Reject excessively large primes in DH key generation.
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2017-12-08 Rich SalzStandardize syntax around sizeof(foo)
2017-01-20 Rich SalzAdd missing va_end
2015-12-19 Matt CaswellFix more URLs mangled by reformat
2015-12-18 Richard LevitteRemove the "eay" c-file-style indicators
2015-10-23 Alessandro GhediniFix typos
2015-09-15 Rich SalzRT4044: Remove .cvsignore files.
2015-07-13 Richard LevitteConversion to UTF-8 where needed
2015-04-16 Viktor DukhovniCode style: space after 'if'
2015-03-25 Matt CaswellFix RAND_(pseudo_)?_bytes returns
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRe-align some comments after running the reformat script. OpenSSL_1_0_2-post-reformat
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellRun util/openssl-format-source -v -c .
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellBackport hw_ibmca.c from master due to failed merge
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellTweaks for comments due to indent's inability to handle...
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellMove more comments that confuse indent
2015-01-22 Matt Caswellindent has problems with comments that are on the right...
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellFix source where indent will not be able to cope
2015-01-22 Matt CaswellAdditional comment changes for reformat of 1.0.2
2015-01-22 Tim Hudsonmark all block comments that need format preserving...
2014-07-21 Tim HudsonRemove old unused and unmaintained demonstration code.
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonNew ctrl to set current certificate.
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix various typos.
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate demo.
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate demos/bio/README
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonModify sample accept.cnf
2014-02-02 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd demo for SSL server using SSL_CONF.
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen Hensontypo
2014-01-28 Dr. Stephen HensonFix demo comment: 0.9.9 never released.
2013-03-18 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo.
2013-02-26 Dr. Stephen HensonDemo code for SSL_CONF API
2012-03-21 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2010-06-16 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2010-01-21 Dr. Stephen Hensonfix comments
2010-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate demo
2010-01-20 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport -L options in VC++ link.
2009-12-16 Dr. Stephen HensonOoops revert stuff which shouldn't have been part of...
2009-12-16 Dr. Stephen HensonNew option to enable/disable connection to unpatched...
2009-08-15 Dr. Stephen HensonUse SHA1 and not deprecated MD5 in demos.
2009-05-15 Richard LevitteFunctional VMS changes submitted by
2009-04-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix demo program.
2009-03-31 cvs2svnThis commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
2008-11-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate obsolete email address...
2008-04-18 Lutz JänickeAdd missing 'extern "C" {' to some _err.h files in...
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonDetached encrypt/decrypt example, fix decrypt sample.
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonFix comments.
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonCMS compressed data examples.
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonFix for compression and updated CMS_final().
2008-04-11 Dr. Stephen HensonPKCS#7 examples converted to CMS.
2008-03-28 Geoff ThorpeUpdate tunala so it builds ok with OPENSSL_NO_DEPRECATE...
2007-04-13 Dr. Stephen HensonSample text files for S/MIME test programs.
2007-04-13 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd a bunch of S/MIME sample programs and data.
2006-02-15 Nils Larschfix typos
2005-12-13 Bodo Möllerupdate TLS-ECC code
2005-04-30 Richard LevitteFrom branch OpenSSL_0_9_7-stable, 2002-11-13 15:30:
2005-04-11 Richard LevitteAdd emacs cache files to .cvsignore.
2004-08-11 Richard LevitteStupid casts...
2003-07-22 Bodo Möllerupdates for draft-ietf-tls-ecc-03.txt
2003-06-11 Richard LevitteTypo.
2003-01-30 Richard LevitteAdd the possibility to build without the ENGINE framework.
2002-12-11 Geoff ThorpeMake 'tunala' link with zlib if possible (so it works...
2002-11-14 Richard LevitteFix to build better with DJGPP.
2002-11-13 Ben LaurieSecurity fixes brought forward from 0.9.7.
2002-11-13 Richard LevitteMake internal functions static.
2002-11-13 Richard LevitteName the flag files correctly.
2002-10-24 Richard LevitteThere's a name clash between OpenSSL and RSAref. Since...
2002-10-21 Dr. Stephen HensonTypo: v3 is represented by 2.
2002-10-10 Richard LevitteAdd a few more target platforms, to see how well the...
2002-10-09 Richard LevitteDon't fuss with the demo binaries
2002-09-16 Bodo Mölleradd URL for Internet Draft
2002-09-10 Bodo Möller1. switch from "-newkey ecdsa:..." to "-newkey ec:..."
2002-08-13 Richard LevitteSome files deserve to be ignored
2002-08-13 Richard LevitteMerge in demo engines from 0.9.7-stable.
2002-08-12 Bodo MöllerScripts for testing ECC ciphersuites.
2002-08-01 Richard LevitteAdd the CBC flag for cbc ciphers
2002-04-06 Richard LevitteAllow longer program names (VMS allows up to 39 charact...
2002-03-21 Lutz JänickeFix buggy if-condition (thomas poindessous <poinde_t...
2002-03-05 Bodo Möller'#if OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= ...' to document the...
2002-02-28 Bodo MöllerAdd 'void *' argument to app_verify_callback.
2002-02-20 Geoff ThorpeA rough little self-test for tunala. This runs through...
2002-02-20 Geoff ThorpeMake the "ungunk" logic a little more robust.
2002-02-20 Geoff Thorpe- Add support for cipher suites that require a temporar...
2002-01-17 Geoff ThorpeCorrect for the recent prototype changes.
2002-01-16 Geoff ThorpeProduce less confusing statistics when "-out_totals...
2002-01-16 Geoff ThorpeThe sample certs had expired, so these are newer ones...
2002-01-10 Geoff Thorpe- Network errors could pollute the buffers because...
2002-01-08 Geoff Thorpe- libtool finally annoyed me too much, so I'm nuking it,
2002-01-04 Geoff ThorpeConstify.
2001-11-16 Richard LevitteBuild dynamic rsaref engine on VMS. Tested on VAX...
2001-11-15 Richard Levittemake update
2001-11-15 Richard LevitteAdd MD digests.
2001-11-15 Richard LevitteAdd DES functions.
2001-11-15 Richard LevitteUse the generated error code files.
2001-11-15 Richard Levitte'make update' + some touches.
2001-11-15 Richard LevitteAdd targets to update the error code files.
2001-11-15 Richard LevitteAdd a local error code configuration file for the rsare...
2001-11-14 Richard LevitteMake use of RSAref's header files instead of EAY's...
2001-11-14 Richard LevitteIn a Debian Linux environment, it's not a good idea...
2001-11-14 Richard LevitteAdd a demo that reimplements the RSAref glue in form...
2001-10-17 Dr. Stephen HensonModify EVP cipher behaviour in a similar way
2001-09-28 Dr. Stephen HensonModernise and fix (ancient) "maurice" demos.
2001-09-28 Dr. Stephen HensonMake (ancient) sign.c demo compile again.