Add HMAC ECC ciphersuites from RFC5289. Include SHA384 PRF support and
[openssl.git] / util /
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovutil/incore: fix brown-bag bug.
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovutil/incore: make transition smoother.
2011-07-22 Andy Polyakovfips_canister.c: add support for embedded ppc linux.
2011-07-02 Dr. Stephen HensonAdditional error checking.
2011-06-30 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise fipscheck option and call fipsas for WIN64...
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen Hensonget the filename right
2011-06-24 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd sparcv9cap.c to restricted tarball.
2011-06-22 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-06-22 Dr. Stephen HensonNow the FIPS capable OpenSSL is available simplify...
2011-06-18 Dr. Stephen HensonStrip CRs when installing fips_premain.c Correct compat...
2011-06-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate to and ms\do_fips.bat to install releva...
2011-06-12 Dr. Stephen Hensonsync and update ordinals
2011-06-12 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't export functions marked as FIPSCAPABLE.
2011-05-19 Dr. Stephen Hensonoops
2011-05-19 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate date
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise NO_NISTP224-64-GCC-128
2011-05-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd SSL_INTERN definition.
2011-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonSync ordinals.
2011-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonInlcude README.ECC in FIPS restricted tarball.
2011-05-07 Dr. Stephen HensonOmit GF2m properly this time ;-)
2011-05-07 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't include GF2m source files is NOEC2M set.
2011-05-06 Dr. Stephen HensonGet OPENSSL_FIPSSYMS from environment in
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd ppc_cap.c to restricted tarball.
2011-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonReconise no-ec-nistp224-64-gcc-128 option.
2011-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonMake fipscanisteronly auto detect work on WIN32.
2011-04-21 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2011-04-18 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd fips/cmac directory to WIN32 build.
2011-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd mem_clr.c explicity for no-asm builds.
2011-04-10 Dr. Stephen HensonAuto detect no-ec2m add option to make no-ec2m tarball.
2011-04-10 Dr. Stephen HensonAuto configure for fips is from restricted tarball.
2011-04-02 Dr. Stephen HensonMake WIN32 static builds work again.
2011-03-25 Dr. Stephen HensonAllow setting of get_entropy and get_nonce callbacks...
2011-03-25 Richard Levitte* Configure, crypto/ec/ec.h, crypto/ec/ecp_nistp224...
2011-03-24 Richard Levittemake update
2011-03-23 Richard Levittemake update (1.1.0-dev)
2011-03-22 Richard Levitte* util/ Add crypto/o_str.h and crypto/o_time...
2011-03-12 Ben LaurieAdd SRP support.
2011-02-23 Dr. Stephen HensonMake -DOPENSSL_FIPSSYMS work under WIN32: run perl...
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonMake work with fipscanisteronly.
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonInclude ms directory for fips distribution.
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonMake fipscanisteronly work with WIN32 build system.
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd fips/ecdsa directory to
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove duplicate test rule.
2011-02-22 Dr. Stephen HensonRemoving debugging print.
2011-02-21 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-02-21 Dr. Stephen HensonInitial perl script to filter out unneeded files for...
2011-02-21 Dr. Stephen Henson*** empty log message ***
2011-02-21 Dr. Stephen HensonMake fipscanisteronly build only required files.
2011-02-17 Dr. Stephen HensonMake -DOPENSSL_FIPSSYMS work for assembly language...
2011-02-17 Dr. Stephen HensonExperimental perl script to edit assembly language...
2011-02-14 Dr. Stephen HensonInclude support for an add_lock callback to tiny FIPS...
2011-02-12 Dr. Stephen HensonMake no-ec2m work on Win32 build. Add nexprotoneg suppo...
2011-02-11 Dr. Stephen HensonMake Windows build work with GCM.
2011-02-08 Bodo MöllerOCSP stapling fix (OpenSSL 0.9.8r/1.0.0d)
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd FIPS support to the WIN32 build system.
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd -stripcr option to from 0.9.8
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd Windows FIPS build utilities.
2011-02-03 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd FIPS support to script, update ordinals.
2011-02-03 Bodo MöllerAssorted bugfixes:
2011-02-03 Bodo Möllermake update
2011-01-26 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate for use fips directory, add
2010-12-03 Dr. Stephen Hensonignore leading null fields
2010-09-13 Andy default to nasm if neither nasm or nasmw...
2010-09-02 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake no-gost work on Windows
2010-08-26 Dr. Stephen Hensonsync and update ordinals
2010-08-24 Andy Polyakovutil/ maintainer's update.
2010-07-25 Dr. Stephen HensonSync ordinals and update.
2010-07-25 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd modes.h and cmac to WIN32 build system.
2010-07-24 Dr. Stephen HensonFix WIN32 build system to correctly link ENGINE DLLs...
2010-06-09 Andy fix /Fd name generation.
2010-06-01 Andy unconditionally generate symbols.pdb.
2010-04-06 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2220
2010-03-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonsync ordinals with 1.0.0
2010-02-09 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate year
2010-02-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2010-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd flags functions which were added to 0.9.8 for fips...
2010-01-26 Dr. Stephen HensonOPENSSL_isservice is now defined on all platforms not...
2010-01-26 Dr. Stephen Hensonexport OPENSSL_isservice and make update
2010-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport -L options in VC++ link.
2010-01-15 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2010-01-12 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate and sync ordinals
2010-01-05 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2132
2009-11-19 Andy Polyakovutil/pl/ bufferoverflowu.lib only when actuall...
2009-11-15 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2101 (additional)
2009-11-11 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2098
2009-11-09 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake udpate
2009-10-18 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2009-10-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2009-09-20 Dr. Stephen HensonOoops, missing close quote
2009-09-20 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd version info for VC-WIN64I too
2009-09-19 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2048
2009-09-06 Dr. Stephen HensonMake update, deleting bogus DTLS error code
2009-08-12 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate default dependency flags.
2009-07-08 Dr. Stephen HensonMake update.
2009-06-30 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdates from 1.0.0-stable
2009-06-17 Dr. Stephen HensonRename asc2uni and uni2asc functions to avoid clashes.
2009-06-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 1958
2009-05-28 Dr. Stephen HensonSync ordinals from 1.0.0-stable