2019-10-18 Dr. Matthias... rand_unix.c: correct include guard comments
2019-10-18 agnosticdevUpdate dgst.c to show a list of message digests
2019-10-18 Richard LevitteDoc for the added internal RSA functions
2019-10-18 Richard LevitteMove the version function declarations to include/opens...
2019-10-18 Richard LevitteRemove the version number in README
2019-10-18 Richard LevitteGenerate include/openssl/opensslv.h
2019-10-18 Richard LevitteConfigure: get version from the file 'VERSION' instead...
2019-10-17 Rich SalzReplace BUF_ string function calls with OPENSSL_ ones
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteMove BLAKE2 digests completely to the default provider
2019-10-17 Richard Levitteevp_keymgmt_export_to_provider(): adjust OSSL_PARAM...
2019-10-17 Richard Levittetest/keymgmt_internal_test.c: New test of keymgmt internals
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteNew RSA keymgmt implementation to handle import / expor...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteAdded internal functions for easy getting and setting...
2019-10-17 Cesar Pereida... Add GCD testing infrastructure.
2019-10-17 Cesar Pereida... Constant-time GCD function.
2019-10-17 Cesar Pereida... Unify BN_rshift design
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteDon't abuse the API when that's not what is tested
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteDSA: Add export of keys and domain parameters from...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteDH: Add export of keys and domain parameters from provider
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteDSA: Add export of domain parameters to provider
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteDH: Add export of domain parameters to provider
2019-10-17 Richard LevittePKEY: adapt the export_to_provider funtions to handle...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteConfigure: break long lines in build files
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteRename internal function name_cmp() to v3_name_cmp()
2019-10-17 Richard Levitteevp_generic_do_all(): fix passing of method data
2019-10-17 Richard Levitte'openssl list' and 'openssl provider': adapt display...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteEVP: add functions that return the name number
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteEVP: add name traversal functions to all fetchable...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteEVP: add missing common functionality
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteSome docs cleanup
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteFor provided ciphers, EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl() with EVP_CT...
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteEVP_{CIPHER,MD}_CTX_ctrl(): make extra sure to return...
2019-10-17 Robbie Harwood[KDF] Add feedback-mode and CMAC support to KBKDF
2019-10-16 Richard Levittedoc/man3/EVP_PKEY_CTX_new.pod: change markup according...
2019-10-16 Richard LevitteAdd EVP_PKEY_CTX_new_provided()
2019-10-16 Andreas SchnebingerFix typo and create compatibility macro
2019-10-16 Matt CaswellCorrectly handle SSL3 Master Secret when calling providers
2019-10-16 Shane LontisAdd ChaCha related ciphers to default provider
2019-10-16 Shane LontisFix missing Assembler defines
2019-10-15 Nicola Tuveri[ec_asn1.c] Avoid injecting seed when built-in matches
2019-10-15 Rich SalzRefactor many common flags into openssl.pod
2019-10-14 Rich SalzRemove duplicated line in 'openssl list' output
2019-10-14 Kurt RoeckxAdd BN_check_prime()
2019-10-14 Kurt RoeckxUse fewer primes for the trial division
2019-10-14 Richard LevitteMove MD2, MD4 and MD5 digests completely to the providers
2019-10-14 Rich SalzReplace '=for comment ifdef' with '=for openssl'
2019-10-14 Richard LevitteBuilding: Add modules with DEPENDs to GENERATEd files
2019-10-14 Richard LevitteRestore MD5-SHA1 in legacy method database
2019-10-14 Richard LevitteKDF: clean away old EVP_KDF declarations
2019-10-10 PauliRemove providers/default which seems to have been missed.
2019-10-13 Dr. Matthias... Configure: accept Windows style compiler options
2019-10-12 Viktor DukhovniIgnore empty ALPN elements in CLI args
2019-10-11 Richard LevitteRemove EVP_CIPH_FLAG_CUSTOM_CIPHER in all our providers
2019-10-11 Richard LevitteProviders: fix OSSL_FUNC_CIPHER_CIPHER functions
2019-10-11 Richard LevitteFix EVP_Cipher() for provided cipher implementations
2019-10-11 Richard LevittePOD: stop abusing comment
2019-10-11 Matt CaswellAdd a test for EVP_Digest[Sign|Verify]* with a BIO MD
2019-10-11 Matt CaswellSupport calling EVP_DigestUpdate instead of EVP_Digest...
2019-10-11 Matt CaswellDon't use internal knowledge about EVP_MD_CTX in and...
2019-10-11 Richard LevitteDoc: update internal manual
2019-10-11 Richard LevitteStop using EVP_MD_CTX_FLAG_NON_FIPS_ALLOW
2019-10-10 Viktor SzakatsFix unused goto label gcc warning
2019-10-10 Artiom Vaskovssl/statem/statem_lib.c: make servercontext/clientconte...
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteCleanup: move provider mains up
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteCleanup: move remaining providers/common/include/intern...
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteCleanup: move providers/common/include/internal/provide...
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteProviders: move all ciphers
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteProviders: move all digests
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteProviders: move default kdfs,macs
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteProviders: move common exchange,kdfs,keymgmt,macs,signature
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteRework how our providers are built
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteBuild files: Make it possible to source libraries into...
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteConfigurations/common.tmpl: Rework dependency resolution
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteConfigure: Implement attributes for DEPEND[xxx]
2019-10-10 Richard LevitteConfigure: rework grammar and attributes
2019-10-09 Rich SalzExplicitly test against NULL; do not use !p or similar
2019-10-09 Rich SalzRefactor -passin/-passout documentation
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteDocument syntax internally
2019-10-09 Rich SalzFix reference to PEM docs
2019-10-09 Richard Levitteutil/find-doc-nits: ignore tsget.pod name
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: more reference fixes
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: rename openssl-tsget.pod to tsget.pod...
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: diverse small fixes
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: fix some engine references
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: wrap literal input/output with C<>
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: wrap literal file names with F<>
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: fix links to other sections (sometimes...
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: fix up command references
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: replacables are in italics, options alway...
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: remove ellipses for '-rand'
2019-10-09 Richard LevitteCommand docs: fix ellipses, the easy cases
2019-10-08 Shane LontisFix CMP test error on platforms which set OPENSSL_FUNC...
2019-10-08 Shane LontisAdd rc2 ciphers to default provider
2019-10-07 Shane LontisMove cipher ctx 'original iv' parameter into the provider
2019-10-07 Richard LevitteAdd documentation for PEM_{read,write}_bio_Parameters()
2019-10-07 Rich SalzFix typo in flag name
2019-10-07 Matt CaswellFix no-autoerrinit
2019-10-07 Matt CaswellSend bad_record_mac instead of decryption_failed
2019-10-06 Paul YangSupport SM2 in apps/speed
2019-10-06 Richard LevitteEVP_{CIPHER,MD}_CTX_ctrl(): make sure to return 0 or 1