2016-05-13 Dr. Stephen... Correct documentation on digest used.
2016-05-13 Dr. Stephen... Fix signer option and support format SMIME.
2016-05-12 Richard LevitteWindows: When installing libraries and executables...
2016-05-12 Richard LevitteDJGPP adjustments
2016-05-12 Richard LevitteMove the DJGPP target to its own config.
2016-05-12 Rich SalzFix uninitialized variable
2016-05-12 Emilia KasperRemove proxy tests. Add verify callback tests.
2016-05-12 Emilia KasperAppease ubsan
2016-05-12 Dr. Stephen... Correctly check for trailing digest options.
2016-05-12 Richard LevitteRemove openssl.spec
2016-05-12 Dr. Stephen... Restore support for ENGINE format keys in apps.
2016-05-12 Dmitry BelyavskyDon't use GOST ciphersuites with DTLS.
2016-05-12 Dr. Stephen... Don't leak memory if realloc fails.
2016-05-12 Richard LevitteAdd a case for 64-bit OS X in config
2016-05-11 Viktor DukhovniFix TLSProxy race by adding missing eval
2016-05-11 Rich SalzRecommend GH over RT, per team vote.
2016-05-11 Richard Levittemake update
2016-05-11 Dr. Stephen... typo
2016-05-11 Dr. Stephen... Update pkcs8 defaults.
2016-05-11 Steven ValdezAdding missing BN_CTX_(start/end) in crypto/ec/ec_key.c
2016-05-11 Emilia KasperReplace cipherlist test
2016-05-11 Matt CaswellMake null_compression const
2016-05-11 David BenjaminFix V2ClientHello handling.
2016-05-11 Dr. Stephen... Add -signcert to usage message.
2016-05-11 Viktor DukhovniFix i2d_X509_AUX, update docs and add tests
2016-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Add a couple of checks to prime app.
2016-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Add -srp option to ciphers command.
2016-05-10 Andy Polyakovcrypto/des: remove obsolete functions.
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovConfigurations: engage MIPS64 Poly1305 module.
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovMIPS64 assembly pack: add Poly1305 module.
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovConfigure: replace which() with IPC::Cmd::can_run.
2016-05-10 Andy Polyakovwindows-makefile.tmpl: minor adjustments.
2016-05-10 Andy Polyakovutil/ omit ordinals from Windows DLLs.
2016-05-10 Dr. Stephen... Typo.
2016-05-10 Richard LevitteFix the docs for ERR_remove_thread_state and ERR_remove...
2016-05-10 Richard LevitteRestore the ERR_remove_thread_state() API and make...
2016-05-10 Richard LevitteHave [.VMS]openssl_{startup,shutdown}.com depend on...
2016-05-10 Richard LevitteFix VMS/openssl_{startup,shutddown}
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovConfigure: adhere to $(CROSS_COMPILE)ranlib.
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovConfigure: make it work with Perl 5.10.
2016-05-10 Andy PolyakovIRIX fixes.
2016-05-09 Richard LevitteAdd NULL check in i2d_PrivateKey()
2016-05-09 David BenjaminDon't send signature algorithms when client_version...
2016-05-09 Matt CaswellFix BIO_eof() for BIO pairs
2016-05-09 Hansruedi PatzenFix: failed to open config file if not specified when...
2016-05-09 Richard LevitteVMS: support VERBOSE and V in descrip.mms
2016-05-09 Dr. Stephen... Recognise VERBOSE and V as well as HARNESS_VERBOSE
2016-05-09 Rich SalzMissing credit in CHANGES
2016-05-09 Andrea GrandiFix error in the loop of ECDH
2016-05-09 Matt CaswellFree any existing SRTP connection profile
2016-05-09 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/windows-makefile.tmpl: expand environmen...
2016-05-09 FdaSilvaYYfix tab-space mixed indentation
2016-05-09 J Mohan Rao... fix check
2016-05-09 J Mohan Rao... few missing allocation failure checks and releases...
2016-05-07 Ben Lauriememset() doesn't take NULL.
2016-05-07 Ben LaurieAdd fuzzing!
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Constify PKCS12_newpass()
2016-05-06 Jeffrey WaltonAdd documentation of PKCS12_newpass()
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Tidy up PKCS12_newpass() fix memory leaks.
2016-05-06 Dr. Stephen... Only set CMS parameter when encrypting
2016-05-06 isnotnickRT3513: req doesn't display attributes using utf8string
2016-05-06 Andy PolyakovREADME.PERL: clarify "matching" Perl requirement on...
2016-05-06 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/asm/ contain symbols within...
2016-05-06 Andy Polyakovpoly1305/asm/ make it cross-compile.
2016-05-06 Andy Polyakovtestlib/OpenSSL/ address 5.10 warnings.
2016-05-06 Andy Polyakovtest/evp_test.c: exercise different combinations of...
2016-05-05 Dr. Stephen... Use default ASN.1 for SEED.
2016-05-05 Dr. Stephen... typo
2016-05-05 Rich SalzMove 3DES from HIGH to MEDIUM
2016-05-05 Dr. Stephen... Always try to set ASN.1 parameters for CMS.
2016-05-05 Sergio Garcia... GH356: Change assert to normal error
2016-05-05 Matt CaswellHandle no async jobs in libssl
2016-05-05 Emilia KasperDocument inversion ladder in curve25519
2016-05-05 Rich SalzScript changed; update the generated file.
2016-05-05 Matt CaswellImprove heartbeats coding style
2016-05-05 Rich SalzTweak generated warning lines.
2016-05-05 J Mohan Rao... remove unused macros in list -disabled
2016-05-05 FdaSilvaYYFix spelling
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... support embed in ASN.1 print
2016-05-04 Richard LevitteComplete the list of names in doc/ssl/SSL_CTX_load_veri...
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix name length limit check.
2016-05-04 Richard LevitteCheck return of PEM_write_* functions and report possib...
2016-05-04 Marek KleinDEFINE_STACK_OF(ASN1_UTF8STRING) moved from ts_lcl...
2016-05-04 Matt CaswellHandle malloc failures in BIO_accept
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... reject zero block length in PKCS12 keygen
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix Blake block length
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... add documentation
2016-05-04 Dr. Stephen... Fix double free in d2i_PrivateKey().
2016-05-04 FdaSilvaYYGH932: Add more help messages to some apps options.
2016-05-04 Matt CaswellFix the no-tls option
2016-05-04 Matt CaswellRemove stale errors from early connection attempts...
2016-05-04 Richard LevitteAllow spaces in filenames when using perl's glob
2016-05-04 Andy PolyakovAlpha assembly pack: make it work on Linux.
2016-05-04 Andy PolyakovMIPS assembly pack: fix MIPS64 assembler warnings.
2016-05-03 Andy PolyakovConfigurations/unix-Makefile.tmpl: don't count on ...
2016-05-03 Andy PolyakovTru64 fixes.
2016-05-03 Viktor DukhovniDrop duplicate ctx->verify_cb assignment
2016-05-03 Christian BundyUpdate Diffie-Hellman parameters to IANA standards
2016-05-03 Matt CaswellUpdate CHANGES and NEWS for the new release
2016-05-03 Kurt RoeckxCheck that we have enough padding characters.