wp-mmx.pl: ~10% performance improvement.
[openssl.git] / crypto / whrlpool / asm / wp-mmx.pl
2012-07-15 Andy Polyakovwp-mmx.pl: ~10% performance improvement.
2012-04-28 Andy Polyakovperlasm: fix symptom-less bugs, missing semicolons...
2008-01-05 Dr. Stephen HensonUpdate perl asm scripts include paths for perlasm.
2005-12-06 Andy PolyakovFix typos in wp-mmx.pl.
2005-11-30 Andy PolyakovFix typos in wp-mmx.pl.
2005-11-28 Andy PolyakovRemove development leftover from whrlpool/asm/wp-mmx.pl.
2005-11-28 Andy PolyakovWhirlpool hash implementation. The fact that subdirecto...