19 PauliAdd a helper routine so that evp_test can compare memor...
2018-08-19 Dr. Matthias... rand_unix.c: don't discard entropy bytes from /dev...
2018-08-19 Dr. Matthias... rand_unix.c: don't discard entropy bytes from syscall_r...
2018-08-19 Dr. Matthias... rand_unix.c: assimilate syscall_random() with getrandom(2)
2018-08-18 Andy PolyakovConfigure: don't probe for --noexecstack assembler...
2018-08-18 Dr. Matthias... test/recipes/30-test_evp_data: fix two typos
2018-08-17 Benjamin KadukAvoid shadowing 'free' in X509_LOOKUP_met_set_free
2018-08-17 Andy Polyakovcrypto/threads_*: remove CRYPTO_atomic_{read|write}.
2018-08-16 Richard LevitteConfigure: warn when 'none' is the chosen seed source
2018-08-16 Andy Polyakovinternal/refcount.h: overhaul fencing and add _MSC_VER...
2018-08-15 Matt CaswellFix a bug in test_sslversions
2018-08-15 Matt CaswellTurn on TLSv1.3 downgrade protection by default
2018-08-15 Matt CaswellUpdate code for the final RFC version of TLSv1.3 (RFC8446)
2018-08-15 PauliAdd SHA3 HMAC test vectors from NIST.
2018-08-14 Tomas MrazDeallocate previously loaded SSL CONF module data
2018-08-14 Philip PrindevilleTravis: don't generate git clone progress for logs
2018-08-14 Dmitry YakovlevMove SSL_DEBUG md fprintf after assignment
2018-08-14 Matt CaswellUpdates to CHANGES and NEWS for the new release.
2018-08-13 Andy Polyakovcrypto/o_fopen.c: alias fopen to fopen64.
2018-08-12 Richard LevitteConfiguration/15-android.conf: slightly move NDK canoni...
2018-08-12 Richard LevitteConfigurations/15-android.conf: Make sure that the...
2018-08-11 Richard Levittei2d_ASN1_OBJECT(): allocate memory if the user didn...
2018-08-09 PauliChange the OID references for X25519, X448, ED25519...
2018-08-09 Matt CaswellFix no-comp
2018-08-09 Matt CaswellRevert "stack/stack.c: omit redundant NULL checks."
2018-08-09 Matt CaswellAdd a test for TLSv1.3 fallback
2018-08-09 Matt CaswellImprove fallback protection
2018-08-08 Matt CaswellAdd a test for unencrypted alert
2018-08-08 Matt CaswellTolerate encrypted or plaintext alerts
2018-08-08 Matt CaswellEnsure that we write out alerts correctly after early_data
2018-08-08 Matt CaswellFix a missing call to SSLfatal
2018-08-07 Dr. Matthias... test/asn1_internal_test.c: silence the new check for...
2018-08-07 Rich SalzIncrease CT_NUMBER values
2018-08-07 Rich SalzFix setting of ssl_strings_inited.
2018-08-07 Richard LevitteCheck early that the config target exists and isn't...
2018-08-07 Patrick SteuerCHANGES: mention s390x assembly pack extensions
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovcrypto/mem.c: switch to tsan_assist.h in CRYPTO_MDEBUG.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovengine/eng_lib.c: remove redundant #ifdef.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovman3/OPENSSL_LH_COMPFUNC.pod: clarifications and updates.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovx509v3/v3_purp.c: re-implement lock-free check for...
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovx509v3/v3_purp.c: resolve Thread Sanitizer nit.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovssl/*: switch to switch to Thread-Sanitizer-friendly...
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovlhash/lhash.c: switch to Thread-Sanitizer-friendly...
2018-08-07 Andy PolyakovAdd internal/tsan_assist.h.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovstack/stack.c: omit redundant NULL checks.
2018-08-07 Andy PolyakovHarmonize use of sk_TYPE_find's return value.
2018-08-07 Andy Polyakovx509/x509name.c: fix potential crash in X509_NAME_get_t...
2018-08-07 Andy PolyakovINSTALL,NOTES.ANDROID: minor updates.
2018-08-07 Richard LevitteMake EVP_PKEY_asn1_new() stricter with its input
2018-08-07 PauliRelocate memcmp test.