This is the first of two commits (didn't want to dump them all into the
[openssl.git] / crypto / stack / safestack.h
2000-06-01 Geoff ThorpeThis is the first of two commits (didn't want to dump...
2000-05-16 Ben LaurieTypesafety Thought Police Part 2.
2000-05-15 Ulf MöllerGet rid of more non-ANSI declarations.
1999-05-30 Ben LaurieAnother safe stack.
1999-05-19 Dr. Stephen HensonNew functions sk_set, sk_value and sk_num to replace...
1999-05-04 Ralf S. EngelschallAdd missing sk_<type>_unshift() function to safestack.h
1999-05-03 Ben LaurieSome more stack stuff.
1999-05-02 Ben LaurieYet another stack.
1999-05-01 Ben LaurieAnother safe stack.
1999-04-23 Bodo MöllerChange #include filenames from <foo.h> to <openssl.h>.
1999-04-20 Dr. Stephen HensonVarious fixes so Win32 compile may work. Convert Genera...
1999-04-12 Ben LaurieAdd type-safe STACKs and SETs.