Check PKCS7 structures in PKCS#12 files are of type data.
[openssl.git] / crypto / pkcs12 / p12_npas.c
2005-05-11 Bodo MöllerFix more error codes.
2004-03-15 Richard LevitteConstify d2i, s2i, c2i and r2i functions and other...
2003-03-20 Richard LevitteShut up an ANSI compiler about uninitialised variables.
2000-12-31 Dr. Stephen HensonRewrite PKCS#12 code and remove some of the old
2000-09-17 Richard LevitteUse sk_*_new_null() instead of sk_*_new(NULL), since...
2000-05-16 Ben LaurieTypesafety Thought Police part 3.
2000-05-16 Ben LaurieTypesafety Thought Police Part 2.
2000-05-15 Ulf MöllerGet rid of more non-ANSI declarations.
1999-12-03 Dr. Stephen HensonNew function PKC12_newpass()