Netware support.
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2008-01-03 Dr. Stephen HensonNetware support.
2008-01-03 Andy Polyakovperlasm/x86*.pl updates.
2007-12-29 Andy PolyakovFinal (for this commit series) optimized version and...
2007-12-29 Andy PolyakovThis is also informational commit exposing loop modulo...
2007-12-29 Andy PolyakovNew Montgomery multiplication module,
2007-12-29 Andy update.
2007-12-29 Andy PolyakovSource readability fix, which incidentally works around...
2007-12-18 Andy PolyakovEngage x86 assembler in Mac OS X build.
2007-12-18 Andy PolyakovMac OS X x86 assembler support.
2007-12-18 Andy PolyakovDisable support for Metrowerks assembler. Assembler...
2007-12-18 Andy Polyakovx86 perlasm overhaul.
2007-12-16 Dr. Stephen HensonAvoid aliasing warning.
2007-12-04 Dr. Stephen HensonSubmitted by: Victor B. Wagner <
2007-12-03 Richard LevitteChange submitted by Doug Kaufman. He writes:
2007-12-02 Andy PolyakovSome assembler are allergic to lea reg,BYTE PTR[...].
2007-11-24 Andy PolyakovStructure symbol decorations, optimize label handling...
2007-11-23 Dr. Stephen HensonRebuild OID database: duplicates got in there somehow??
2007-11-23 Dr. Stephen HensonFix from stable branch.
2007-11-23 Dr. Stephen HensonAdd caRepository OID and sync object NIDs with OpenSSL...
2007-11-22 Andy PolyakovSynchronize with
2007-11-22 Andy PolyakovCombat [bogus] relocations in some assember modules.
2007-11-21 Dr. Stephen HensonLookup public key ASN1 methods by string by iterating...
2007-11-20 Dr. Stephen HensonSubmitted by: "Victor B. Wagner" <>
2007-11-20 Dr. Stephen HensonRebuild object cross reference table.
2007-11-19 Bodo MöllerShould reject signatures that we can't properly verify
2007-11-16 Bodo MöllerThe hash length check wasn't strict enough,
2007-11-03 Andy PolyakovCommit #16325 fixed one thing but broke DH with certain...
2007-11-01 Lutz JänickeAdd OIDs by CMP (RFC 4210) and CRMF (RFC 4211)
2007-10-26 Dr. Stephen Henson1. Changes for s_client.c to make it return non-zero...
2007-10-13 Andy PolyakovBunch of constifications.
2007-10-09 Andy PolyakovAddendum to commit #16654.
2007-10-09 Andy Polyakovsize_t-fy crypto/buffer.
2007-10-09 Ralf S. Engelschallignore a few additionally generated files
2007-10-05 Dr. Stephen HensonFix from fips branch.
2007-10-01 Andy PolyakovSwitch to bn-s390x (it's faster on keys longer than...
2007-09-27 Andy PolyakovYet another ARM update. It appears to be more appropria...
2007-09-27 Andy PolyakovARMv4 assembler pack.
2007-09-27 Andy Polyakov10% performance tweak in 64-bit mode.
2007-09-26 Dr. Stephen HensonSupport for certificate status TLS extension.
2007-09-26 Andy PolyakovMake byte-order neutral.
2007-09-26 Andy PolyakovClarify commentary in
2007-09-24 Lutz JänickeTypos
2007-09-24 Lutz JänickePort from 0.9.8-stable
2007-09-19 Ben LaurieFix dependencies. Make depend.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovAddenum to "Constify obj_dat.[ch]."
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovMinor formatting fixes in crypto/sha/asm.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovWire RC4 key_table to read-only segment.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovConstify obj_dat.[ch], as well as minimize linker reloc...
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovWire DES weak_keys to read-only segment.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovEliminate redundant make rule.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovMinimize stack utilization in probable_prime.
2007-09-18 Andy PolyakovRemove excessive whitespaces from bio.h
2007-09-18 Bodo MöllerMake sure that BN_from_montgomery keeps the BIGNUMS...
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovRemove pq_compat.h.
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovMinor sha[256|512]-586 performance tweaks.
2007-09-16 Andy PolyakovIt's inappropraite to override application signal,...
2007-09-15 Andy PolyakovMake bn2dec work on "SIXTY_FOUR_BIT" platforms.
2007-09-15 Andy PolyakovRemove
2007-09-14 Andy PolyakovEngage new x86 assembler modules.
2007-09-14 Dr. Stephen HensonHandle empty case in X509_NAME canonical encoding.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovCommentary updates.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovSHA512 for ARMv4.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovSHA256/512 for x86.
2007-09-07 Dr. Stephen HensonChange safestack reimplementation to match 0.9.8.
2007-09-07 Andy PolyakovAdd sha512_block implementation optimized for small...
2007-08-31 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate ssl code to support digests other than MD5+SHA1...
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovConstify seed and md2.
2007-08-31 Andy PolyakovCompress and more aggressively constify ec_curve.c...
2007-08-29 Andy Polyakovaes_ige suffered SIGBUS on RISC platforms.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake naming more consistent.
2007-08-28 Andy PolyakovMake room for Camellia assembler.
2007-08-23 Andy PolyakovMake x86_64 modules work under Win64/x64.
2007-08-23 Andy PolyakovWorkaround MSVC6 compiler bug.
2007-08-13 Dr. Stephen HensonFix for asm/no-asm on WIN32.
2007-08-12 Dr. Stephen HensonFix warnings.
2007-07-31 Andy PolyakovTypo in
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovBuglet fixes and minor optimization in aes-x86_86 assem...
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovMake preprocessor logic more fail-safe.
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovAs for inline vs. __inline. The original code implies...
2007-07-30 Andy PolyakovMake ppccpuid AIX friendly.
2007-07-27 Andy PolyakovRespect ISO aliasing rules.
2007-07-27 Andy PolyakovAES for IA64 update.
2007-07-27 Andy Polyakovia64cpuid update.
2007-07-25 Andy Polyakovx86 perlasm updates.
2007-07-23 Andy PolyakovAllow for option to skip hardware support.
2007-07-23 Andy Polyakovmd32_common.h update.
2007-07-21 Andy Polyakovx86*cpuid update.
2007-07-21 Andy PolyakovComplete synchronization of aes-x86_64 with aes-586.
2007-07-19 Andy PolyakovLppc_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact: size optimization.
2007-07-19 Andy PolyakovMinor optimization in AES_set_encryption_key for x86_64.
2007-07-19 Andy Polyakov_x86_64_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact: size optimization...
2007-07-13 Andy Polyakovgas -g doesn't tolerate unpadded .bytes in code segment.
2007-07-13 Andy PolyakovVarious minor updates to AES assembler modules.
2007-07-13 Andy PolyakovAdd _x86_64_AES_[en|de]crypt_compact.
2007-07-08 Andy PolyakovEVP_*_cfb1 was broken.
2007-07-08 Andy Polyakovbn_mul_recursive doesn't handle all cases correctly...
2007-07-07 Andy PolyakovTypo in str_lib.c
2007-06-29 Andy PolyakovFix build problem on Tru64.
2007-06-29 Andy PolyakovLatest bn_mont.c modification broke ECDSA test. I've...
2007-06-23 Ben LaurieFix warning.