TEST: Add provider_fallback_test, to test aspects of fallback providers
[openssl.git] / test / build.info
2020-06-04 Richard LevitteTEST: Add provider_fallback_test, to test aspects of...
2020-05-26 Shane LontisFix ERR_print_errors so that it matches the documented...
2020-05-18 Matt CaswellDelete the sslprovider test
2020-04-02 Dr. David von OheimbHTTP client: make server/proxy and port params more...
2020-04-02 Dr. David von Oheimb Chunk 10 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL: CMP http...
2020-03-25 Dr. David von OheimbChunk 9 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL: CMP client...
2020-03-11 Patrick SteuerAES CTR-DRGB: add test for 32-bit counter overflow
2020-03-10 Dr. David von OheimbChunk 8 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL: CMP server...
2020-03-06 Rich SalzUse .cnf for config files, not .conf
2020-03-03 Shane LontisAdd Serializers for EC
2020-02-20 PauliDeprecate the low level Diffie-Hellman functions.
2020-02-20 PauliDeprecate the low level RSA functions.
2020-02-17 Dr. David von Oheimbchunk 7 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL
2020-02-16 Shane LontisAdd FFC param/key validation
2020-02-11 PauliDeprecate the low level DSA functions.
2020-02-10 Dr. David von OheimbGeneralize the HTTP client so far implemented mostly...
2020-02-07 Richard LevitteAdapt all build.info and test recipes to the new $disab...
2020-02-06 Matt CaswellAdd a test for SSL_CTX_new_with_libctx()
2020-02-04 PauliDeprecate the ECDSA and EV_KEY_METHOD functions.
2020-01-29 PauliDeprecate the low level HMAC functions
2020-01-24 PauliDeprecate the low level DES functions.
2020-01-19 PauliDeprecate the low level IDEA functions.
2020-01-19 PauliDeprecate the low level SHA functions.
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC5 functions
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC4 functions
2020-01-15 PauliDeprecate the low level RC2 functions
2020-01-14 PauliThe MD2 test uses the EVP APIs not the low level ones.
2020-01-13 Matt CaswellDeprecate the Low Level CAST APIs
2020-01-12 PauliDeprecate the low level MDC2 functions.
2020-01-09 Dr. David von Oheimbfix dependencies of cmp_{msg,protect}_test.c in test...
2020-01-08 Matt CaswellDeprecate Low Level Blowfish APIs
2020-01-06 Matt CaswellDeprecate the low level AES functions
2019-12-18 Richard LevitteTEST: Add test recipe and help program to test BIO_f_pr...
2019-12-18 Richard LevitteAPPS & TEST: Adapt to use the new BIO_f_prefix()
2019-12-12 Dr. David von Oheimbchunk 6 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL
2019-12-11 Veres LajosFix some typos
2019-11-29 Richard LevitteTEST: add tests of text and PEM printout of a provider...
2019-11-27 Richard Levittetest/cipher_overhead_test.c: build unconditionally
2019-11-14 Patrick Steuertestutil/init.c rename to testutil/testutil_init.c
2019-11-12 Richard LevitteAdd a tester of OpenSSL config files and test the curre...
2019-11-07 Richard LevitteAdd a test for EVP_PKEY_keymake() and EVP_PKEY_make()
2019-11-03 Richard Levittetest/build.info: add missing inclusion for ssl_ctx_test
2019-11-02 Christian HeimesAdd test cases for min/max protocol API
2019-10-29 Dr. David von Oheimbchunk 5 of CMP contribution to OpenSSL
2019-10-17 Richard Levittetest/keymgmt_internal_test.c: New test of keymgmt internals
2019-10-17 Richard LevitteAdded internal functions for easy getting and setting...
2019-09-28 Dr. Matthias St... Reorganize private crypto header files
2019-09-27 Dr. David von Oheimb Certificate Management Protocol (CMP, RFC 4210...
