Explain configuration options more completely.
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2000-03-23 Richard LevitteTagging has been done, update to next probable version...
2000-03-23 Richard LevitteTime for version 0.9.5a beta2
2000-03-23 Richard LevitteClean up context, even if an error occured.
2000-03-23 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate docs and remove old PKCS#7 README file.
2000-03-22 Dr. Stephen HensonFix a memory leak in PKCS12_parse.
2000-03-20 Ulf MöllerIn some of the Makefiles CPP was not defined.
2000-03-20 Ulf MöllerProblems with the Windows build.
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteTagging done, we move to the next possible.
2000-03-20 Richard Levittemake update
2000-03-20 Richard LevitteChange the version text, it's time to release the first...
2000-03-19 Ulf MöllerBug fix: RAND_write_file() failed to write to files...
2000-03-19 Richard LevitteMake sure an error condition is returned if, for some...
2000-03-19 Ulf Mölleroops. don't use "entropy" directly.
2000-03-19 Ulf MöllerNew function RAND_event() collects entropy from Windows...
2000-03-19 Ulf MöllerFLAT_INC is not needed; we use -I.. all the time
2000-03-19 Ulf MöllerIntegrate podd.h sk.h into set_key.c
2000-03-19 Richard LevitteChange the notation and coding of the version to be...
2000-03-19 Richard LevitteKeep in sync with Unix code, and prepare for a misfeatu...
2000-03-19 Ulf Möllermake update
2000-03-19 Ulf Möllercleanup.
2000-03-19 Ulf Möllerlibdes manpage.
2000-03-19 Ulf Möllerdes_quad_cksum() byte order bug fix.
2000-03-18 Ulf MöllerDES in Perl was incomplete and not very useful
2000-03-18 Ulf Möllersuperseded by des_modes.pod
2000-03-18 Ulf Möllerchange manpages to pod. Contents are not up to date!
2000-03-18 Bodo MöllerEliminate memory leaks in mem_dbg.c.
2000-03-17 Richard LevitteMake sure to complete the cleanup of names.
2000-03-17 Richard LevitteBugs corrected
2000-03-14 Bodo MöllerInsert a comment: This is one of the few files in this...
2000-03-14 Bodo MöllerRemove "Makefile.uni" files and some related stuff.
2000-03-14 Richard LevitteTypos corrected.
2000-03-14 Richard LevitteTarget added.
2000-03-14 Richard LevitteBugs corrected, and a couple of include files to get...
2000-03-14 Richard Levittebss_log has dollars, so compile it with that warning...
2000-03-14 Richard LevitteTypo corrected
2000-03-14 Dr. Stephen HensonMake V_ASN1_APP_CHOOSE work again.
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerUpdate test suite so that 'make test' succeeds in ...
2000-03-13 Bodo MöllerRemove Win32 assembler files. They are always rebuilt...
2000-03-12 Bodo Möllercleaning up a little
2000-03-12 Ulf Möllerasm workaround for SuSE Linux
2000-03-12 Ulf Möllermake update
2000-03-11 Bodo MöllerWorkaround for Windoze weirdness.
2000-03-10 Ulf MöllerNO_SYSLOG is defined for MSDOS anyway. just don't inclu...
2000-03-10 Bodo MöllerUse signed types where necessary, and add missing funct...
2000-03-10 Ulf MöllerUse L for all constants.
2000-03-10 Ulf MöllerRepair bss_log.
2000-03-09 Ulf Möllerbug fix.
2000-03-08 Dr. Stephen HensonFix typo and make ca get the CA and request fields...
2000-03-07 Richard LevitteCheck that a password was actually passed, or the user...
2000-03-07 Dr. Stephen HensonNew compatability trust and purpose settings.
2000-03-07 Dr. Stephen HensonFix the PKCS#8 DSA code so it works again. All the
2000-03-05 Bodo MöllerPreserve reason strings in automatically build tables.
2000-03-04 Richard LevitteBeautifying. Sorry, but code that's slammed to the...
2000-03-04 Richard LevitteLet's care about the compiler warnings for both cases...
2000-03-04 Bodo MöllerThere is no reason to use downcase letters throughout...
2000-03-04 Ben LaurieGet definition of ssize_t.
2000-03-04 Bodo MöllerGenerate correct error reasons strings for SYSerr.
2000-03-04 Ulf Möllergcc warnings
2000-03-03 Bodo MöllerUse signed type where -1 may be returned.
2000-03-03 Bodo MöllerFix for previous patch: If RAND_pseudo_bytes returns...
2000-03-03 Dr. Stephen HensonMake name_funcs_stack static.
2000-03-03 Dr. Stephen HensonMove the 'file scope' argument in set_label to
2000-03-02 Bodo MöllerUse RAND_pseudo_bytes, not RAND_bytes, for IVs/salts.
2000-03-02 Bodo MöllerUpdate comment.
2000-03-02 Bodo MöllerAdd missing dependencies.
2000-03-02 Bodo MöllerUse RAND_METHOD for implementing RAND_status.
2000-03-02 Bodo MöllerChange comment.
2000-03-02 Richard LevitteHack b_print.c to implement asprintf() functionality...
2000-03-02 Richard LevitteMake bss_log.c a bit more readable, and implement it...
2000-03-02 Dr. Stephen HensonFix bug which would free up a public key
2000-03-01 Ulf Mölleradd comment.
2000-03-01 Ulf MöllerBug fix.
2000-03-01 Ulf Möllercheck for WIN32 (needed by Mingw32)
2000-02-29 Bodo Möller'rand' application for creating pseudo-random files.
2000-02-29 Bodo MöllerCheck BN_rand return value.
2000-02-29 Ulf MöllerBug fix.
2000-02-28 Ulf MöllerSwitch for turning on the predictable "random" number...
2000-02-28 Ulf MöllerFix for non-monolithic build.
2000-02-28 Ulf MöllerSupport assembler for Mingw32.
2000-02-28 Dr. Stephen HensonOuch! PKCS7_encrypt() was heading MIME text headers...
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTagging has been done, time to switch to 0.9.6-dev.
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTime for a release
2000-02-28 Richard LevitteTypo corrected.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteShort is always promoted to int when passed as a functi...
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteInclude rand.h so RAND_pseudo_bytes may be declared.
2000-02-27 Bodo MöllerUse standard header file string.h for memset prototype...
2000-02-27 Dr. Stephen HensonDon't call BN_rand with zero bits in bntest.c
2000-02-27 Ben LaurieDeclare memset.
2000-02-27 Ben LaurieTypo.
2000-02-27 Bodo MöllerAdd a comment.
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteFor lack of a better name, this is now called 0.9.5beta...
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteChange version string to reflect the release of beta 2. OpenSSL_0_9_5beta2
2000-02-27 Richard LevitteNew logical names to skip algorithms are now supported.
2000-02-27 Ulf MöllerBug fix!
2000-02-27 Dr. Stephen HensonFix so Win32 assembly language works with MASM.
2000-02-27 Ulf Möller*** empty log message ***
2000-02-26 Ulf Möllerworkaround no longer needed
2000-02-26 Ulf Möllerremove
2000-02-26 Ulf MöllerReorganize bn_mul.c (no bugfix yet), remove obsolete...
2000-02-26 Dr. Stephen HensonMake ASN1 types real typedefs.