Make 'use strict' clean.
[openssl.git] / crypto / perlasm /
2016-06-14 David BenjaminMake 'use strict' clean.
2016-04-20 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation: perl files
2016-04-20 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ make latest ml64 work.
2016-03-07 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ handle binary constants early.
2016-02-13 Viktor DukhovniFix some issues near recent chomp changes.
2016-02-11 Richard LevittePerl's chop / chomp considered bad, use a regexp instead
2016-02-11 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ pass pure constants verbatim.
2016-02-05 FdaSilvaYYGH601: Various spelling fixes.
2014-09-11 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ handle inter-bank movd.
2014-07-09 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembly pack: improve masm support.
2014-02-14 Andy Polyakovx86[_64] add low-level RDSEED.
2013-12-09 Andy minor update.
2013-10-02 Andy fix jrcxz in nasm case.
2013-09-05 Veres Lajosmisspellings fixes by
2013-06-30 Andy Windows fixes.
2013-05-13 Andy minor size/performance improvement.
2012-08-13 Andy revert previous change and solve...
2012-03-13 Andy remove old kludge.
2012-01-21 Andy proper solution for RT#2620.
2011-11-12 Andy Polyakovcryptlib.c, etc.: fix linker warnings in 64-bit Darwin...
2011-10-18 Andy make and rc4-md5-x86_6...
2011-09-12 Andy PolyakovAdd so called Vector Permutation AES x86[_64] assembler...
2011-08-12 Andy fix movzw.
2011-07-04 Andy sha1 and md5 warnings made it to nasm...
2011-07-01 Andy masm-specific update.
2011-06-27 Andy PolyakovMinor x86_64 perlasm update.
2011-06-04 Andy Polyakovx86[_64] add function accessing rdrand instruc...
2011-05-18 Andy add inter-register movq and make x86_6...
2011-05-18 Andy allow shared build to work without...
2011-05-16 Andy allow "base-less" effective address...
2010-10-10 Andy fix LNK4078 and LNK4210 link warnings.
2010-07-26 Andy Polyakovperlasm/ extend SSE>2 to ml64.
2010-06-01 Andy refine mingw support and regexps,...
2010-05-13 Andy refine some regexp's and add support...
2010-04-10 Andy Polyakovperlasm/x86*: add support to SSE>2 and pclmulqdq. x86_6...
2010-02-03 Dr. Stephen Hensondon't assume 0x is at start of string
2010-01-19 Andy refine sign extension logic when handl...
2009-11-15 Andy new gas requires sign extention in...
2009-05-12 Andy small commentary update.
2009-05-02 Andy PolyakovEngage in Win64 build and make it compil...
2009-04-26 Andy PolyakovAESNI perlasm update.
2008-12-27 Andy support for binary constants, such...
2008-12-19 Andy fix masm hexadecimal constants.
2008-12-17 Andy Polyakovperlasm/x86* update: support for 3 and 4 argument instr...
2008-11-14 Andy update, engage x86_64 assembler in...
2008-11-12 Andy to support MacOS X and mingw64.
2008-11-03 Andy PolyakovMinor perlasm updates.
2008-10-28 Andy update: refine SEH support.
2008-07-22 Andy implement indirect jump/calls, support...
2008-05-03 Andy PolyakovDepict future Win64/x64 development.
2008-02-13 Andy PolyakovSupport for NASM>=2 in Win64/x64 build.
2008-02-11 Andy PolyakovAd-hockery for Platform SDK ml64.
2008-01-12 Andy Polyakovrc4-x86_64 portability fix.
2007-08-23 Andy PolyakovMake x86_64 modules work under Win64/x64.
2007-05-14 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembler updates.
2006-10-17 Andy PolyakovSupport for .asciz directive in perlasm modules.
2005-11-09 Andy PolyakovMinor perlasm clean-up.
2005-11-06 Andy commentary section update.
2005-07-18 Andy Polyakov~15% better AES x86_64 assembler.
2005-07-12 Andy Polyakovcomplementary update.
2005-06-20 Andy PolyakovSolaris x86_64 /usr/ccs/bin/as support.
2005-05-09 Andy PolyakovAllow for 64-bit cache-line alignments in code segment.
2005-05-07 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembler translator update.
2005-05-04 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembler translator update.
2005-05-03 Andy Polyakovx86_64 assembler translator update.
2005-04-17 Andy PolyakovThrow in x86_64 AT&T to MASM assembler converter to...