2011-08-29 Dr. Stephen... Fix ecdh primitives test command line.
2011-08-27 Andy Polyakovbn_exp.c: improve portability.
2011-08-27 Andy Polyakovutil/incore: fix typo.
2011-08-27 Dr. Stephen... Add support for DSA2 PQG generation of g parameter.
2011-08-26 Dr. Stephen... Add support for canonical generation of DSA parameter g.
2011-08-25 Dr. Stephen... Fix warning.
2011-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Don't use some object files in FIPS build.
2011-08-23 Dr. Stephen... Rename sparc symbols.
2011-08-23 Andy PolyakovAdd RC4-MD5 and AESNI-SHA1 "stitched" implementations.
2011-08-22 Andy Polyakoveng_rsax.c: improve portability.
2011-08-19 Dr. Stephen... Correct maximum request length. SP800-90 quotes maximum...
2011-08-19 Andy make it work with ml64.
2011-08-18 Dr. Stephen... Fix to still work with old test vectors.
2011-08-16 Dr. Stephen... typo
2011-08-16 Dr. Stephen... Update instructions to recommend use of included incore...
2011-08-16 Andy get commit#21249 right.
2011-08-15 Dr. Stephen... Delete library install from Makefile.fips: it isn't...
2011-08-15 Dr. Stephen... quote LIBS to copy with empty string
2011-08-15 Dr. Stephen... Enable rsa-pss0 for non-v2 tests.
2011-08-14 Dr. Stephen... Remove hard coded ecdsaWithSHA1 hack in ssl routines...
2011-08-14 Andy Polyakovbn_div.c: remove duplicate code by merging BN_div and...
2011-08-14 Andy add missing Win64 support.
2011-08-14 Andy Polyakoveng_rdrand.c: make it link in './config 386' case.
2011-08-13 Andy profiler-assisted optimization gives...
2011-08-12 Andy PolyakovSPARC assembler pack: fix FIPS linking errors.
2011-08-12 Andy fix movzw.
2011-08-12 Andy PolyakovThis commit completes recent modular exponentiation...
2011-08-12 Andy fix alignment bug.
2011-08-11 Dr. Stephen... aesni TLS GCM support
2011-08-11 Dr. Stephen... prevent compilation errors and warnings
2011-08-11 Dr. Stephen... Include armcap.c in fips tarball.
2011-08-11 Dr. Stephen... Remove redundant assignment.
2011-08-10 Andy PolyakovAdd provisory support for RDRAND instruction.
2011-08-09 Andy futher optimization resulting in up...
2011-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Add HMAC DRBG from SP800-90
2011-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Use "resp" for default directory name for .rsp files.
2011-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Fix DSA to skip EOL test when parsing mod line.
2011-08-08 Dr. Stephen... Initial support for tests for 2.0 module. Not complete...
2011-08-07 Andy Polyakovaes/asm/aesni-*.pl: fix CCM and further optimize it.
2011-08-03 Dr. Stephen... fix memory leak
2011-08-03 Dr. Stephen... Expand range of ctrls for AES GCM to support retrieval...
2011-07-28 Dr. Stephen... recognise ecdsaWithSHA1 OID
2011-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Fix warnings.
2011-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Update CHANGES.
2011-07-25 Dr. Stephen... oops, remove debug option
2011-07-25 Dr. Stephen... Add HMAC ECC ciphersuites from RFC5289. Include SHA384...
2011-07-23 Andy Polyakovcryptlib.c: OPENSSL_ia32cap environment variable to...
2011-07-22 Dr. Stephen... More symbol renaming.
2011-07-22 Dr. Stephen... Make sure OPENSSL_FIPSCANISTER is visible to ARM assemb...
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovutil/incore: fix brown-bag bug.
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovutil/incore: make transition smoother.
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovfips_canister.c: add support for embedded ppc linux.
2011-07-21 Dr. Stephen... stop warnings
2011-07-21 Dr. Stephen... Rename another symbol.
2011-07-20 Andy minor optimization favoring embedded proces...
2011-07-20 Andy PolyakovAdd RSAX builtin engine. It optimizes RSA1024 sign...
2011-07-20 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2559
2011-07-20 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2555
2011-07-20 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2550
2011-07-18 Andy minor optimization of sha256.
2011-07-18 Dr. Stephen... Add support for ECCCDH test format.
2011-07-17 Andy PolyakovARM assembler pack: add platform run-time detection.
2011-07-14 Dr. Stephen... PR: 2556 (partial)
2011-07-13 Andy Polyakovfips/Makefile: HP-UX-specific update.
2011-07-13 Andy Polyakovms/uplink.c: fix Visual Studio 2010 warning.
2011-07-13 Andy Polyakovconfig: detect if assembler supports --noexecstack...
2011-07-13 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ fix tail processing bug.
2011-07-11 Andy Polyakovssl/ssl_ciph.c: allow to switch to predefined "composit...
2011-07-11 Andy Polyakovssl/t1_enc.c: initial support for AEAD ciphers.
2011-07-11 Andy Polyakovevp.h: add flag to distinguish AEAD ciphers and pair...
2011-07-11 Bodo MöllerFix typo.
2011-07-05 Richard LevitteAdd a tool that (semi)automatically created the API...
2011-07-05 Dr. Stephen... Rename symbol.
2011-07-05 Andy add squaring procedure and improve...
2011-07-04 Dr. Stephen... Add functions to return FIPS module version.
2011-07-04 Andy sha1 and md5 warnings made it to nasm...
2011-07-04 Andy nasm 2.07 screws up labels if AVX path...
2011-07-04 Andy commentary update (final performance...
2011-07-03 Dr. Stephen... If make clean fails it is not a fatal error.
2011-07-02 Dr. Stephen... Additional error checking.
2011-07-01 Andy fix win64-specific typos and add masm...
2011-07-01 Andy masm-specific update.
2011-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Delete any EXARG value first.
2011-07-01 Dr. Stephen... Add no-asm argument to Configure if needed.
2011-06-30 Dr. Stephen... Recognise fipscheck option and call fipsas for WIN64...
2011-06-28 Andy Polyakovcrypto/aes/Makefile: make it work on IRIX.
2011-06-28 Andy Polyakovcrypto/whrlpool/wp_block.c: harmonize OPENSSL_ia32cap_P.
2011-06-28 Andy Polyakovcrypto/sha/asm/sha[1|512] minor updates.
2011-06-28 Andy add Atom performance results.
2011-06-28 Andy remove redundant instructions.
2011-06-28 Andy Polyakovcrypto/bn/Makefile: fix typo.
2011-06-27 Dr. Stephen... auto detect configuration using KERNEL_BITS and CC
2011-06-27 Andy PolyakovConfigure: clean up linux32-s390x line.
2011-06-27 Andy Polyakovs390x assembler pack: add and harmonize...
2011-06-27 Andy commentary update.
2011-06-27 Andy PolyakovMinor x86_64 perlasm update.
2011-06-26 Dr. Stephen... Fix CPRNG test for Hash DRBG.
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen... typo
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen... Add stub for HMAC DRBG.
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen... allow KERNEL_BITS to be specified in the environment