Add SSL_CTX_set1_cert_store()
[openssl.git] / util / libssl.num
2016-11-01 Todd ShortAdd SSL_CTX_set1_cert_store()
2016-08-17 Remi GacogneAdd missing session id and tlsext_status accessors
2016-08-12 Rich SalzGH1446: Add SSL_SESSION_get0_cipher
2016-08-05 Richard Levittemake update
2016-07-29 Matt CaswellSimplify and rename SSL_set_rbio() and SSL_set_wbio()
2016-07-12 Viktor DukhovniMake update
2016-06-08 Rich SalzAdd some accessor API's
2016-06-01 Rich SalzRemove NOEXIST entries
2016-05-31 Matt Caswellmake update
2016-05-16 Alessandro GhediniAdd SSL_client_version() getter function
2016-04-14 Lyon ChenAdd SSL_SESSION_get0_hostname()
2016-04-13 Richard LevitteCleanup libcrypto.num and make update
2016-04-13 Matt Caswellmake update
2016-04-11 Kazuki YamaguchiAdd SSL_CTX_get_ciphers()
2016-04-07 Viktor Dukhovnimake update
2016-03-22 Rich SalzHave only one DSO_METHOD_openssl
2016-03-10 Rob Percivalcheck reviewer --reviewer=emilia
2016-03-10 Kurt RoeckxRun make update
2016-03-08 Alessandro GhediniConvert CRYPTO_LOCK_SSL_* to new multi-threading API
2016-03-08 Matt CaswellAdd an SSL_has_pending() function
2016-03-08 Matt CaswellAdd an ability to set the SSL read buffer size
2016-03-08 Todd ShortAdd cipher query functions
2016-03-07 Matt CaswellAdd an SSL_has_pending() function
2016-03-07 Matt CaswellAdd an ability to set the SSL read buffer size
2016-03-05 Richard LevitteNew ordinal files, recreated from scratch