Update fuzz corpora
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2017-11-03 Kurt RoeckxUpdate location of the libfuzzer repository
2017-04-16 Kurt RoeckxDocument how to update the corpus.
2017-04-16 Kurt RoeckxSwitch libfuzzer to use trace-pc-guard
2017-01-06 Kurt RoeckxUpdate fuzz documentation
2016-12-16 Kurt RoeckxDocument the recommended parameters for fuzzing
2016-12-02 Kurt RoeckxMove libfuzzer sanitizer options to README
2016-12-02 Kurt RoeckxMake the random number generator predictable when fuzzing.
2016-11-02 Sergey BronnikovFix link to LibFuzzer
2016-08-01 Matt CaswellSome minor tweaks to the fuzzing docs
2016-07-04 Rich SalzUpdate fuzz/README.md
2016-06-04 Kurt RoeckxAdd support for fuzzing with AFL
2016-06-03 Ben LaurieLinkify libfuzzer.
2016-05-07 Ben LaurieAdd fuzzing!