ppccap.c: assume no features under 32-bit AIX kernel.
[openssl.git] / crypto / ppccap.c
2012-05-16 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: assume no features under 32-bit AIX kernel.
2011-05-21 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: addenum to recent EC optimizations.
2011-05-01 Dr. Stephen HensonInclude crypto.h in ppccap.c
2010-09-10 Andy Polyakovcrypto/ppc[cpuid|cap]: call CPU detection once and...
2010-03-02 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: portability fix.
2010-01-17 Andy PolyakovMinor updates to ppccap.c and ppccpuid.pl.
2009-12-29 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: fix compiler warning and perform sanity check...
2009-12-27 Andy Polyakovppccap.c: tidy up.
2009-12-26 Andy Polyakovppc64-mont.pl: adapt for 32-bit and engage for all...