2019-09-15 Shane LontisAdd fips module integrity check
2019-09-04 Richard LevitteMove libapps.a source to apps/lib
2019-07-28 PauliAdd weak platform independent PRNG to test framework.
2019-07-17 PauliParameter building utilities.
2019-07-15 Shane LontisAdd Common shared code needed to move aes ciphers to...
2019-07-11 Matt CaswellMake the PACKET/WPACKET code available to both libcrypt...
2019-07-11 David MakepeaceAdd simple ASN.1 utils for DSA signature DER.
2019-06-28 Matt CaswellMake the RAND code available from inside the FIPS module
2019-06-24 Richard LevitteAdd a namemap test
2019-06-19 Richard LevitteAdd tracing capability in test utilities
2019-06-17 Richard LevitteMove uplink file information to build.info files
2019-06-04 Shane LontisMove digests to providers
2019-05-27 Shane LontisAdd d2i_KeyParams/i2d_KeyParams API's.
2019-05-20 PauliParams conversion tests.
2019-05-02 Matt CaswellInstead of global data store it in an OPENSSL_CTX
2019-04-04 Matt CaswellTest that we can use the FIPS provider
2019-04-04 Richard LevitteFor provider tests, don't define a OPENSSL_NO_ macro
2019-04-03 Richard LevitteAdd test for the provider configuration module
2019-04-02 Richard LevitteCorrect the checks of module availability in provider...
2019-04-02 Richard LevitteConfiguration / build: make it possible to disable...
2019-03-13 Richard Levittetest/params_test.c: Add "real world" parameter testing
2019-03-12 PauliOSSL_PARAM helper functions.
2019-03-12 Shane LontisFIPS 186-4 RSA Generation & Validation
2019-03-11 Richard LevitteAdd provider tests
2019-03-06 Shane LontisFIPS AES_GCM IV gen changes
2019-03-05 Richard LevitteConfigure: make C++ build tests optional and configurable
2019-03-05 Richard Levittetestutil: ensure good treatment of argv on non-Unix...
2019-02-27 Richard LevitteDo buildtests on our public header files with C++ as...
2019-02-18 PauliProperties for implementation selection.
2019-02-17 Billy Brumley[test] unit test for field_inv function pointer in...
2019-02-15 Richard LevitteAdd an OpenSSL library context
2019-02-13 Richard Levittetest/build.info: add missing ../apps/include
2019-02-13 David MakepeaceAdded new EVP/KDF API.
2019-02-13 Richard LevitteMove libapps headers into their own directory
2019-02-12 PauliAdd sparse array data type.
2019-02-11 Shane LontisUpdated test command line parsing to support commmon...
2019-02-05 Sam RobertsRemove unnecessary trailing whitespace
2019-01-31 Richard LevitteBuild cleanup: Remove the VMS hack from test/build...
2019-01-22 Richard LevitteBuild: Change all _NO_INST to use attributes instead.
2019-01-21 Corey MinyardFix a memory leak in the mem bio
2019-01-04 Matt CaswellDon't link shlibloadtest against libcrypto
2018-11-08 Dr. Matthias St... Test: link drbgtest statically against libcrypto
2018-11-05 Richard LevitteAdd SUBDIRS settings in relevant build.info files
2018-10-25 Richard LevitteWindows: Produce a static version of the public librari...
2018-09-27 Shane LontisAdded DRBG_HMAC & DRBG_HASH + Added defaults for settin...
2018-09-16 PauliAdd a compile time test to verify that openssl/rsa...
2018-09-14 Richard LevitteVMS libtestutil: look for lower case "main"
2018-09-09 Richard LevitteTESTS: add test of decoding of invalid zero length...
2018-09-07 Matt CaswellDo not reset SNI data in SSL_do_handshake()
2018-07-29 Bryan DonlanAdd test for DSA signatures of raw digests of various...
2018-07-13 Matt CaswellAdd a GOST test
2018-06-04 Matt CaswellImprove use of the test framework in the SM2 internal...