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2000-02-18 Richard LevitteCosmetic change. No, is not autogenerated :-)
1999-10-07 Andy PolyakovRC4 tune-up featuring 30-40% performance improvement...
1999-06-09 Bodo MöllerSome pre-POSIX systems don't have unistd.h (but e.g...
1999-05-13 Ulf MöllerVMS support.
1999-05-05 Ulf MöllerSHA-1 cleanups and performance enhancements.
1999-04-27 Ulf MöllerMore portable blowfish macros.
1999-04-24 Ulf MöllerNew Configure option --openssldir to replace
1999-04-21 Ulf MöllerNew header file opensslconf.h contains the macros set...