X509_cmp_time: only return 1, 0, -1.
[openssl.git] / crypto /
2018-04-19 Emilia KasperX509_cmp_time: only return 1, 0, -1.
2018-04-17 John EichenbergerCorrect the check of RSA_FLAG_SIGN_VER
2018-04-16 Billy BrumleyRSA key generation: ensure BN_mod_inverse and BN_mod_ex...
2018-04-05 Matt CaswellPick a q size consistent with the digest for DSA param...
2018-04-05 Matt CaswellDon't crash if an unrecognised digest is used with...
2018-03-28 Miroslav Suko_time.c: use gmtime_s with MSVC
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellDon't write out a bad OID
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2p-dev
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2o release OpenSSL_1_0_2o
2018-03-27 Matt Caswellmake update
2018-03-27 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2018-03-26 Matt CaswellLimit ASN.1 constructed types recursive definition...
2018-03-21 Samuel Weiserconsttime flag changed
2018-03-21 Samuel Weiserused ERR set/pop mark
2018-03-21 Samuel WeiserReplaced variable-time GCD with consttime inversion...
2018-03-20 Bernd EdlingerFix some bugs with the cfb1 bitsize handling
2018-03-14 Richard Levittecrypto/engine/eng_cryptodev.c: don't treat a void*...
2018-03-12 Matt CaswellFree the correct type in OBJ_add_object()
2018-03-12 Matt CaswellImprove error handling in pk7_doit
2018-03-03 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible memory leak in engine_table_register
2018-02-26 Dr. Matthias St... bio_b64.c: prevent base64 filter BIO from decoding...
2018-02-21 Pavel KopylX509V3_EXT_add_nconf_sk, X509v3_add_ext: fix errors...
2018-02-13 Bernd EdlingerRemove code that prints "<SPACES/NULS>" in hexdumps
2018-02-02 Andy PolyakovFix timing leak in BN_from_montgomery_word.
2018-02-01 David BenjaminDon't leak the exponent bit width in BN_mod_exp_mont_co...
2018-02-01 David BenjaminMake BN_num_bits_word constant-time.
2018-01-24 Todd ShortFix error-path memory leak in asn_mime.c
2018-01-24 Jonathan ScaliseChanged OPENSSL_gmtime so macOS uses threadsafe gmtime_...
2018-01-16 Matt CaswellRevert BN_copy() flag copy semantics change
2017-12-27 Andy Polyakovec/ecp_nistp*.c: sanitize for undefined/implmentation...
2017-12-08 Rich SalzStandardize syntax around sizeof(foo)
2017-12-08 FdaSilvaYYFix an incoherent test.
2017-12-08 Dr. Matthias St... Add missing prototype for FIPS callback
2017-12-07 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2o-dev
2017-12-07 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2n release OpenSSL_1_0_2n
2017-12-06 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/rsaz-avx2.pl: fix digit correction bug in rsaz_1...
2017-12-04 MerQGhUpdate eng_fat.c
2017-11-16 FdaSilvaYYFix possible leaks on sk_X509_EXTENSION_push() failure ...
2017-11-13 Andy PolyakovResolve warnings in VC-WIN32 build, which allows to...
2017-11-11 Long Qinlhash.c: Replace Unicode EN DASH with the ASCII char...
2017-11-10 Richard LevitteVMS: make an alias for a long symbol (> 31 chars)
2017-11-07 Andy Polyakov{aes-armv4|bsaes-armv7|sha256-armv4}.pl: make it work...
2017-11-07 Matt CaswellDon't error with -1 for BIGNUM exp operations
2017-11-07 Rich SalzFix an endless loop in rsa_builtin_keygen.
2017-11-03 Pavel KopylAdd error handling in dsa_main and ASN1_i2d_bio.
2017-11-03 Pavel KopylCheck return value of OBJ_nid2obj in dsa_pub_encode.
2017-11-02 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2n-dev
2017-11-02 Matt CaswellPrepare for 1.0.2m release OpenSSL_1_0_2m
2017-11-02 Matt Caswellmake update
2017-11-02 Andy Polyakovbn/asm/x86_64-mont5.pl: fix carry bug in bn_sqrx8x_inte...
