Allow multiple IDN xn-- indicators
[openssl.git] / util /
2015-01-08 Matt CaswellFix build failure on Windows due to undefined cflags...
2015-01-06 Matt CaswellRemove blank line from start of cflags character array...
2015-01-05 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2014-12-19 Matt CaswellFix a problem if CFLAGS is too long cversion.c fails...
2014-11-27 GuenterNetWare compilation fix.
2014-11-19 Dr. Stephen HensonNew option no-ssl3-method which removes SSLv3_*method
2014-10-20 Tim Hudsonno-ssl2 with no-ssl3 does not mean drop the ssl lib
2014-10-15 Matt CaswellFix SRTP compile issues for windows
2014-10-06 Ben LaurieFix single makefile.
2014-09-23 Emilia Kaspermake update
2014-08-28 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2014-07-24 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd conditional unit testing interface.
2014-07-20 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd test header to Makefile, update ordinals
2014-07-07 Viktor DukhovniImplement sk_deep_copy.
2014-06-12 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2014-06-12 Dr. Stephen HensonFix Windows build.
2014-06-10 Dr. Stephen HensonRemove experimental DANE code.
2014-05-24 Ben LaurieOnly copy opensslconf.h at init time.
2014-04-30 Geoff Thorpeutil/ fix perl warning
2014-03-12 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2014-03-02 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd new VMS hack symbol, update ordinals.
2014-02-25 Andy Polyakovutil/pl/ harmonize with 1.0.1 and fix typo.
2014-02-24 Dr. Stephen Hensonwe need /MD for fips builds
2014-02-24 Andy refresh Borland C support.
2014-02-20 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't use getcwd in non-copy builds.
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't override $srcd for non copy builds.
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise multiblock
2014-02-15 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd /fixed flag for FIPS links where appropriate.
2014-02-09 Dr. Stephen HensonMake upate.
2014-02-09 Ben LaurieMerge branch '102_stable_tlsext_suppdata_changes' of...
2014-02-09 Ben LaurieAdd new asm modules.
2014-02-06 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2014-02-01 Andy Polyakovutil/pl/ fix typo.
2014-02-01 Andy Polyakovutil/pl/ refresh, switch to ws2, add crypt32...
2014-02-01 Andy PolyakovImprove WINCE support.
2014-01-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2014-01-23 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2013-12-01 Dr. Stephen HensonRecongnise no-dane and no-libunbound
2013-12-01 Dr. Stephen Hensonmake update
2013-11-14 Piotr SikoraFix compilation with no-nextprotoneg.
2013-11-12 Andy PolyakovMake Makefiles OSF-make-friendly.
2013-10-20 Dr. Stephen HensonFix no-ssl-trace
2013-10-05 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into pre-aead
2013-10-04 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into agl-1.0.2aead
2013-10-04 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable' into agl-1.0.2aead
2013-10-03 Ben LaurieMake it build and test.
2013-07-31 Ben LaurieSupport new rsaz asm stuff.
2013-07-03 TrevorTrying cherrypick:
2013-06-13 Ben LaurieBackport single makefile from master.
2013-03-04 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2013-02-06 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd ordinal for CRYPTO_memcmp: since this will affect...
2012-12-29 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2012-12-26 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2012-12-26 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2012-12-26 Dr. Stephen HensonSSL/TLS record tracing code (backport from HEAD).
2012-12-16 Andy fix typo [from HEAD].
2012-10-29 Andy PolyakovCumulative updates from HEAD.
2012-10-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonuse correct year automatically
2012-07-03 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2840
2012-04-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate year
2012-04-07 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise DECLARE_PEM_write_const, update ordinals
2012-03-31 Andy Polyakovutil/ update [from HEAD].
2012-03-21 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2012-02-12 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2708
2012-01-05 Dr. Stephen HensonPR: 2652
2011-12-31 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise HEARTBEATS in script
2011-12-27 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix deprecated statement
2011-12-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise no-sctp
2011-12-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2011-12-25 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise SCTP in script
2011-12-23 Dr. Stephen Hensondelete unimplemented function from header file, update...
2011-12-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2011-11-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2011-11-22 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd cryptlib.h to
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd strp.h to headers
2011-11-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonrecognise NEXTPROTONEG
2011-10-21 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise new ECC option (from HEAD).
2011-10-19 Bodo Möller"make update"
2011-10-19 Bodo MöllerFix warnings.
2011-10-15 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise no-rsax option.
2011-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2011-10-09 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2011-08-26 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2011-07-08 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.
2011-06-18 Dr. Stephen HensonSet FIPSLINK correctly now trailing slash is removed...
2011-06-18 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't add trailing slash to FIPSDIR: it causes problems...
2011-06-17 Dr. Stephen HensonPreliminary WIN32 support for FIPS capable OpenSSL...
2011-06-10 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate ordinals
2011-06-10 Dr. Stephen Hensonadd cmac to Windows build, update ordinals
2011-06-06 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise "fips" in script.
2011-06-06 Dr. Stephen HensonBackport from HEAD:
2011-05-19 Dr. Stephen Hensonupdate date
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise and ignore no-ec-nistp224-64-gcc-128 (from...
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2011-05-13 Dr. Stephen HensonRecognise NO_NISTP224-64-GCC-128
2011-05-12 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd SSL_INTERN definition.
2011-05-12 Dr. Stephen HensonHave EC_NISTP224_64_GCC_128 treated like any algorithm...
2011-05-11 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ordinals.