sha/asm/ fix typo.
[openssl.git] / crypto / sha / asm /
2013-10-31 Andy Polyakovsha/asm/ fix typo.
2013-10-31 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ add .quad directive
2013-10-15 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: make new .size directives profiler...
2013-10-14 Andy PolyakovPPC assembly pack: add .size directives.
2013-01-22 Andy minimize stack frame.
2013-01-19 Ben LaurieMerge branch 'master' of
2013-01-19 Andy add PPC32 code, >2x improvement on in...
2012-01-13 Andy, comply even with Embedded...
2011-05-27 Andy PolyakovPPC assembler pack: adhere closer to ABI specs, add...
2008-09-12 Andy PolyakovAIX build updates.
2008-01-13 Andy PolyakovUnify ppc assembler make rules.
2007-09-13 Andy PolyakovCommentary updates.
2006-11-27 Andy mutli-thread safety fix.
2006-10-17 Andy PolyakovFurther synchronizations with md32_common.h update...
2006-06-05 Andy PolyakovAdd module.