2017-11-01 PauliAddress a timing side channel whereby it is possible...
2017-11-01 PauliAddress a timing side channel whereby it is possible...
2017-10-26 Richard LevitteUse malloc/memset not calloc for WinCE portability
2017-10-26 Matt CaswellDon't use strcasecmp and strncasecmp for IA5 strings
2017-10-25 Matt CaswellDon't make any changes to the lhash structure if we...
2017-10-24 Richard Levitteasn1_item_embed_new(): don't free an embedded item
2017-10-24 Xiangyu BuFix memory leak in GENERAL_NAME_set0_othername.
2017-10-23 Richard Levitteasn1_item_embed_new(): don't free an embedded item
2017-10-13 Rich SalzDon't use colortable; avoid Win32 overwrite
2017-10-11 Matt CaswellEnsure we test all parameters for BN_FLG_CONSTTIME
2017-10-03 Dr. Stephen HensonEVP_PKEY_METHOD accessor functions.
2017-10-02 Bernd EdlingerFix the return type of felem_is_zero_int which should...
2017-09-29 Samuel WeiserAdded const-time flag to DSA key decoding to avoid...
2017-09-27 Samuel WeiserBN_copy now propagates BN_FLG_CONSTTIME
2017-09-27 Samuel WeiserFixed error in propagating BN_FLG_CONSTTIME flag throug...
2017-09-19 David BenjaminFix overflow in c2i_ASN1_BIT_STRING.
2017-09-07 Rich SalzFix error handling/cleanup
2017-08-28 Rich SalzAvoid out-of-bounds read
2017-08-22 PauliUse casts for arguments to ctype functions.
2017-08-18 Dr. Stephen HensonSet FIPS thread id callback.
2017-08-18 David von OheimbFix OCSP_basic_verify() cert chain construction in...
2017-08-18 Andy Polyakoverr/err.c: fix "wraparound" bug in ERR_set_error_data.
2017-08-17 Bernd EdlingerClear outputs in PKCS12_parse error handling.
2017-08-15 Richard LevitteFix 'no-cms'
2017-08-07 Bernd EdlingerAvoid surpising password dialog in X509 file lookup.
2017-08-07 Rich SalzAdd NOTTOOLONG macro for more clear code.
2017-08-04 Bernd EdlingerAdd a missing CRYPTO_w_unlock in get_cert_by_subject
2017-07-31 Bernd EdlingerFix an information leak in the RSA padding check code.
2017-07-29 Bernd EdlingerClean password buffer on stack for PEM_read_bio_PrivateKey
2017-07-27 David BenjaminFix comment typo.
2017-07-25 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: "optimize" for Knights Landing.
2017-07-24 Andy Polyakovevp/e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha256.c: give SHAEXT right priority.
2017-07-22 Dr. Stephen HensonFix RSA-PSS in FIPS mode by switching digest implementa...
2017-07-19 Matt CaswellRemove some dead code
2017-07-19 Matt CaswellFix undefined behaviour in e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha256.c...
2017-07-16 Bernd EdlingerBackport of 5b8fa43 and remove resolved TODO: see PR...
2017-07-06 Richard LevitteAvoid possible memleak in X509_policy_check()
2017-07-05 Bernd EdlingerFix a memleak in X509_PKEY_new.
2017-07-05 Richard LevitteUndo one UI fix
2017-07-05 Richard LevitteFix small UI issues
2017-07-02 Bernd EdlingerFix a memleak in ec_GFp_mont_group_set_curve.
2017-07-02 Bernd EdlingerFix a memory leak in ecdh/ecdsa_check.
2017-06-21 Benjamin KadukRemove inadvertently commited test binaries
2017-06-17 Bernd EdlingerRemove a pointless "#if 0" block from BN_mul.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible crash in dsa_builtin_paramgen2.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix possible crash in X931 code.
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerRemove the fallback from ERR_get_state because the
2017-06-14 Bernd EdlingerFix a possible crash in the error handling.
2017-06-10 Rich SalzRemove needless type casting.
2017-06-08 Rich SalzFix a read off the end of the input buffer