minor fixes for Windows
[openssl.git] / crypto / pariscid.pl
2018-06-25 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembly pack: make it work with GNU assembler...
2018-04-03 Matt CaswellUpdate copyright year
2018-03-27 Andy Polyakovpariscid.pl: fix nasty typo in CRYPTO_memcmp.
2016-05-19 Andy PolyakovAdd assembly CRYPTO_memcmp.
2016-04-20 Rich SalzCopyright consolidation: perl files
2013-06-18 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembler pack: switch to bve in 64-bit builds.
2011-04-17 Andy PolyakovMultiple assembler packs: add experimental memory bus...
2010-01-24 Andy Polyakovpariscid.pl: OPENSSL_cleanse to compile on PA-RISC...
2009-12-28 Andy PolyakovPA-RISC assembler: missing symbol and typos.
2009-12-27 Andy PolyakovThrow in more PA-RISC assembler.