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[openssl.git] / include / internal / sockets.h
2019-02-26 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2019-01-24 Klotz, TobiasCleanup vxworks support to be able to compile for VxWorks 7
2018-03-26 Rich SalzRemove QNX support
2018-01-09 Richard LevitteUpdate copyright years on all files merged since Jan...
2018-01-07 Rich SalzFix IPv6 define
2018-01-07 Rich SalzRemove remaining NETWARE ifdef's
2017-08-25 Richard LevitteFix guarding macro in include/internal/sockets.h
2017-08-25 Richard LevitteMove more socket stuff
2017-08-22 Rich Salz(Re)move some things from e_os.h