Fix NULL access in ssl_build_cert_chain() when ctx is NULL.
[openssl.git] / providers / implementations / asymciphers / sm2_enc.c
5 days ago Shane LontisFix external symbols related to ec & sm2 keys
2021-02-11 Tomas MrazMove the PROV_R reason codes to a public header
2021-02-01 Richard LevitteFix some odd names in our provider source code
2021-01-28 Richard LevitteUpdate copyright year
2021-01-26 Shane LontisDeprecate EC_KEY + Update ec apps to use EVP_PKEY
2020-10-15 Dr. Matthias St... Rename some occurrences of 'library_context' and 'lib_c...
2020-10-15 Dr. Matthias St... Rename OPENSSL_CTX prefix to OSSL_LIB_CTX
2020-09-25 Matt CaswellMove SM2 asymmetric encryption to be available in the...